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Drug Mescaline Peyote Research Paper

Peyote is a tiny plant that does not have a spine and it grows in arid and semi-arid areas and mostly on soils that are rich in limestone. Psychedelic found within Peyote is known as Mescaline and the drug is common in Texas and Mexico (Tuner, n.d). This paper focuses on the relevance of mescaline peyote and where it grows and why it is so famous. The paper also addresses the history of this plant from ancient times to the present.

Peyote requires high temperatures to thrive well and that’s why it grows in deserts. According to Zimmerman and Parfitt (2006), fully grown peyote usually has a pink flower and has dark colored seeds. Among the vital components of peyote include phenethylamine alkaloids.

However mescaline is the major content of peyote. The plant takes approximately three years to grow fully but this duration applies only to those that grow in the wilderness.

Peyote used to grow naturally in forests but then some people started growing it in their gardens. Its growth can be induced by grafting it on other plants that grow faster. The buttons of peyote can be consumed while still raw but some people prefer to immerse the buttons in super heated water which adds a flavor to coffee.

Peyote is not sweet at all in fact some people feel like vomiting and some actually vomit before they experience its psychological effect. Peyote is believed to cause some people to hallucinate and in deed the Native American church used it while meditating.

Due to its nutritional and religious importance this plant is being wiped out because there are very few plants that are remaining hence the government opted to control its use (Tuner, n.d).

According to archeological studies, peyote was first used by American Indians who used it for medicinal purposes such as treating diseases and also for religious rituals because they are associated with divine being.

The plant was later adopted by Native American church where it was used to cast evil spirits away but in the years that followed the U.S. government wanted to declare the use of peyote for religious purposes illegal but this move was not successful because indigenous people had their right of following their traditions.

Since then the government has been regulating the use of peyote among non indigenous people. Moreover, a policy has been enacted to ensure that the people who supply peyote to churches that still use it must be vetted by the government.

Salak (n.d.) argues that peyote is perceived to change somebody’s perception and consciousness because it causes people to see things that are not present.

The said visions are experienced when one closes his/her eyes. Some people take peyote in coffee to improve their vigilance especially those who work in night shifts because they don’t want to doze while at work. Thus, it is considered a psychoactive drug since it affects the behavior of people.

Continuous use of peyote can lead to addiction and some people appear to have lost their minds when they consume peyote for long durations. Peyote can also be used to treat diseases.

Native Americans used peyote to cure diseases like blindness, pain during child delivery and toothache. This means that peyote can be used to prevent pain just like anesthesia which is used to avoid pain during surgical operations.

In conclusion, the use of peyote is illegal in U.S. because this plant has similar effects to those of other drugs like cocaine and heroine. Initially the government could not allow even Native Americans to use this plant but after frequent negotiations some reservations were made which allows Native Americans to use this plant in their places of worship.


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