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Recreational Drugs Use and Legalization Research Paper

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Recreational drugs are all substances consumed to create or increase recreational experience and they include alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, cocaine, and nicotine among others (Santlofer 2013). Most nations consider some of these drugs to be very dangerous to individuals and society and this explains why they have tough penalties for those that produce, sell, buy, or use them (Person 2011). This essay examines the positive aspects of legalizing the utilization of recreational drugs.

Nations have strict policies that ensure their citizens live comfortable lives but most of these regulations are neither respected nor followed. For instance, driving while using mobile phones is a traffic offense but everyday motorists are apprehended and fined for committing this crime. This means that laws are not adequate measures of curbing drug abuse in a population. America is suffering from illegal arms and drug trafficking because there are no reasonable rules to guide these issues (Lebate 2013). Therefore, there is a need to establish regulatory mechanisms that will ensure recreational drugs are not abused. This means that they should be legalized and guidelines offered to control consumption rates.

Also, nations spend billions in anti-drug campaigns, rehabilitation, and tracking drug traffickers (Siegel 2011). This is a big shame to taxpayers that expect their governments to provide quality health care services, high standard roads, security, and equip learning institutions with adequate facilities. This money should be channeled to other productive projects that will benefit society and not misused in chasing drug lords and other related criminals (Santlofer 2013). Legalizing these drugs means that there will be fewer expenses in pursuing criminals, rehabilitating them, and treating diseases related to drug abuse. Therefore, there is no need for governments to spend billions in managing issues of substance abuse when they can legalize recreational drugs and save this money.

Human rights groups argue that recreational drugs are the greatest impediments to learning because they affect the development of children (Lebate 2013). However, this is a misconstrued belief that ignores the presence of other serious issues that affect learning. Some children come from families that experience constant fights, discrimination, and other forms of abuse. This lowers their concentration in class and reduces their productivity. These issues are never given serious attention like how they do with drugs yet they have severe implications on learning. People should stop assuming that legalizing recreational drugs will affect learning and child development.

People have rights and freedoms that should not be violated by the state or anybody. This means that there should be no rules that dictate what people should do provided this does not affect the lives of others or interfere with activities in the society (Santlofer 2013). The legalization of alcohol did not affect the rights and freedoms of those that do not consume this drink. It promoted responsible drinking and encouraged people to work hard to ensure they enjoy their rights without being harassed by law enforcers. People cannot break rules that do not exist and this means that there should be no policies that bar the production, sale, and consumption of recreational drugs (Person 2011). There is a need to ensure that laws are established to promote the value of human life and ensure people are safe. However, this does not mean that anti-drug policies should bar people from consuming substances that will not affect their lives. Therefore, recreational drugs should be legalized to allow people to enjoy their rights without interference.

Moreover, recreational drugs are very expensive and those that engage in their businesses have a lot of capital invested in producing, distributing, and hiding them. Also, they pay a lot of money to bribe police officers and immigration officers to allow them to import or export these drugs. This means that illegal drug businesses promote corruption and bribery in the society and these are serious offenses compared to the consumption of recreational drugs (Santlofer 2013). Moreover, drug lords are never arrested because they work with law enforcers and are informed about their operations long before they start. Therefore, their errand boys are arrested while the bosses are neither tracked nor their identities disclosed to the public (Lebate 2013). There is no way a street urchin can invest millions in the drug business and not afford a decent life. Therefore, the legalization of recreational drugs will reduce social classifications and promote equality among drug peddlers and users.

Nations struggle to raise revenue for their projects but they fail to establish effective ways of doing this. The drug business is an effective way of generating income and creating jobs for thousands of youths that do not get decent salaries. Governments have ignored the need to legalize illegal drugs and this has allowed people to operate businesses without paying taxes (Santlofer 2013). Drug dealers will pay a lot of money as registration fees and operational fees to local authorities when their businesses are legalized. Besides, it will be very easy to control this trade if it is done in open and this will ensure governments expand their sources of revenue. It is necessary to explain that drug use will continue whether there are rules to curb it or not. Traffic accidents and other problems facing society will never stop just because there are rules to control them (Siegel 2011). This means that there is a need to address the positive side of legalizing recreational drugs and stop condemning it.

The need to improve the quality of drugs consumed will improve the health standards of users and promote transparency in this business. It is important to understand that even legalized drugs have side effects that are very serious compared to those of illegal drugs. This is why doctors must prescribe correct doses for patients and advise them on how to take the drugs (Person 2011). It would be dangerous to consume drugs meant for curing people if there were no prescriptions to guide patients regarding their dosages. This explanation means that when recreational drugs are legalized people will know how they are supposed to be used and avoid abusing them. There will be guidelines that regulate their sale, consumption, and disposal and this will help the public to understand various issues about recreational drugs (Santlofer 2013).


Governments should shift their focus from illegalizing recreational drugs and start educating the public on the importance of responsible drug consumption. There is no need to hide this topic and assume all is fine yet people are dying of irresponsible alcohol consumption. It is necessary to explain that people should be educated on the need to consume drugs responsibly and follow health and legal regulations to ensure they are healthy to avoid exposing their lives to dangers. The impacts of drugs on individuals and society are determined by how people use them; therefore, it is necessary to legalize the utilization of recreational drugs to promote responsible behavior in society.


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