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Paul Chabot: Reality Check Concerning Drugs Essay



Drug and alcohol abuse is an excessive intake of drugs into the body in a certain pattern considered negatively. In the United States, the amount of substance abuse is high and requires action and awareness to curb its increase. Schools and colleges are some of the mediums that can be used effectively to curb or solve this problem of drug abuse. This essay will focus on a lecture on reality check concerning ‘drugs’ by Paul Chabot, held in IONA College.


The place that I visited was the IONA College in New Rochelle, in New York. The occasion was that of the renowned speaker Paul Chabot addressing athletes and student leaders on drugs. The college’s presidents organized the event on drug abuse. The student body of the college had realized the need for the event, especially targeting the athletes. This is because athletes in the college are popular and abuse drugs into the largest numbers of all student groups in the college. The event was not only focusing on the athletes but also on the whole community.

The seminar had been organized efficiently. This is because the student body had ensured that the students, along with the community members, knew of the event. I could say the seminar was well attended, as the hall in which it was held was almost full. This was a success as a college student rarely attends these seminars unless they are compulsory. The event became scheduled at an appropriate time before the colleges’ new president could give his speech.

The choice of the speaker was also effective, as Paul Chabot has had experience in the narcotics department and has worked along with two presidents. He has also worked in the navy, and he was a police officer. The speaker, therefore, had expertise in the topic he was to speak about in the seminar. In addition to the expertise, he was also a student in college just as his audience and a leader of his fraternity while he was in school. The speaker was different as he was going to use his life as an example.

The first thing I learned was that the war on drug use and alcohol is a fight. Chabot started his lecture by referring that we were all involved in the fight and that it was up to everyone to take up action against drug use. Chabot was adamant that the war on drugs is just as that of jihad. He persisted by stressing that drug abuse is a war that we have to fight from the roots. The roots are like drug trafficking and drug cartels. It is through this means that we will protect ourselves.

Second, I was able to learn the reality of the number of people that we are losing due to drug abuse. Chabot was able to draw a picture of how many Americans are losing their lives due to drug abuse. He stated that people are even dying at a remarkably early age and are missing opportunities. He presented the horrific reality of deaths caused directly or indirectly caused by drug abuse.

Third, is that the drug problem is not only in America, but it is global. His approach was that to curb the problem of drug and alcohol abuse, we have to agree to do it globally. This means that all countries and even states in the United States have to agree on the war. He was against some states that allow the use of some drugs such as marijuana for medical purposes. This he sees as tolerance and the cause of the bigger problem. The government should be vigorous to introduce policies that abolish the use of such drugs countrywide.

Fourth, I was able to learn detail about drug trafficking organizations and how they operate. The organizations are so powerful and resilient. These organizations will also stop at nothing to selling drugs. They are also mainly driven by their motive to make a profit while taking advantage of addicts. These organizations are also so dangerous and often cause the death of even those not taking the drugs. They are responsible for making neighborhoods in the estates not secure.

According to Chabot, the battle that we face, and we have to behave and act as the organizations dealing with these drugs. In this Chabot, meant that we have to be resilient too and persistent. He was referring to the law enforcement officers who have to fight against the organizations without giving up. It is with giving up and being lenient that the loss of a huge war is foreseen, and we begin to slip into a danger zone.

It was also from this seminar that I got knowledge of the most abused drugs in colleges in the united state. These drugs were marijuana and alcohol. The saddest thing though, is that not particularly many students or people know when they are abusing the above drugs. The main reasons for the abuse of theses’ two drugs were peer pressure and to celebrate. Many students around colleges engage in drugs due to the above two reason other reasons are low self-esteem and stress.

The seminar also focussed on symptoms of knowing that someone is abusing drugs. These include; the first is the person may get pre occupied with the drug use. This happens when the person cannot speak of anything else apart from the drug even when faced with significant matters. Second, is the addict may be found drinking alone, this shows an extension of being a social drinker or smoker to an addict.

Another symptom is that the person protects and hides the identity of their provider. If one has such a friend who begins to behave in this manner, action should be taken and help sort. Other symptoms include missing classes, achieving low grades, and the use of the drugs without premeditation.

The most difficult drug to realise addiction on victims is alcohol. The seminar spent some time in addressing alcohol and it abuse especially amongst students. The seminar also discussed that some indicators used to determine addiction or abuse. If a person gulps drinks, if the number of drinks consumed within an hour are many. In addition, if a person occasionally black outs, this signs are relevant and we should observe them. Consequently, the person advised before the addiction is far-gone.

Chabot was quick to add that the issues in the economy, politics, and even such issues as terrorism should not shift the government’s attention from the war in neighbourhoods. He says that we might focus on other issues and ignore the things that are eating and affecting the population day in day out. It is, therefore, important for the war against drugs to be heightened and resilient.


The seminar was terribly educative and acted as a revelation. I would recommend that other student should also view the seminar from the internet, as they will be able to acquire information that will be helpful. The drug war should begin with an individual and extend further to the government should introduce policies to curb drug use and abuse.

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