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Bio Diversity and Future of Our World Research Paper

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Living things are known to have varying characteristics, even when they belong to the same species. Climatic conditions are not the same in every part of the world. Therefore, animals and plants are known to exhibit different characteristics in different regions. On the same note, adaptations to different requirements for survival have been known to bring about different physical characteristics in organisms.

In this regard, it is not unique to see animals or plants of the same species having completely different physical characteristics, yet they are in the same locality. Biodiversity refers to the degree of variation among living things and it includes genetic diversity, ecosystem difference and cultural diversity.

It should be noted that biodiversity is very crucial for the continuity of life in the world. Nevertheless, there have been threats to the natural biodiversity thus posing a lot of questions on the future of the world.

The importance of biodiversity cannot be overlooked. Firstly, biodiversity provides the ecological balance that is crucial for sustenance of live in the world. Each and every species that is present in the world has a role to play as regards the continuity and balance of its ecological niche. For the resources of the world to be maintained, biodiversity has to be present.

It is important to understand that all living things coexist and they depend on one another in one way or the other (Mbolo, 2010). No living thing can leave in isolation and elimination of one organism or even changing the ecosystem of one organism has ripple effects on the world as a whole. It therefore goes without saying that biodiversity is essential for optimum production in the world.

Biodiversity is also very crucial for business activities. Sustainable development of any nation is highly dependent on biodiversity. Raw materials that are used in production are derived from diverse sources. In this regard, absence of even one species poses a risk to a certain production process in a given industry. Natural resources would become extinct if biodiversity is destroyed.

This is because while one organism uses a given resource, there is another one that adds it to the ecosystem. The nutrients available in the world, the variety of food stuffs that human beings eat and production of biomass all depend on biodiversity (Spanou, Tiniakou & Georgiadis, 2013). Resistance of crops to various pests and diseases is enhanced by genetic diversity.

Moreover, biodiversity leads to the difference in climatic conditions in various parts of the world. While climate in others parts changes considerably at various points in a year, there are other areas where the climate is relatively uniform throughout the year. Moreover, the different climatic conditions are only able to support different types of organisms. As a result, tourism results from biodiversity.

Cultural diversity is also of immense value to the globe. Various people have unique ways of doing things. Behaviors that are considered right in one society might not necessarily be considered as being correct in a different place. Nevertheless, all this cultures are considered as part and parcel of the world. For a business to prosper in this wake of globalization, cultural diversity has to be understood and appreciated.

This has made businesses to integrate commercial multiculturalism in their strategies (Wittmer & Gundimeda, 2012). Commercial multiculturalism refers to the idea of taking into consideration the ethnical differences when producing and selling commodities.

For one to be able to successfully trade in a multicultural society, he or she must incorporate cultural difference into the production of goods and services. Commodity culture comes about as a result of the production and distribution process of goods and services.

Similarly, commercial multiculturalism has been found to be beneficial in making people to accept and positively recognize other people’s culture. For peace to prevail in a community where people from diverse cultural backgrounds coexist, respect of cultural diversity is crucial. By ensuring that commodities of different cultures are available, commercial multiculturalism ensures that each culture is appreciated.

It makes people to appreciate that fact that other cultures are also worth and thus enhance mutual respect (Mbolo, 2010). Consequently, people become more willing to interact and share ideas with people from various cultural backgrounds thus enhancing harmony.

It goes without saying that when there is reduced tension in the community, it is easier to implement policies which means that economic development is possible. Arguably, peace is a necessary ingredient for national development.

In places of work appreciation of cultural diversity is also crucial in enhancing productivity. Human resource managers, and indeed all people, need to understand the importance of cultural difference in places of work and allow each person to exercise his or her cultural beliefs (Heidarzadeh & Hesami, 2012). When employees know that their culture is appreciated, they feel free to put their ingenuity into practice.

As a result, employees are able to concentrate on ensuring that quality of the products is high rather than just aiming at completing the job. Therefore, instead of aiming at pleasing their employers by mechanically following the laid down procedures, employers feel relaxed to try new ideas. This leads to employee satisfaction and increased output.

Unfortunately, this vital aspect of life in the world is under threat. Increasing human activities is posing a really threat to biodiversity (Wittmer & Gundimeda, 2012). Activities that are carried out by people in various parts of the world have led to extinction of various organisms as well as changes in ecosystems. While a better balanced ecosystem is better placed to recover after various disasters, unbalanced ecosystems cannot.

In this regard, we should be prepared of negative effects due to loss of biodiversity. Human beings have destroyed the forests and depleted other natural resources leading to dire consequences in the world (Spanou, Tiniakou & Georgiadis, 2013). Destruction of natural resources has lead to climatic changes.

As the climate of a particular ecological niche changes, organisms are forced to either adapt to the new climate or get done away with. This highly reduces the ability of the ecosystem to sustain itself.

Arguably, environmental effects due to loss of biodiversity are enormous. Notably, biodiversity loss has lead to emergency of new health complications in human beings. There is growing demand of fresh and clean drinking water in the world due to increasing number of people.

Unfortunately, preservation of water has been a daunting task in the world. Due to loss of biodiversity the environment is no longer as clean as it used to be (Wittmer & Gundimeda, 2012). Moreover, some crucial organisms for the balance of the ecosystem are getting extinct leading to increased health issues especially in human beings and other animals.

Global warming is also another issue of concerning as regards biodiversity. It has been agreed worldwide that the earth is warming up and it is doing so at an alarming rate. This means that habitats of various organisms are changing. As a result, these organisms are at risk if they may not be able to adapt (Heidarzadeh & Hesami, 2012).

It is important to note that the main cause of global warming is human activities which have increased greenhouse gas emissions and reduced vegetation cover in the world.

This has lead to extreme climatic conditions making it difficult for organisms to survive on their natural habitats. Moreover, global warming is changing the world climate quite fast than the rate at which organisms can adapt to these changes (Mbolo, 2010). Consequently, there is a high likelihood that if things remain the way they are now, many organisms will become extinct.

Biodiversity is an important aspect in the world. There is no way that we can go on assuming that everything is okay while loss of biodiversity is increasing. The earth needs to sustain itself and this can only happen if biodiversity is protected. Extinction of one species of any organism throws the whole world out of balance.

Natural resources can only be available if the ecosystem is balanced such that the rate of resource removal is equal to the rate of replacement. In this regard, when we are laying down our development plans, we should take into consideration their effects to the ecosystem.

Sustainable development is possible and that is the way to go. We want to live peacefully in this world and this depends on the balance of the ecosystem. It is upon ourselves to determine the kind of a world we want to live in.


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