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Computers in Security, Education, Business Fields Report

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Updated: Sep 29th, 2020


In the 21st century, humans have seen an increasing development in a number of areas in their lives. These developments have constantly affected their lives, their relationship with each other, how they communicate, and perform their duties. The development of computers is a major breakthrough in the history of humanity which has drastically changed the way humans live nowdays. The entire world has become a global village owing to the change in interaction influenced by computers. In the first few years when computers were developed, they were not widely used in order to perform human functions. In those days, people were still uninformed technologically; most of the human activities were handled manually. In the 21st century, that situation has changed and computers have become part and parcel of the human nature. As a result, computers influence the way we live, the way we communicate, the way we interact with each other touching almost every aspect of the human nature.

The scope of computers in the human life

Humans are rapidly changing and becoming inclined to the use of computers more than any other electronic gadget in the world today. The scope of computer usage is expanding every single day ranging from health to education, security to communicate and so on (Kizza, 2010). Computers are vital in hospitals as they are being used to monitor patients, make diagnosis among many other medical functions. Actually, a hospital can hardly deliver its services to patients without the use of computers. It is not, however, the only critical function of computers in a hospital (Kizza, 2010). There are other scopes, for example, the record keeping system, which requires the use of computers to run effectively.

Security dependency on Computer

Security, on the other hand, is a major concern in the world today. Security agencies face greater challenges in the current world than in the past centuries. This has prompted the agencies to consider other alternatives in managing and curbing crimes other than the manually patrols around towns and areas of great insecurities (Kizza, 2010). Computers have come in handy to solve this issue and currently the results are proving to be good. In major cities in the developed world, the streets and highways are monitored using CCTVs which transmit their images to computers. Security agencies of the 21st century depend greatly on the use of computers to maintain peace and order more than they do with physical patrols.

Education dependence on computers

Education is another area where computers have infiltrated and have become virtually detachable. It is impossible to picture a student without his or her computer being an impossible endeavour. To show how the use of computers has become important at schools, administrators in the majority of schools, especially in the developed countries make it a priority to embrace and have an ICT department for computer studies (Grieco, 2009). It has become a requirement for all students especially in colleges and universities to have basic knowledge on how to work with a computer. Although not necessarily through policies, rules and regulation, this requirement is necessitated by other factors within the education system. For instance, in institutions of higher education, students are required to hand in their homework and assignments in the form of soft copies. That means they have to type in their work and submit it using computers. Even when a hardcopy is required, handwritten material is of less preference. In addition to that, a lot of research work requires the use of the Internet, hence making computers a necessity (Grieco, 2009).


Employment is one of the most important aspects of human life. In most companies today, the use of computer is widely spread creating problems for people who have skills in using computer. Lowposts, such as secretariat positions are today requiring one to have at least the basics of computer. Such requirements have, consequently, kept some people off the job bracket. The need for computer skills as a factor of production in the majority of companies has made the entire world depend on the computer (Grieco, 2009). This has enhanced our computer dependency since it determines our livelihood through employment. Computers today have controlled every business activity, be it service oriented or production of goods. Financial and money markets exist due to the appearence of computers, further enhancing human decency on this gadget. The impact of computers in such important areas of our lives has made us as humans greatly rely and depend on them for our livelihood (Grieco, 2009).

In business

In the business world today, there has developed a lot of dynamics that has facilitated and enhanced the use of computers. Financial records and the assignment of salaries have been simplified and made effective by the use of computers. This has made employers resort to the use of computers to minimize the cost of such tedious activities (Wagman, 2003). Such developments have undermined the use of the old procedures hence replacing them. A number of manual activities have been abandoned in favour of new computer technology. Setting up the systems that facilitate the use of computers makes it very difficult for a company to abandon its use in the future. This is another factor that has tied individual, companies and other entities, for intsnace, the government to the use of computers.


The current mobilization of the world’s countries to unite and form one huge village has helped in enhancing the use of computers. Due to the structure of communication and other infrastructure, the world has become a village whereby a lot of activities are happening with less mobility. A large number of business opportunities are arising through the internet which requires one to have a computer. This means that if an individual lacks the skills on how to use a computer, he or she is locked out from accessing such opportunities. The Global village has come with great demands that can only be met by the use of computers. Governments need to keep in touch with fellow governments as the new demand for information is rising at an alarming speed.


Computers have had a direct impact on the human existence, and although we can directly attach its impact to individuals, it has a major role in the activities and roles of our livelihood. The high dependency on computers is influenced by its efficiency and competence capturing most of the functions and roles performed by humans. This is even worsened by the fact that in many ways computers work and perform better than humans, hence creating a demand for them. In other words, every essential area of our lives is now dependent on the use of computers making the entire human race depend on them.


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