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Literature Essay Examples and Topics

Essays on literature and languages usually follow stricter structural requirements than their equivalents in other disciplines. You have to show that you are a capable writer that knows the English language well and can create engaging passages.

At the very least, your essay should consist of three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of these blocks has to follow exact requirements with regards to contents.

For example, the conclusion cannot add new information to the essay. You should learn and understand the basic structural guidelines if you want to submit an excellent paper.

The introduction is where you describe the topic to the reader to provide some context. As was mentioned above, you should establish the position you are going to promote.

This part ends in a thesis statement, which explicitly describes the specific idea you are going to discuss. All of your arguments should be contained in the next part, the body. In the conclusion, you will sum up your ideas and make a closing statement that finishes your thought.

Here are some tips for writing literary essays:

  • You should be brief in your writing without leaving information out.
  • Nobody likes to read text that does not add anything of value!
  • The introduction and conclusion should both be one paragraph long. The body’s length may vary according to your needs.
  • You should begin your writing process by formulating a thesis. Each point you make has to connect to it directly.
  • Do not be afraid to write a lot in a literary analysis! The investigations of characters, ideas, plot, themes, and other essential components of a work can be long.

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The History of Yevgeny Yevtushenko

The citizens of the USA became familiar with the poet in the early sixties. I suppose that famous Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko is one of the most influential literary figures in the world.

“About Men” a Book by Gretel Ehrlich

She starts by introducing herself and where she comes from and thus informing the reader that she has experience of whatever she is about to discuss. The theme is developed throughout the essay by a [...]

The Mythic Elements Usage

Iris blamed the Sky for the fine weather and the absence of rains for a long time as she was allowed to appear only after the rain. The Sky told her that people needed only [...]

“We Real Cool” Poem by Gwendolyn Brooks

Critics attribute the change in style to the politically charged times that We Real Cool was written in, and the poem also includes a more generous sprinkling of the vernacular that made her work more [...]

African American Literature Digest Continued

The principal theses of the article are easy to enumerate; these are the origin of the African American literature, the stages of its development, its most famous writers and their impact on the literature and [...]

“Where the Red Fern Grows” by Wilson Rawls

The entire story is a documentation of the happiness that the dogs brought to Bill, and its conclusion is practically an illustration of how fond memories always stay with the individuals left behind after the [...]

“Slaughterhouse-Five” Novel by Kurt Vonnegut

To make a detailed description of the expressed opinion and to prove it, we should consider the characteristic features of the heroes and the general perception of novels which are directed at the description of [...]

Heroism and Power in Homer’s “The Illiad”

In The Iliad, the relations between two characters, Agamemnon and Apollo, as well as their motivation and passion help to underscore the theme of power and rage; the conflict between the characters is based on [...]

Different Literary Genres Understanding

A major difference between poems and drama and the short story is that the first two have a predefined format of writing which includes the use of more dramatic words as compared to the short [...]

“The Pilgrimage” by Nelofer Pazira

"The Pilgrimage" by Nelofer Pazira uses multiple rhetoric devices, including epithets and similes, which seem to perform similar functions in the description of the two opposing themes of the essay: the peaceful life in Afghanistan [...]

“The Short Bus” by Jonathan Mooney

Although most of his meetings are beautiful and inspiring stories, some of the encounters represent the communicational issues that are inevitable in interaction with the people, who have been isolated from the society due to [...]

Octavia’s “Kindred”: Crossing Genre Boundaries

Therefore, "Kindred" remains one of the few novels that allow understanding the emotional core of the relationships between African Americans and White Americans and specify the effects that the choice between slavery and freedom has [...]

The Short Story “Borders” by Thomas King

Being a person of Cherokee origin, the author is concerned with discussing the problems of the First Nations, paying focused attention to cultural heritage, and the disadvantages of total assimilation.

Racism in Ken Liu’s “The Paper Menagerie”

Also, it is a tragedy of the society the influence of which can be too devastating to heal."The Paper Menagerie" teaches the audience how ungrateful and cruel a child can become under the pressure of [...]

Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri, the author of the poem, lived in medieval Italy when the imaginative view on the world and afterlife as promoted by the Western Church had integrated into society.