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“5 Simple Tips for Successful Stock Trading” by Richard Band Essay

The writing under analysis is an article which can be referred to as a “how-to” article or a guideline. The article is written by Richard Band who gives some pieces of advice to those persons who want to become successful in stock trading.

The article addresses a very wide audience (for example, business people, students, housewives, educators, etc.), and the writer refers to his readers as “many young investors” (Band par. 2).

It is interesting to note that though the genre of the writing does not require persuasive tools, the author uses some persuasive means.

The article can be discussed as the effective guidance for inexperienced stock traders because the author explains the business issue with the help of simple and clear language to respond to audience’s needs while using ethos, pathos and logos and to address the structure of a guidance.

The major issue the writer is attempting to address is the need to discuss effective tools of stock trading. Band notes that “many young investors” are trying to trade and make money (par. 2). He also stresses that some tips are “especially” necessary for people with limited funds (Band par. 4).

Therefore, Band is ready to share his “30-plus years” of experience to help young investors to be successful (par. 4). The author believes his advice will help people and make them more successful stock traders.

As far as the intended audience of the article is concerned, the researcher identifies his readers as “young investors” (Band par. 2). Admittedly, lots of people can be young investors. It is possible that these persons are students with the major in business or employees in many companies.

However, the target audience is not limited to these people only. The language is based on signals that anyone can be a young investor. According to Band, one day many people try to answer “the question of how much to invest, what to invest in, how to do it, when to do it and … well … you get the point” (Band par. 1).

The tone of these first phrases is rather informal to attract more public to the discussion of the business issue. Thus, Band enumerates the issues associated with investment and finishes his sentence in a very informal way, “… well… you get the point” (Band par. 1).

The first sentences of the article and the further guidelines where “you”, “yourself”, and “your” are actively used help the author to persuade the audience that the discussed issue is meaningful for everyone. Band also addresses his readers as his friends or students, while drawing their attention with the help of such phrases as “see” and “take a look” (Band par. 3-4).

Furthermore, Band is effectively presents the idea of investment, saying that successful trading is “a matter of squeezing out an eighth here and a quarter there” (Band par. 3).

In addition, Band does not use complicated language, and he uses only central terms, for example, bids, share, bid price, and market order because they can be understood by the wide audience.

However, it is possible to assume that if the author could avoid these terms, he would do it for the sake of his audience.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the genre of the writing does not require persuasive tools or may require only a few as the reader shows his trust to the article since he or she is reading it. In other words, the analyst does not need to persuade readers in anything as the aim of the article is to give some tips.

However, to add credibility to his writing, Band notes that his tips are based on “30-plus years” of experience (Band par. 4). It is important to state that in this case, the use of ethos is an effective persuasive tool as referring to authority often makes people trust some information.

Furthermore, Band does not only give some important tips, but he also justifies some of them, stating that “there are two reasons for this advice” (Band par. 10). Clearly, the author tries to make his paper credible as he resorts to logos. Band makes the reader involved, and he gives the reader an opportunity to be able to analyse situations on his or her own.

The analyst also addresses the reader throughout the paper, and it seems that he is talking to one of his friends. For instance, Band informally and emotionally states “Don’t shilly-shally if you were intending to sell” (Band par. 10).

Thus, the use of pathos makes the writing appealing and trustful because people are ready to accept the advice as they feel the tips come from their friendly mentor.

Referring to the article’s genre, it is necessary to note that the structure of the writing is clear and concise, and this makes the paper a good guide for inexperienced investors. The article has subheadings and bullet points to direct the readers.

It is clear that the author gives five pieces of advice and it is easy to understand when one tip ends and another begins. Band also uses imperatives seven times throughout the writing, for example, “Plan to do most of your selling in April and early in May”, and it is a typical way to write a guide (Band par. 11).

The point of this kind of article is to explain complicated concepts in simple words, and Band is oriented to help people to deal with things which can be difficult for them.

It is possible to state that the article under analysis can be regarded as an effective guidance due to its clarity and cohesion. Band uses simple words to explain quite complicated things as stock trading is really difficult for many people.

The writing is especially helpful in the times of financial constraints. Therefore, helping people trade properly and effectively, Band contributes to development of stock market which is an important part of economy of any country.

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