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Human computer interface Essay

Human computer interface development has brought considerable change in many sectors such as political, social, cultural and economically. Some of these changes have affected the community either positively or negatively. The continuous evolving of human interface computer highlights substantial changes that are certain to happen in the future.

In entertainment one can do a lot in images when they are digital because computer interface has enabled users to produce digital images in many times as one wishes and broadcast to a lot of people around the world through the use of websites (Schindler, 2002). It is highly possible to take and share a photo to millions of people, a thing that was not there before.

Socially the world becomes like a small village whereby it is possible to communicate to people in different geographical regions. This will make the world unite more and have a rich culture due to cultural exchange. People will exchange, share and discuss ideas thus solving world problems easily.

Some human computer interface such as brain computer interfaces’ helps disabled persons use their brain waves to control digital movies, switches the lights and turn on the music. Entertainment would be less cumbersome as it provides clear and fast devices to carry out some entertaining tasks.

These human interfaces include the use of hot hand device which is a wing worn by electric guitarist, which uses wireless, transmitter to come up with various sounds effects by a different hand gestures (Mills, 2010). Socially ones movements will be remarkably safe as ones locations will be easy to be monitored. This is possible through the use of GPS as well as capturing ones locomotion by use of CCTV cameras.

This will ensure the cases of insecurity have reduced drastically. People in the future will be making their office be at home, the spacious offices can be discarded as workers will not be required to travel to work.

The conferences will not require members to be there in person as the events can be transmitted to people in their homes and they can make suggestions too (Bushnell, 2008). Families will be stronger since they will communicate to one another through computer-based video connection.

The aged will benefit more as they will use computers and contribute to the economy. They will continue working using computers and these will change the way people view aged members in the society. Some people will use computes to spy others.

Parents will be in able to monitor their children activities even when they are not together. This will also apply to other people such as policemen as well as thieves. Future automotive will have an apartment for computer games whereby commuters will be able to keep themselves busy along the way.

Person’s centralized information can be accessed by many individuals without the owner’s permission. All additional software and cables will not be needed to synchronize ones laptop and palmtop a thing that will lead to more social connections (Atkin, 2007).

The cost of entertainment will reduce as one will only buy the song he wants instead of buying the CD. This will make many individuals afford and access only what they want. There will be no much digital divide in the computer use as many people will already have used them before. The aged have used the computer in one stage during their lifetime making them adopt new development easily.


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