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Responding to Conflict Creatively Essay

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This paper will discuss conflict management as discussed by two authors namely; Cahn Dudley and Abigail Ruth in their book ‘Managing Conflict through Communication. These authors have insisted that communication is the best way that individuals should use to settle their disputes. People should not engage in fights or become enemies because of conflicts. There are better ways that can handle conflicts and they will be discussed in this paper.

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Conflict can be described as the actual opposition of interests and needs. Conflicts can occur between different individuals or within an individual. “The concept of conflict can be used to explain many social aspects of life like fights that occur between people, conflicts of interest and social disagreement.” (Cahn and Abigail, 2010). Conflict can also be used as a reference for wars and revolution in the political arena. When there is a no proper mechanism to resolve the conflict, there is a possibility of the development of stress and tensions within the people involved.

When there is a conflict of interest, actions and values, the possibility of conflict is very high. There are several ways that can help to avoid or quell conflict. The first one is accommodation. This means to surrender or forego a person’s needs or his wishes in order to accommodate the needs of the other people. The second way to avoid conflict is avoidance. It is possible for individuals to avoid conflict by ignoring the subject of conflict or by simply changing the topic. Although this is not a permanent measure, it helps individuals to buy time.In circumstances that the conflict is intense, an individual can decide to leave the place or cutting off ties with the conflicting parties.

Collaboration is also another effective way of managing a conflict. Individuals can choose to work together towards a solution that will be beneficial to both parties. This is the only situation that both parties emerge as winners. This form of conflict management requires that there be enough communication and trust within the individuals involved.

Compromise also helps in conflict management. “This involves reaching an agreement which is the ultimate aim of resolving a conflict.”(Cahn and Abigail, 2010). Another form of conflict management is competition. This involves an individual being assertive and being able to outweigh the ideas of other people.

These ideas have helped me in life since I have been able to use some of them to mange my own conflicts. The authors have said that it is good for an individual to learn to compromise his or her own ideas and listen to those of others. I have been able to use this form of conflict management in my life many times. I once entered into an argument with my friends over who would be the leader of our choir group. I really wanted to have this post since I was the one who had formed it. However, my friend wanted the post too. A conflict ensued and our choir group was at the verge of a split. We decided to sit to negotiate the stand off since matters were getting out of hand. We decided that the leadership would be held on a rotational basis which I agreed. The authors have also discussed why it is important to stop and think. One when faced with a conflict should put to a halt the issue and then think about it. This helps one to come up with a solution when the mood is not charged.


The authors have really helped me since I now have different way which I can handle conflicts. The different forms of conflict management that the authors have given are very important. Conflicts can be managed through communication instead of creating animosity between individuals. This paper has also given life experiences that show elements of conflict management.


Cahn, D, & Abigail, R. (2010). Managing conflict through communication. Boston: MA:Pearson.

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