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Quasar Company Research Paper

The introduction of optical computers Neutron have now faced a rigid competition that has been worsen with launching of similar products by another company. For sustaining competition, Quasar Company decides to keep selling optical computers at a low price and introduce an effective advertising campaign.

However, such a strategy will not be effective because the major problem that a company must face is fast-growing competition with other producers offering the same product. The company, therefore, can be under the threat of being expelled from the fight for the marketing share because cost-reduction and advertising will no longer be the key to profitability.

Regarding the situation from global retrospective, the Company should establish new modes of competition because its previous strategies are not applicable to the sphere of computer technology. This is explained by the fact that innovation, but not successful branding and advertising, has become the key issue of success business promotion and profitability (Bresnahan155).

Living in the era of globalization and integration, it is paramount to focus on the working out new concepts and designs. Due to the fact that globalization dictates the proliferation of innovation and technologies, Quasar Company can face great challenging in keeping pace with time and adjusting to constant changes and upgrades in the sphere of technology (Czinkota and Ronkainen 11).

Indeed, globalization has become a great problem for the company who fails to meet consumers’ growing demands. In this regard, the greatest competition might occur with the emergence of potential computer companies that are ready to introduce their innovative technology at the international level.

While providing new modes of advertizing and marketing, the company should analyze the needs of global consumers that are becoming alike all over the world. With regard to such differences, some amendments should be made in Quasar’s commercial policies. In particular, the company should construct a globally oriented approach to attract more consumers and to increase their sales.

Second, in order to sustain a competitive advantage, the company should take an oligopolistic approach to global marketing and eliminate monopolistic from of marketing (McConnell and Brue 461). Hence, an oligopolistic competition will be much stronger because mutual cooperation between related businesses can enjoy more privileges.

First of all, the company will have greater possibilities for controlling their price and commercial policies that will be more focused on technological advancement.

The collusion of firms can contribute to stabilizing the market share, reduce risk of suffering losses, and provide more benefits for product development and investment. More importantly, Quasar Company can considerably improve its competitive advantage and protect its product from a vigorous competition.

Finally, in order to promote the product to an international market, it is necessary to focus on a particular consumer target. This will help to concentrate on the particular audience and detect demand fluctuations. So, an accurate identification of consumers’ demand will specify the concepts and strategies that will be implemented to commercial policy of the company.

For instance, if the focus is made on innovation, it is necessary to introduce advancement and alterations to sustain and improve a competitive advantage. In order to detect a particular course on innovation, there is also a necessity to conduct online surveys for defining the gaps to be fulfilled and predicting that problems to occur in future.

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