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Workplace Conflicts and Their Sources Essay

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Updated: Apr 24th, 2021

The modern-day office setup is evolving rapidly. As such, the workplace is becoming even more diverse and complicated. To this end, many modern offices have developed strict policies to ensure that the workplace environment is maintained at an optimum to ensure that it is efficient and fluid (Stuckey 14). Offices also establish human resource departments where such conflicts can be aired and solved in due time.

Employees need to be sensitized on possible sources of conflict to put them in a better position to avoid them. As the office administrator, I have studied the patterns of conflict in the office and I would like to highlight some sources of these fights in this office. The memo will put into consideration the welfare of all employees in the company. Please read it and note all the factors that are raised therein (Melling and Booth 16).

Break Room

The break room is a shared facility and should be treated as such. Employees should ensure that all edibles are consumed in the break room during breaks for snacks or lunch. Employees should be mindful of others’ allergies (Dobson 44). Being mindful will go a long way in preventing any imminent accidents in the break room.

Food that contains nuts, gluten, lactose and other known allergens needs to be properly sealed and labeled to avoid contact. The break room will also be equipped with an epipen, as well as a first aid box, in case of emergencies. The same necessitates the use of a report. Observation of all these matters will reduce accidents and incidents in the break room. Break room etiquette should be taken very seriously because it could have dire consequences if unchecked (Stuckey 12).


Cleanliness is very important, and especially in a place where we prepare our coffee and warm our lunch. Cleaning up after oneself is a great way to avoid conflict in the office environment (Morris and Smith 9). Every employee should ensure that they clean any mess. The following is a list of the kitchen duties:

  • Dispose off any unwanted sanitary material
  • Place utensils in their right places
  • Maintain an aura of tranquility

Sharing of Office Resources

The office provides a number of resources for use by employees in the course of executing their duties (Dobson 18). The company provides employees with telephones, internet, printers, paper and stationery. Employees need to refrain from using these resources for their personal errands. Social media sites are blocked to reduce the number of distractions in the office. Please also refrain from making or receiving personal calls on the office lines.

Office printers, printing paper, and stationery are also shared resources in the office. Every person has been issued with a printer code. Please use it so that the office assistants may have an idea as to whom the printing belongs. Please avoid excessive use or misuse of paper where necessary. Adhere to proper disposal of waste paper to encourage recycling and avoid clutter in the work place (Morris and Smith 59).

Sick Days and Personal Days

There is a distinction between a sick day and a personal day. Employees should not take sick days when they need personal days and personal days when they need sick days. Employees should inform the human resource department in advance so that they can make arrangements to incorporate the backlog of work. Please ensure that you are guided by the principles of professionalism and honesty when considering taking sick or personal days (Fraser et al. 293). Notwithstanding the days off, employees must catch up with work.

Office Romance

Romantic interactions are not allowed in the office. Employees who are romantically involved should disclose the same to the human resource department. Employees in a relationship must ensure that they keep their professional and personal lives separate. Public displays of affection should be avoided at all costs. Couples should carry themselves in the most respectful and considerate of manners in a bid to ensure a conflict free working environment (Melling and Booth 45).

Sexual Harassment in the Office Setup

Employees need to be guided by the principles of professionalism. The same helps minimize any form of harassment in a bid to avoid such cases in the work place (Fraser et al. 305). The human resource department will continuously hold seminars to sensitize employees on inappropriate behavior in the office that may lead to sexual harassment. Employees are also free to file sexual harassment claims with the human resource department. Sexual harassment may lead to prosecution. To this end, employees should exercise self-control, and refrain from any behavior that could be misinterpreted as sexual harassment.

Office Hours

Punctuality is a very vital part of any work place environment. The same allows staff to meet their daily work place goals. Employees should also wait until the close of office hours for them to leave in the evening. It is important to bear in mind that you bill the company for the hours you work in a day. Consequently, arriving late or leaving early can be considered as time theft from the company. Stuckey argues that time management is ethical (33). To this end, a log in and log out book is necessary.


Overtime is an incentive offered by the company to enable the employees put in more hours of work for extra pay. Unfortunately, the same can be vulnerable to misuse (Fraser et al. 299). Overtime forms are available and can be obtained from the human resource office.


Smoking poses a health risk to the work environment. Consequently, the office is a no smoking zone. However, the rooftop is a designated smoking area. Smoke breaks should be kept at a minimum. Adherence to this will not only save time but also protect other employees from the danger posed by secondary smoke.

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