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Plays Comparison: “Naked Lunch” versus “Trifles”

First, it dwells upon the gender differences that existed at the time of the play. The women in the play were united by the feeling of isolation and alienation from other women and from society [...]

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare

The dark night that from the eye his function takes, The ear quicker of apprehension makes; Wherein in doth impair the seeing sense, It pays the hearing double recompense. Further, the author refers to the [...]

Symbolism in “A Doll’s House” Play by Henrik Ibsen

The main objective of the play "A Doll's House" is to advocate for the ability of each individual in making decisions that are not based on the influences of other persons around him or her. [...]

“Doubt” Play by John Patrick Shanley

This concerns what she refers to as "having doubts" in her conversation with Sister James at the last act of the play "Doubt" by John Patrick Shanley.

Blanche in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ by Williams

It is a perfect presentation of the two major characters Blanche DuBois whose pretensions to virtue and culture only thinly cover her alcoholism and illusions of greatness, and Stanley Kowalski, who is primitive, rough, and [...]

Ghosts and Revenge in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Despite the common beliefs concerning the existence of ghosts, it seems that the ghost's presence is still supported by the testimonies of all characters in the story, including Horatio, Francisco, and the protagonist himself.

American Dream in Miller’s “Death of a Salesman”

The play Death of a salesman is indeed an anatomy of the American dream especially because the plot of the story revolves around some of the basic material gains that individuals in the American society [...]

Characters in “Faust” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It is even possible to notice that Mephistopheles tries to warn and make Faust refuse the deal as he is aware of the real situation and does not want him to make the same mistakes [...]

“Henry V” by Shakespeare and American Society

The Battle of Agincourt is an epitome of the play's reflection of culture and worldview. The drama has a type of language and setting that appeals to the English audience.

Social Recognition in “Holiday” Play by Philip Barry

The presence of money in one's pocket is, perhaps, a good opportunity to provide for oneself and his or her beloved ones, yet the play shows that big money pouring over the edge is, alas, [...]

Hamlet’s Choice of Fortinbras as His Successor

Choice of Fortinbras is an act to usurp his place as the rightful king and avenge for the injustice done to Fortinbras, as well as him. Another reason could be an act to reconcile with [...]

“Romeo and Juliet”: Play and Film

Preminger et al.claim that poetry is to be educative and pleasurable and both versions of "Romeo and Juliet" meet this criterion regardless of the fact that they had to appeal to the audience of a [...]

“The Cherry Pickers” by Kevin Gilbert

At the moment of the initially rehearsed interpretation of The Cherry Pickers, Gilbert was named the first Indigenous dramatist to have his play performed.

The Play “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot”

It seems that the artists decided to participate in this play since they are also concerned about the mentioned issues and would like the spectators to feel as close to Judas Iscariot as possible, sharing [...]

“The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” Play: Actors Game

The desire of the actors to present this play to the public is probably connected not only with the necessity to do their work but also to convey more intimate information to the audience.

The Play “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”

The purpose of this production is to deepen the understanding of the story and its themes. The diversity of characters, an interesting and unusual plot, and the variety of settings are factors that contributed to [...]

The Play “Tartuffe”: Intro to Drama

The main idea of the play is the importance of trust in the family and the value of critical thinking as well as common sense.

Sophocles’ Oedipus as a Tragic Hero

Oedipus does not know that he kills his father and marries his mother; the only motif he follows is to protect people he loves and become happy.

“Twelve Angry Men” Movie-Based Play

In this essay, we will examine the setting of the story, the behavior of Juror Eight, and the arguments he used to sway the other jurors to his side.

“King Hedley II” a Play by August Wilson

Most of the play is dedicated to investigating the nature of people's feelings, trying to "plant seeds" where nothing will be able to grow, becoming a metaphor for the life of the main character as [...]

Will and Fate in Sophocles’ “Oedipus the King”

When speaking of Sophocles, he integrates the myth of Oedipus into the plot of the play in order to demonstrate a deep conflict between the will of gods and the will of human beings.

Interracial Conflict in “Dutchman” by LeRoi Jones

The choice of the focus on acting as the primary means of conveying the essential message of the story becomes evident as the author emphasizes the double consciousness of the character.

Anti-War Sentiments in the Play “The Trojan Women”

The play The Trojan Women, created by an ancient Greek playwright Euripides, is a great example of a tragedy that can be and was used to show the outcomes of the war in a general [...]

Act III in “Careless Lovers” Play by Ravenscroft

Characters used in the play such as the wealthy citizen, the prostitute, the fop, and the tricky servant clearly display a mockery completing the play as a comedy of restoration.

Oedipus Rex Play’s Appeal to Modern Audience

In the environment of the contemporary culture, the scenario might seem surreal since it is placed in the setting of an ancient world, yet the fact that the play makes the foundation for the Western [...]

“Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead” by Tom Stoppard

The first thing that comes to my mind when I recollect all the impressions after watching the performance is that the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is meant for the prepared audience that regularly [...]

The Play “King Hedley II” by August Wilson

The play is touching and even funny at certain parts, but overall it became one of the darkest and most tragic reflections on African-American life in the 20th century's drama.

“King Lear ” by William Shakespeare

At the end of the day, the character learns the price of such a fatal mistake which is betrayal and loss of everything he loved in his life. The theme of the transformational power of [...]

Themes in David Auburn’s Play “Proof”

In particular, she considers her level of mathematical skills at the age of 25 as well as the confusion she endures after the death of her father as a possibility that she inherited her father's [...]

Humanism in Thornton Wilder’s Play “Our Town”

Rather than invoking the idea of creation, Wilder seems to describe the role of birth to the continuation of generations and the role that physicians play in conserving human values. In this case, Wilder wanted [...]

Marxist Criticism in “Death of a Salesman” by Miller

Marxist criticism helps to get insight into the relationships between individuals and social groups and to understand the historical, social, economic, and political context of the environment of the story and its influence on a [...]

Themes in the Tragedy of Macbeth by Shakespeare

The character of Macbeth is used by Shakespeare to illustrate a man who lacks the strength of moral fiber under the affection of guilt and ambition.

Ibsen’s A Doll House and Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex

Of course, the most suggestive similarity of the two plays is that recognition and reversal occur simultaneously for protagonists as they learn an important thing about themselves and this knowledge changes their life completely forcing [...]

American Dream in Hansberry’s and Miller’s Tragedies

Hansberry's "A Raisin in the Sun" and Miller's "Death of a Salesman" tell the stories about how people can perceive and be affected by the idea of the American Dream, how they choose wrong dreams [...]

Tweeter-Drama: Social Media as a Theatre Platform

Jeremy Gable, who works as a teacher, explains that the world of social media is too powerful and it can not be repressed by the regular theatre plays or any other traditional activities.

Feminism and Roles in “A Raisin in the Sun” Play

These are such questions as: "What does Beneatha's conduct reveal about her intentions?", "How does the character treat female's role in society?", "How does Beneatha regard poor people?", "How does the heroine explain her choice [...]

Characters’ Traits in Shakespeare’s Macbeth

As weird as it might sound, Lady Macbeth is very emotional; as a matter of fact, the crimes that she committed can be attributed to her emotionality rather than her greed, though the latter has [...]

Depression and Melancholia Expressed by Hamlet

The paper will not attempt and sketch the way the signs or symptoms of depression/melancholia play a part in the way Shakespeare's period or culture concerning depression/melancholia, but in its place portrays the way particular [...]

Arthur Miller’s Play “Death of a Salesman”

After all, it is not only that the themes and motifs, contained in the play, are utterly humanistic, but also the specifics of how Miller conceived it to be staged suggest that Death of a [...]

“The Swamp Dwellers” by Wole Soyinka

The swamp dweller "talks about the urban and remote society, the confrontations between the older and younger people, the battles between the old and the new in the society, love for modernism, the existence of [...]

Tennessee Williams’ Play “A Streetcar Named Desire”

Williams' view towards the ideas of illusion and reality works to highlight the fact that reality will always overcome fantasy and the two cannot coexist peacefully, and while we cannot completely admire Stanley in his [...]

“Trifle” a Short Play by Susan Glaspell

This is tangible evidence that could have assisted the prosecution and the eventual conviction of Mrs. Wright's guilt on the basis of evidence that they have.

“The Vagina Monologues” a Play by Eve Ensler

The figure of Eve Ensler exemplifies the validity of this idea perfectly well, because it is largely on the account of a public controversy, sparked by her play The vagina monologues, that the notion of [...]

Act II of Hamlet by William Shakespeare

The King is worried about Hamlet's madness and starts to suspect that he might have found out the real reasons for his father's death.

Modern American Plays’ Quotes

That is why Linda's monologue is important to demonstrate the other side of the problem and to draw the men's attention to the fact that Willy should be respected in spite of obstacles and conditions.

Fight Against Destiny in the Play “Oedipus”

It is ironic that all the time he is fighting against the authority and power of life and higher forces, he is actually fulfilling his destiny and does exactly what he should have avoided.

“Urvashi Won by Valor” by Kalidasa

In the history of ancient India, Kalidasa can be referred to as a facilitator of a one-person renaissance since his works made a significant impact on the further development of the Indian drama during the [...]

Monstrous and Human Relationship in “Odyssey”

In each stage of the adventure readers are introduced to an ever increasing similarity between what is monstrous and what is man to the point that the line between the two blurs resulting in actions [...]

The Change of Gender Roles

This similarity is one of the most important to focus on the structure of the narrative. In both plays, the main actions of the characters are not directly described by the authors.

“Othello” by Shakespeare

Iago, a jealous man from the beginning of the play, pretends to befriend Othello and speaks to him about the danger of jealousy.

Are the Witches Responsible for Duncan’s Death?

For example, Banquo was given good news by the witches about the likelihood of his children becoming kings and yet he did not rush to murder as it's in the Macbeth's case.

The Trojan Women and Everyman

In contrast, the so-called Everyman is affected by several issues such as awareness of one's mortality and the inability to retain values that he earned in the course of the lifetime.

Shakespeare and Honor in his History Plays

As such, the theme of honor should be explained in the framework of the play Richard III and actions and motivations of its characters with regard to the historic background of the play.

Brecht’s views on Drama

They do not necessarily have to be from noble family backgrounds as in the case of Aristotelian tragedies. If this play is, therefore, performed in accordance to the dictates of traditional drama, most of the [...]

Dramatic Comedy: The Hairy Ape

This essay will be researching the relationship between the play and its genre by means of comparing the points of view of great thinkers of the past and their ideas about comedy and tragedy genres.

The Value of Source Study of Hamlet by Shakespeare

In regards to the intended significance, Stopes, Belleforest, and Shakespeare report that Shakespeare designed the role of the ghost to appear to Hamlet relentlessly to enhance the melancholy motif of the play.

Thomas Nashe’s View on Shakespearian Language

Thomas Nashe uses the example of the animal kingdom and the living order of the animals, to demonstrate how a failure in leadership has resulted to a disorganized form of living in the universe.

The Expression of Sarcasm in the Odyssey

The suitors laughed and teased Telemachos of his struggles to defend the beggar. Odysseus simply examines the bow and one of the suitors mocks him saying he is a connoisseur.

The Tempest by William Shakespeare

One of the main conditions according to which a daughter is going to be protected in the future is the strong assuredness that a daughter is in good and loving hands, protected like under the [...]

Shakespeare: Hamlet

The scene that is the subject of this report refers to a scene in the play that takes place at the graveyard following the death of Ophelia.

Manliness in Shakespeare’s plays

The theme of manhood and violence in the play points to a greater ethical and political problem as to whether or not the use of violence to achieve peaceful ends preoccupied Elizabethan writers.

A Streetcar Named Desire

Laurel is the hometown of Blanche DuBois. The lies of Blanche DuBois were concocted to win male suitors.

Euripides’ Hippolytos

He worships the goddess of "hunting and chastity, Artemis and ignores Aphrodite, the goddess of love". Hippolytus is the favorite of this goddess as he prefers hunting and staying chaste and rejects worshipping the goddess [...]


Although the death of his father signifies his own downfall, nonetheless, one could argue that Oedipus acted in self-defense, in that he was attacked unexpectedly while travelling alone and out of fear of losing his [...]

The play “City Politics”

The author shows the development, progression, and the consequences of deceit and betrayal in the story. The viceroy warns Paulo not to involve the militia in his fight with the French.


However, in the second part of the play, when Gertrude faces the truth of her first husband's dead, she immediately stands a reformed character, sympathetic to Hamlet's cause.

Odysseus as husband

Being a good father and an excellent husband, Odysseus did everything he could to return home, however, there were a number of barriers, however, having returned home Odysseus killed all people who wanted evil to [...]

Description of the Beach Scene in summer

These include; the plantation along the beach and inside the sea, the animals, the waters and the people found in the beach.