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JetBlue Airways: The Story of Success Essay

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Updated: Mar 17th, 2022

Jetblue airline has garnered recognition and awards, gained huge reputation, enjoyed huge ‘service’ sales and recruited great talents. Why and how?

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! I am… and would like to present just a hint as to why one of the American low cost Airlines-Jetblue has gained recognition and awards to improve its reputation, retained its customers and has been in a position to sell more services as well as recruit great talent. Many people have always wondered why and how the company has done this effectively from scratch. I want to assure you this company has done no miracle but employed simple strategies on service providing and therefore its uniqueness.

Just to give a brief background of Jetblue Airline Company, it was founded by David Neeleman in February 1999 under the name ”New Air” and has had its reputation grow by great leaps since then.

This explains why the airline company kicked off by southwest’s approach of offering low cost travel, nevertheless distinguished itself by its amenities such as in-flight entertainment TV on every seat, sitelite radio, and leather seats (Maynard 1).

This unique service provision has garnered great customers’ preference for the company thus its wide recognition. The founder David Neeleman stated from the onset that Jetblue Company “brings humanity back to Air travel” These words’ meaning was echoed during the September 11, 2001 US attacks which paralyzed almost all major airline travels which Jetblue emerged to be among the few US airlines that accrued profit. This unexpected outcome meant that its clientele had built enough confidence in its quality services and security.

According to records in its website, Jetblue is one of the most popular airline stocks in history. In the years 2002 – 2004, the company boasted of about two billion dollars in market capitalization. This kind of reputation has seen many customers, award winnings and large-scale sales of the company’s products. Unbelievable!

This way the existing customers could not go far an alternative. Instead it drew more clients from other rivals. The kind of treatment also raised it reputation that would instill employees brand loyalty as well as clients.

It also adjusted the remaining rows in the forward half of the cabin. The result at increase of seat pitch gave passengers more legroom than in any other coach career. This advertising and ‘treat’ to its clients, although simple and “cheap” has won appraisals as vast clientele wants to identify with Jetblue Airline Company.

Employees, who find comfort at being associated with a high profile airline would be retained and therefore retained talent and recruited more.

The airline is pleased to inform you that it also provides a unique incentive to its employees. This highly motivates its employees as they identify with the Airline more than they would in other companies. This motivation culminates to high quality and efficient service provision. The air also has set Jetblue University where it trains talented manpower for its staff.

As if that is not enough, Jetblue has been able to connect most local centers enabling it to offer, “door to door” airline service. On August 17, 2006, just to mention, it began operating between New York KFK and Washington Dulles hence connecting the three major North East cities of Boston, New York and Washington DC.

This makes it the most available and accessible service provider in the airline travels, a unique provision enough to boost its reputation and recognition in the area of its operation (Russell 1).

As a result of this unique service provision, the Airline Company has been awarded severally. These awards, among many others have won Jetblue Airline a controlled recognition thus improving its reputation and boosting sales and retained talents.

In conclusion, the quality, unique and affordable services that Jetblue company has provided for its customers and motivation to its staff, interplay to bring about a mix of a reputation that has and will continue to tap more awards, enable sale of more of its products, retain and recruit more talent than any other airline companies. Thank you and remember Jetblue for these reasons remain to be the best Airline company to fly with. Isn’t it?

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