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Acquiring Knowledge About Computers Coursework

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Updated: Jun 4th, 2022

Introduce the course and the objectives of the course. The course is about computers. Thus, there is a need to discuss the importance of acquiring knowledge about computers and how this knowledge relates to the student’s future career or chosen field of expertise. It is also imperative to focus on the cutting-edge technology available to students studying computers in the 21st century. In the past, computers were simply viewed as machines. However, in the present time there is the added element of mobility and interconnectivity.

One of the key features of A.I.U.’s learning platform is the use of the Gradebook. This tool does not only inform the students about his or her grades, but this platform also helps the same student to track his or her progress throughout the semester.

It is important to note that this platform is more than a report card. In the old way of doing things, the students had no idea how they earned a particular grade. However, with the Gradebook platform, the student can track his or her progress throughout the course. Use this feature after completing an activity or test. The Gradebook provides a clear tracking tool, it is like having a personal score card. In the past, students did not have a realistic assessment of the knowledge acquisition process. However, with the use of the Gradebook, students are empowered to have the capability to figure out areas that require improvement.

The Announcements are one of the features of the online learning platform that serves as a one-stop-area for students that need to get informed regarding key activities, requirements, and events. In the past, students complained about the lack of access to critical information related to the course. It was a common problem to have instructors or professors thinking about doing an activity or cancelling an event and the absence of the appropriate tool. Broadcasting the said information caused a great deal of confusion.

The Announcements enable the student to have a tool that is similar to a mobile message board. The student is not bound by the physical limitation of a typical message board. Use this feature once a day. In the absence of a similar tool, students were compelled to walk or commute to a particular area in order to read the messages. However, the presence of this feature within the online learning framework of AIU saves times and effort.

Instant Messaging allows students to communicate with each other or with their instructors. The best feature of the instant messaging tool is the fact that it is easy to install with no additional cost to the student. There are occasions during the course of the day when students require access to certain information. There are also plenty of opportunities for collaboration. Instant Messaging provides a platform that guarantees the ease in the communication process. In the absence of the said tool, students are forced to purchase equipment or subscribe to a telecom network in order to satisfy the need for interconnection and collaboration. There is no need to elaborate the cost of acquiring a subscription from a telecom provider. As a result, students are compelled to spend more if they do not have access to this type of communication platform.

Instant messaging provides students with the speed and convenience of instant communication. However, if there is a need to track and document important communication regarding a project or topic, it is better to use email. Instant Messaging is a powerful tool, however there are limitations. In the course of the semester, students are expected to work within teams and with other members of the class. They are supposed to work on projects or class presentations. Due to the hectic schedule and other pressing matters of different types of academic requirements it is easy to lose track of the developments of a specific project. However, the use of email allows the students to have the capability of storing important information. For example, in the process of dealing with a project the articles that were downloaded or the ideas that were shared during a recent brainstorming session are stored within the servers that are part of the said email system. If there is a need to review a certain key idea, the student simply has to scroll up and down the list of emails received. It is also important to point out that the email system is more than an inbox that receives messages from other users. This feature also enables the student to track the messages that were sent from his or her account.

Live Chat provides the basic experience of online learning because knowledge acquisition is made possible beyond the four walls of the classroom. Live Chat used in conjunction with the Announcements feature as well as the email system of the online learning environment creates the capability to go through the learning process without the need to commute or walk to a specific classroom. Live Chat removes the limitations created by personal schedules and other constraints. The value of the Live Chat platform goes beyond the power of transcending space and time limitations. Live Chat also satisfies the need of certain students for greater levels of interaction with instructors and fellow students. Live Chat is a different approach to interactive learning. Aside from using different tools that allow the learner to access information via the World-Wide-Web or video sharing platforms, Live Chat provides the ability to contact another person. As a result, there is a way to tailor-fit the knowledge acquisition process. For example, in a video that is uploaded to a video-sharing platform, the student watching the video is simply the audience. He or she simply accepts or receives the video presentation. Although this is a good way of acquiring important information regarding a particular subject matter, there is little interaction that occurs in that medium. However, in Live Chat the student can fire back with a question. The great thing about Live Chat is that the person on the other end also has the capacity to interact with the students using the said tool.

Live Chat creates the feeling of limitless learning because students and teachers are no longer constrained by the limitations created by time and space. Use this feature when there is a scheduled activity to use Live Chat with students or instructors.

The Intellipath is like an efficient tracking system that allows the student to monitor his or her progress. However, there are more features aside from tracking the learning process. One can even say that the Intellipath is a tool that provides interactive learning for the student.

The Intellipath does not only offer guidance so that a student always stays focused on the materials that require immediate attention. In addition, this system helps the student to figure out weaknesses and plan a way to improve on those weakness. Use this feature everyday to track changes and weak points. With just one glance the student using the said tool receives feedback regarding the learning activities that he or she had completed in the past. There is an automatic validation of a good work that has been logged in and deemed completed. However, if there are problems with completion, then the Intellipath system also provides a gentle reminder on the unfinished tasks that require greater attention. Aside from the tracking process, the great thing about the Intellipath system is the interactive nature of the system. One of the impressive features is the ability of the system to provide a certain measurement value regarding the student’s mastery of a certain area of learning. The system has the capability to provide the forecast of the skill and knowledge acquisition ability of the student. As a result, the student has an overview of the whole learning process and he or she has the opportunity to focus resources or time on certain areas that require greater urgency.

The Learning Materials feature of the online learning system provides an easy-access location for all the pertinent information required to master a particular course. It also helps students to plan their pace because the materials are made available all at once. In the absence of the Learning Materials feature, students are at the mercy of the instructors. If there are instructors that are not prudent enough to provide advanced notification regarding the progress of the class learning process, the students are limited by that trickling flow of information. However, with the introduction of the Learning Materials feature students are able to develop their own pace with regards to how they are going to spend time and resources in studying the said materials.

Using the Learning Materials feature is like having an interactive map that provides directions which way to go and what subject areas require immediate attention. Use this feature when studying specific topics.

The MUSE is an acronym and it stands for My Unique Student Experience. This means that the university created a platform that understands and appreciates the uniqueness of each enrollee. Thus, the learning environment was designed to consider different types of learners. There is no other term to describe the MUSE platform other than the term personalization. This system is a testament to how the educational system has acknowledged the unique capabilities of each learner. It is not prudent to force students to simply learn by reading and going over a text-based knowledge acquisition strategy. There are students that are going to respond better if they are able to have access to videos or exercises that allow them to manipulate objects. This reminds the proponent of this presentation about the ancient way of learning that was espoused by the ancient Greek philosophers. It is already a tremendous revelation to find out that teachers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle did not find it wise to simply limit the learner’s experience within the four walls of a classroom. These Greek philosophers encouraged movement of the students as they walked together or went to certain locations in order to ponder some of the most difficult questions about life. In the present time, the use of the MUSE acknowledges the need to go beyond the confines of conventional learning environment.

The creators of the MUSE platform developed an interactive learning environment. At the same time, students are able to access different tools and materials that suit their learning styles and learning requirements. It is a good thing to know that the university invested in a proprietary system that enables students to see a particular subject matter from different perspectives. There is a need to look into this system and how the students are able to capitalize on this tool. Use this feature on a daily basis.

Provide an overview of the course elements. Provide specific details about the learning outcomes. It is important to look into the details of the learning outcomes in order to figure out if the students were able to comply with the said requirements. However, an overview of the course elements also provide students with insights on how to develop specific skills. They are not only expected to learn more about computers, they are also expected to learn how to communicate what they know. This is a good insight because it also encourages the growth of the leadership capabilities of students as they learn to interact and communicate with others. It is a good skill to polish even as they mature through their stay within the online learning system of the said university. Though the MUSE should be utilized correctly in order to harness its benefits and true potential.

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