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IBM Company Changing and Adjustment Report

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Updated: Mar 19th, 2020

The fluctuating market is never the same, making a business environment hard to predict and often, demanding changes in a company so that it stays successful. Ethics, socio-cultural adjustments, and modernization of the world have to be adhered to. Global companies have to make changes, and IBM is one such organization.

The general adjustments that took place were a more environment oriented approach that led to lowering costs, increasing the role of stakeholders, and a more customer-oriented work technique. The CEOs have also changed some of the management that would provide a shift from hardware to a software focus — an in-depth knowledge of the culture and social specificities of other countries allowed for better conduction of business.

IBM is a worldwide company, and so, it has to deal with many location-specific features. One of the strategic advances that were made is related to changing the consulting practice and connection between locations. The major focus has turned to people and interaction with the public. As customers will often return to the same organization if the products and services are reliable and of high quality, it was wise for IBM to pay special attention to how the business is conducted.

The international success has proven that people are expecting great service, and IBM recognized this by increasing the number of employees responsible for customer relations. As there is a lot of competition in the modern world, the changes that IBM made had to be quick. While the adjustment of production has lowered costs and heightened quality, as well as making it more environment-friendly, the changes to the services and workforce greatly added to the company’s success (Gibbs, 2006).

Sometimes the company that adjusts to the economy or fluctuating market must let some of its employees go, but IBM chose a strategy that increased the number of workers worldwide, and it positively reflected on the organization. It is a wise strategy to improve both products and services because this means that with a higher quality of merchandise, people will also receive great services.

Comparing to other companies, IBM has rooted out all competitors because the size of the organization, the amount of locations and people involved in customer-oriented focus have majorly outnumbered all others. Another improvement that was made is the involvement of IBM in several industries at the same time. This enlarges the scope of the company and makes it more knowledgeable in other spheres of everyday life.

It is clear that the management understands what people want and need, and the ability to get everything in one place, with addition to outstanding service, makes it one of the best companies. Even though these changes were made through the demands of the company and the public, there are many other ways that IBM can better its products and services (Gibbs, 2006).

An equally important aspect was met within overseas positions and dealings. The cultural differences create the assimilation process somewhat lengthy and the expectations of the management personnel, as well as employees, are in high regard, according to the increase in the company’s production or output. The problem of the cultural difference is one of the major ones, as the business must familiarize itself with the traditions and intricate beliefs of society.

The process of increasing the company’s productivity and the development of the personal skills of employees is the goal of every superior, and so, a close understanding of the organizational level is needed for success. The opportunity to increase personal knowledge of the culture and understanding of company politics creates an advantage for international business. The set up of new and more advanced techniques and processes will ensure the prosperity and positive direction of the business (Bradburn, 2001).

Ethics and morality are becoming extremely important in the modern world. The technological advancements have changed the industry and business world in such a way that it has become easy to “cut corners” and lead people astray. The intricate relationship with the environment and people sets demands of proper care and kindness. Even though there are laws and regulations that outline the functioning of businesses and corporations, pollution and over usage of resources are still commonplace.

The laws are just a part of human society and regulation of business, as it is up to the people running these companies to be responsible and prevent further damage to the planet and people’s health. Anything that businesses get involved in is consistent with ethics and how matters are conducted.

IBM has stayed on the top of things by limiting its environmental imprint. The treatment of employees, respect for their differences, people’s cultural backgrounds and gender are all part of moral standards that are necessary for the provision of the best work environment (Roa, 2007).

It is clear that a business such as IBM has many angles to deal with and a lot of things to consider. Technological advancements, social adjustment, and ethical specifics are all a part of the global network of people working together and targeting success and prosperity. IBM has justly taken a position among the leading international companies.


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