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Historical Fiction Comparison Essay Examples and Topics

The Brazen Desire to Succeed

Set in the post World War II, Greene's characters in 'The Destructors' represent the divide between the various generations, the old and the new.

Analysis of Two Anne Frank’s Entries

The writings of Anne Frank in her book dedicated to the Holocaust and called The Diary of a Young Girl should be considered as the greatest masterpiece of that period.

To scream or be subtle

Some of them included: the role of the church and the state, the importance of human rights and the role of a representative government.

Analysis of Different Stories

On the other hand, in the story, "The Boat", the author uses the concept of the traditional cage to describe the inherent increase in social life rationalization in the conservative society of the main character.

Description of Johnny Got a Gun

Johnny Got a gun is a captivating anti-war book which is politically motivated and takes the role of educating the society on the adverse effects of war on human beings and the whole society.

Odysseus Heroism

He formulated the trick of the great wooden horse to give victory to the Greeks. The prince was also supposed to strike a balance of generosity to the citizens.

Poems Comparison

Although both concerning the subject of war, the settings of the two poems are quite different."Dulce Et Decorum Est" is set in a trench of the First World War and dedicated to description of a [...]

Heart of Darkness and the Ceremony

The plot is carefully developed by Silko such that in Tayo embarking on a journey full of personal ceremonies to bridge Native American traditions and those of the westerners.

Rhetorical Analysis of the Article

Having further introduced the main thesis of the essay and having given some background information, the writer moves smoothly to the body of the piece.