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Recruitment and Selection Methods in Apple Inc Expository Essay

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Management is a broad practice that entails the organization and harmonization of activities and practices in a firm especially in regard to the organization’s policies, plans, and objectives. It encompasses functions like planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. The human resources and management is an aspect of management that is very essential in every organization and falls under the staffing function of the general management process.

It focuses on aspects like recruitment, coordination and control of the people working in an organization. Human resource management is associated with issues like hiring (recruitment and selection), benefits and compensation, motivation and communication, performance management of the employees and training among others. This paper looks into the recruitment and selection methods in Apple Inc. Company and their appropriateness.

Recruitment and Selection Methods in Apple Inc. Company

Apple Inc, which is the organization of choice in this assignment, is a multinational corporation that is involved in electronic and computer software manufacture and supply. Being a well known company and whose ventures are affected by advances in technology, it becomes important to have the best employees who will ensure that the company grows at per with technological advancements.

It is a company that values her employees very much as it recognizes the fact that they are the driving force towards the organization’s success and prosperity. The human resource department in this corporation aims at recruiting people with the best computing skills and knowledge. The process of recruitment and selection is a very critical aspect in every organization and should therefore be taken seriously since it touches on the most important resource of an organization, the human resource.

This is so because it is the people in the organization that help in the utilization of other resources to ensure that excellent performance is achieved and hence maximum profitability brought about by the efforts put forth by the employees. If efficiency, effectiveness, and economy within the organization are to be maintained, then the human resource must be handled well since it is the one responsible for this.

The process has to commence with appropriate recruitment and selection which allows for hiring of qualified and appropriate employees (Anonymous 1). There are different methods that could be applied in the recruitment and selection of employees depending on their suitability and the decisions of the management body.

The methods should at all times go in line with the organization’s policies and goals. Some of the methods include; external recruitment methods where the particular firm or organization establishes some links with other firms that deal with recruitments, for instance, professional career organizations and looking for applicants outside the organization.

There are also internal recruitment methods where the management would consider posting a position internally to check whether there exist some potential in the existing employees that could fill the available vacancies. The recruitment process is generally divided into four sub processes which are; requisition, sourcing, selection, and closure.

Apple Inc. Company utilizes both internal and external recruitment and selection methods in an effort to enhance its workforce. Some of the selection methods employed include interviewing where the job applicants or the short listed candidates are subjected to some tests in the form of questions with an aim of gathering adequate information regarding the candidates such as things about their abilities that could otherwise not be ascertained from applications and other documents, for example, confidence.

The interview could also be combined with some practical tests that help gauge clearly the skills possessed by a candidate since general question and answer interview procedure may not be appropriate as the job applicant could only be vast with the theoretical aspect as opposed to the application part that is very essential when it comes to Apple Inc. Corporation.

Work samples is the other method that is applied in Apple Inc. company and entails assigning some mini tasks related to the actual job in the selection process. This is a very effective selection method as it helps get a clear picture of the particular candidate as the work sample is taken as a representative of the real job and hence it facilitates informed and appropriate decision making in regard to selection.

Assessment centres on the other hand are procedures applied in the selection process that aims at maintaining objectivity and justice in the selection process to the highest level possible. They work by the assumption that no single method of selection could be totally effective and hence combines several methods in an effort to minimize errors that could arise as a result of relying on a particular method. This method is very efficient and effective although it is relatively expensive and time consuming (Edenborough 2).

There is also the employment of psychometrics as a technique in the recruitment and selection process. This entails the mental analysis of the particular candidates through the use of psychometric instruments.

This method aims at gathering comprehensive information that may facilitate the understanding of the individuals hence allowing for prediction of their behaviour and enhancing informed decision making in regard to recruitment and selection. The psychometric instruments are designed in a manner that they are able to gather the specific skills required for a particular post.

It is a method that is appropriate and associated with the following benefits; it enhances the accuracy of selection hence maximizing the organization’s performance, it promotes the retention of the employees in the organization, which is very crucial through matching their abilities with the job assigned and avoids the costs that could be incurred by the individuals and the organization as a whole as a result of poor recruitment decisions that would lead to inefficiencies which in return would necessitate a repeat of the processes.

It also optimizes individual’s abilities and talents by focusing on development activities in the organization and allows for better career growth management through its ability to match the personal aspirations and capabilities with the opportunities present in the organization, the end result being job satisfaction and excellent performance of the organization as a whole (Edenborough 4).


The recruitment and selection processes are very challenging and should be done in a careful manner with appropriate methods and techniques to ensure that the hired employees are the right ones in terms of qualification and experience.

The methods decided on should always put into considerations the organization’s goals and objectives and the purpose of the recruitment and selection process to avoid any divergence or loss of focus. The recruitment and selection methods and processes should as well ensure that the right individual is hired in the right place and at the right time to facilitate efficiency, effectiveness and economy in the organization which in the long run enhances productivity and profitability.

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