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Work Related Stress Essay

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Updated: May 29th, 2020

With the current changing trends in working environments, although work may be enjoyable to do, as most individuals are always motivated to shine in their work places, sometimes the same jobs can be a stressing factor, depending on the prevailing work conditions. Work related stress is one of the greatest impediments to the success of any organization, because it lowers workers’ motivation hence, leading to reduced output.

In addition to lowering work performance, work stress greatly affects an individual’s state of mind whereby, in uncontrolled situations it can cause work burnout and many health complications.

Primarily, in most cases job stress occurs when there is a mismatch between an individual’s potentials, available resources, or personal wants with the requirements of one’s assigned roles.

It is necessary to note that, there is a great variation between job stress and work challenges, because the former decreases motivation and innovation, whereas the latter is a psychological and physical energizer; hence, encourages innovation, motivation.

Although this is the case, failure to provide solutions to demanding challenges or duties can be one of the primary stress causative agents, as most individuals will do everything at their disposal to shine in their duties (Ganster & Ivancevich, 1986, pp. 7-27).

Considering the detrimental nature of stress on individuals’ well-being and level of work performance, it is crucial for individuals and organizations to adopt appropriate and practical stress management methodologies

The level of job stress primarily depends on the prevailing work conditions and the ability of a worker to adapt to the prevailing work conditions. Common job scenarios that may lead to job stress include tight deadlines, long working schedules, lack of rest periods, poor communication between workers and managements, poor working environments, job insecurity and dissatisfaction, and underutilization of employees’ potentials.

In addition to these work related causes, poor leadership orientations can also make working environments very stressful, because most leaders lack the required sense of control.

Lack of a sense of control can be very detrimental to the well-being of an organization, because most poorly led organizations lack correct conflict management strategies, rarely respect worker’s rights, and deny workers the required support in their daily duties. Primary manifestations of stress include mood swings, alienation, feelings of frustration, sleep anomalies, stomach and headaches, lack of motivation, and substance abuse.

In an escalated stress scenario, likelihoods of the sufferers developing cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and psychological problems are high. Considering this it is of significance for individuals to seek methodologies of reducing stress whenever it occurs, to avoid the occurrence of long term detrimental health complications associated with stress (Hansen, 2010, p.1).

One primary remedy to job stress is being proactive and positive in whatever one does or in any stress scenario. Through being proactive, an individual will be able to develop appropriate stress coping strategies, necessary for ensuring that stress does not affect ones health and general work performance level. At organizational level, there is need for individuals or managements to restructure the work environments and schedules.

Such adjustments should include matching employees’ potentialities with work, designing of duties in a meaningful, motivating, and interesting manner, establishing good communication, and conflict resolving strategies, and balancing job demands with individuals personal needs (although an organization’s goals should take precedence).

In addition, in the endeavor to control or reduce job related stress, managements teams should ensure that, they develop and implement good working and leadership policies. These policies should emphasize the importance of healthy relationships between workers and managements; them being the primary determinants of levels of employees’ motivation and work performance (Medicinenet, 2010, pp. 2-6).

At personal level, the first step towards minimizing job stress is finding a balance between personal issues and job duties. This is crucial in ensuring individuals find time for rest and reflection. The second main strategy is to avoid stress by tailoring job tasks to one’s potentials. Although the roles assigned to individuals depend on the management teams’ decisions, individuals must be ready to defend their rights through presenting their grievances using appropriate channels.

In addition to tailoring work to one’s potentialities and finding a balance between personal and work life, proper scheduling and sharing of heavy duties can help to alleviate work overload, it being one of the primary causes of stress. Because the acceptance of co-workers to offer a helping depends on the nature of relationship they hold with the help seeker, it is of great significance for one to build health relationships with other co-workers (Hansen, 2010, p.1).

In conclusion, because of the adverse effects of job stress, and the fact that stress is controllable, and depends on individuals’ potential to develop appropriate coping strategies, there is need for individuals to change their attitudes towards work. This is possible through avoiding work de-motivating factors, and having realistic work outcomes.

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