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“Berlin Airlift” – Cold War History Essay (Movie Review)

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Updated: Jun 23rd, 2020

The Berlin Airlift is a film that provokes feelings of sympathy for the victims of competing for colonial powers during the Cold War. For example, the movie taught me about the needfulness for peace in any given country. In this case, the movie made me realize that peace is essential because it allows people to move around and at least get something to eat. I also thought about the importance of social interactions between people as being one of the essential requisitions for a happy life. Such a feeling resulted from the fact that the movie showed the problems that the Berliners faced as a result of isolation and limitation of their freedom. The Berliners in the movie did not have anything to eat at all because the Soviets had cut off all the gas, food, and electricity supplies to the city, and the situation worsened when they could interact freely.

The pathetic living conditions of the people provoked feelings of hatred towards the four forces that were contesting for the ownership of the city. For instance, I could not understand why Britain, the US, France, and the Soviet Union fought consistently at the expense of the people. The colonialists were ruthless to the Berliners and hoped to attract their attention using crude methods. There was no need for the airlift, which entailed ferrying food aid to Berlin if the colonialists had kept from the city and left the Berliners to manage their affairs.

My concern for the people in the movie went to the women and the children. These groups of people proved more vulnerable than the males and depended entirely on them for provision. One such instance is when the pilots dedicate their lives to the service of Berliners.

More precisely, many men lost their lives in trying to save the situation, especially the pilots. The plane crashes that resulted from the careless flights to and from Berlin proved too dangerous for inexperienced pilots, which made my moods even more sympathetic. However, I did not understand why Britain and the US undertook to feed the Berliners when they could only have withdrawn from the German capital. The style of feeding the people also pointed out that the fact that the US and Britain were only exploring their selfish interests and keeping Russia out of their jurisdiction. Therefore, I thought that the two nations were trying to paint an image of Russia as being the evil party and them as the better.

I also learned that the use of propaganda works to a good extent in shaping the perceptions of people towards others. The competing powers caused the people to hate each other just because of the use of propaganda in trying to counter the actions of their competitors. The use of the radio stations to campaign one another was one such instance that the US used against the USSR. The people were too desperate to refuse such propaganda because they hoped that the US and Britain would protect them from the attacks of the Soviets.

In conclusion, the movie provoked sympathetic feelings in me, especially for the vulnerable members of society. In the actual thought, there was nothing that the fighting powers could have lost had they chose peace and withdrawn from Berlin. Therefore, their selfish actions caused the people of Belin to live as though they were slaves in their country. There could not have been a better way of learning about the events of the cold war expect from the film.

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