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All Are Equal In Death Critical Essay


Death refers to the lasting termination of all life’s tasks in a human being. When individuals become distressed, they may find death as the only thing to alleviate them of those feelings. Other people may get peaceful owing to how they spend their lives; thus, they approach death with a clear conscience. Equal opportunities signify the state of being the alike in capacity, measure, worth, as well as position (Masters 9). When death strikes, it brings equality to all, regardless of race, power, or even lifestyle.

Equality in death

In the human life, many people experience a lot of discriminative reactions from fellow workmates and family members. Edgar Lee Masters in his book ‘Spoon River Anthology’ (2007) noted that death was an equalizer of all persons, where a community of perfection is created. Individuals from Spoon River “felt at harmony in death” (Masters 8).

Death comes to all with no exceptions of any individual in the society. This means that whether a person is poor or rich, young or old, king or a beggar, death must come and has the same effects regardless of status. Passing away summons all society agents to dance all along to the grave. This is meant to remind people of their fragility and the insignificance of worldly glories to their life.

Death thus “affects the living individuals that are left behind” (Masters 6). In this regard, Edgar got the interest to write about death, after the demise of his brother and his best friend in his early years of life. Sudden and painful death increases people’s desire for repentance. All individuals often feel this after coming across an ailing person who dies in pain and grief.

Thus, death acts as a balance where people gather to repent, regardless of their beliefs. Although people may believe that those close to them love them, reality is made clear at times of death. In Edgar’s book, Rev. Peet realizes after his death that community members did not love him as he thought they did (Masters 222). Thus, we cannot find something equivalent to death due to the enormous imprints that are left behind when one dies.

Death chances on its prey in the middle of their actions and strikes equally to all. This means death can approach anyone at any time without prioritizing and thus no discrimination. In a case where an American Airline crashed, affluent stockbrokers along with clerical staff were in the same position, with respect to death. A flight assistant that joined the disaster was also equal to persons in the plane.

His life was valued no more or less than the lives of the firemen who sought to get him and others in the rubble and died underneath the debris when a tower buckled. “Death claimed all, one by one” (Masters 41). Disasters similar to this make it apparent that: in the end, all souls are equal.

Death does not consider age, sex, ethnicity, religion, or else financial stance. This makes people equally exposed, equally bold, equally terrified, equally providential, equally fateful, and just simply human. When a tragedy occurs, the resulting impact rests on the individuals that encounters the situation equally since their minds reacts the same way.


To sum it up, death equalizes all persons regardless of their social and economic life. Everyone is equal in death despite different ways of living, be it evil, or innocent (Masters 209).

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