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Computer Museum: Personal Experience Essay

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Updated: May 10th, 2022

The world of computers has continued to baffle many people across the world. Ever since the invention of the first computer, there have been many developments done on later models and this trend has continued well into the twenty-first century. By looking at the history of computing, one is left with no doubt that computers will have a great impact on our current society and more so in the future. Every year, computing artifacts keep on evolving thus presenting the computer industry as one that will influence our world in the coming years. (Brian)

Recently, I visited the Computer History Museum situated in Mountain View, California to get a first-hand experience of the changing nature of computers. Right from the moment I entered through the doors of the museum, I stood awed at the numerous computing gadgets on display. While growing up, I took a keen interest in computers and therefore I have basic knowledge of most computer models. However, the moment I entered the museum was a turning point for me since I realized that there are so many things that I do not know about computers. On display was a range of the oldest to the latest computer hardware, software, computer files, ephemera, still photographs, and all sorts of moving images. (Computer History Museum)

What baffled me most about the museum was the dynamic website maintained by the museum and the dynamic online exhibition. Although I have spent nearly all my life in front of the internet, nothing prepared me for the extensive online resources displayed at the museum. Another thing that fascinated me was the robot theater that had all sorts of robots. These robots all of which are controlled by computers proved to me that the world was indeed evolving and if a man is to survive, he needs to evolve with it. (Brian)

In the Computer Museum, the history of computing is presented in a multimedia exhibition dubbed Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing. In this exhibition, I was able to see a certain trend in the evolution of computers. From the abacus to the smartphone, it is obvious that computing gadgets are becoming smaller with each passing day. While in the Revolution, I got a chance to see a working replica of the Atanasoff-Berry Computer, which was the first real model of a working computer. By comparing this model with the latest computer models, I was able to realize that computers are evolving from mere storage devices to gadgets that get the work done for us. This is evident with the invention of a robot that can do basic chores for man. Even more amazing to me was the realization that there is a computer that can take on the best human chess players. While at the museum, I had a chance to watch a previous match between Deep Blue and Garry Kasparov who was once the World Chess Champion. Just by watching this dramatic footage, it became apparent to me that we are moving into an era where computers will even be able to read the human mind. I know that this might sound a little bit farfetched but considering that in chess you have to guess what the other person is “thinking” then the idea of computers becoming mind readers is not farfetched, after all. (Computer History Museum)

As I took my tour around the computer museum, it became obvious to me that a few years from now the computer will greatly affect how companies function. Although computers present numerous challenges for companies, it also brings with them a host of new opportunities. One opportunity that computers will present for companies in the coming days is making work easier. While at the computer museum, I could not help but think about how robots can help manufacturers to increase output. To begin with, robots will in the future be used to perform the chores that workers consider impractical or unhealthy. This will enable the workers to concentrate on their areas of specialization something that will definitely increase production for the companies. (Brian)

The other opportunity that I noticed computers could bring for companies in the future is in marketing. Given that everyone is predicted to be an owning a computing gadget in the future, it is possible that companies will change the way they conduct advertisements. Currently, companies spent huge sums of money to place adverts on television and print media but this is bound to change in the future. By looking at the smartphone, there is no doubt that this phone is designed to play the role of a computer more than that of a phone. As the world moves into the future, advertisements are bound to move from television and print media to the internet. In any case, it is only the older generation that spends time watching television and when they are gone, companies will be forced to change their mode of advertisements. These will in turn save companies the high cost of advertisement something that will increase their profits. (Brian)

Apart from the opportunities for the company, I see numerous opportunities for myself in the near future. Considering the numerous gadgets that I saw at the computer museum, it is likely that there will be an invention that will enable people to carry out their duties from wherever they are. Since I intend to start my own company in the future, it means that I will not have to go to the office but I will instead be able to give orders from the comfort of my living room. While someone might consider this to be a means of fostering laziness, I instead see it as a perfect opportunity for advancement since it will even be possible to work with individuals even from outside the country. This means that it will be possible to get employees from developing countries where there is an availability of cheap labor. (Technology Awards)

Additionally, I see a situation where I will be able to market my products without necessarily looking for office space. By setting up a website, I will be able to reach billions of people without necessarily having to rent premises. This will not only help me to save money but it will be a good opportunity for me to spend with my family. In matters of doing research, the internet will come in handy hence saving me the time and money needed to conduct virtual research. By using the latest computing gadgets, I will not only be able to stay connected to my friends but I will also be able to know first hand what is happening around the world. (Technology Awards)


There is no doubt that computers are changing the way people do things in society. It is also apparent that computers are evolving from the gigantic models of the past to minute models that can conveniently fit in one’s pocket. In the coming days, computers are bound to alter the way companies and individuals conduct their day-to-day lives. In the future, there is no doubt that there will be computers that can literally decipher what is in an individual’s mind. This is true if the numerous devices displayed at the computer museum are anything to go by.

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