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Organizational Behavior: Employees Conflict Essay

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Updated: Sep 18th, 2022

Numerous companies suffer from various incidents caused by improper organizational behavior cultivated there. At my current place of employment, I have witnessed employee mistreatment expressed through the abusive supervision of the senior managerial personnel over the subordinates. The paper contains a detailed description of the mentioned incident and suggests techniques for changing organizational behavior in the company.

The victims of abusive supervision became new staff members who lacked practical knowledge in the field of construction due to the absence of working experience. The behavior of the supervisors was abusive since they permitted themselves to shout at the newcomers, joke about their questions, and violently react at their failures instead of explaining how to prevent them. Undoubtedly, such an attitude towards the employees is unacceptable. Nevertheless, the problem was exacerbated by the fact that these managers were not punished, and no restriction measures were taken to stop them from humiliating the subordinates.

The possible explanation of supervisors abuse of power lies in the lack of control from the higher authorities. The managers attitude and self-esteem esteem also contributed to the emergence of the described problem. Therefore, it could be inferred that it was not only communication issue, but it might be rooted into the absence of strong culture and regulations of managers actions.

This point is supported by the fact that the company was established only three years ago. During this time, the CEO created a workable division of responsibilities that allowed to escape organizational issues. However, he did not give enough attention to the creation of culture in which employee mistreatment was impossible.

The depicted attitude of managers towards the young employers of the construction firm had a devastating effect on the productivity of the latter. More precisely, I lost motivation to come every morning at the workplace. Apart from that, I became deprived of the endeavor to develop my career in this company. Apparently, the managers thought that contempt towards employees would have an inverse effect and would make them do their best to prove to the managers that they deserve being respected.

Still, it should be noted that the managers who practiced abusive supervision were answerable to the higher authorities. Therefore, the leadership of the company had to take action to cease the described situation. Thus, it was necessary for the senior manager to change the organizational behavior of the coworkers and the directorate of the building company.

In these terms, one could suggest that the most efficient measure to improve organizational behavior of the construction is to allow ordinary workers to communicate with the firm’s leadership. By the way, this practice is widespread across companies that exist during the decades. My company was relatively young since it was established only three years ago. Consequently, it is highly advised to implement the practice of communication between the head of the company and the employees since the performance of the entire organization rests on the performance of the workers and, thus, their opinion and problems should matter.

The second technique that could lead to the successful change of organizational behavior is not to expect too much from the employees who come to the company right after graduation from the university. Such workers need some time to gain experience and understanding of how the real company operates. Instead, yesterday’s students might take part in a short-term internship that would get them up to speed. After the training, the newly established workers would be more conscious and would not commit silly mistakes.

To conclude, it should be said that initially, the problem was that the directorate of the company was not aware of the previously described incident. Therefore, some of the managers felt free to exceed their authority. From this, it could be inferred that if the workers had a chance to communicate with the firm’s leaders, the problem would have been eradicated much faster. Secondly, the employees have to understand that not all of the employees possess enough skills or knowledge. Consequently, the company should create such conditions that would allow such people to develop themselves instead of humiliating them.

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