Historical Fiction Comparison Essay Examples and Topics

The Brazen Desire to Succeed

Setting and characterization in ‘The Destructors’ by Graham Greene and ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ by Richard Connell has been used to increase the effectiveness of the themes and motifs. Even though the stories are written by different writers, there is a striking similarity in the use of elements to communicate the deeper meaning of the […]

Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov & Camus’ story The Guest

The introduction: the fundamentals of the stories The basic theme of Dostoevsky’s production The Grand Inquisitor is the Catholic Inquisition over the Protestants. The Brothers Karamazov represents two opposite sides: one of the brothers Ivan is anti-religion, while another one – Alyosha believes in a superhuman controlling power. Geoff Uyleman states: The chapter The Grand […]

Shakespeare “Richard II” and “Henry IV”

Introduction Historical reports indicate that Kings, like the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt claimed to be gods or at least descended from them. Due to this fact many a time their coronation ceremonies were for the primary intention of demonstrating divine approval of their ascension to the throne (Cannon, Cannon and Hargreaves 2009). This doctrine was […]

Analysis of Two Anne Frank’s Entries

Terrible events that shake the world at the beginning of the last century left awful marks in the souls of the people who faced this tragedy, the Holocaust. Nowadays we can’t even imagine what the time it was, but it does not mean that we are allowed to forget it. Quite the contrary, we should […]

“The Blitzkrieg Myth: How Hitler and the Allies Misread The Strategic Realities of World War II” by John Mosier

Those people, who want to improve own lives and achieve success in present and future, have to pay much attention to such issue like their history and be able to learn on the mistakes, made by other people from the past. The German nation is considered to be one of the most remarkable ones due […]

The Role of the Mirabal Sisters in the Attempts to Challenge the Patriarchy

Nowadays, it is not always possible to find a powerful book written by a modern writer who makes a decision to discuss the inequalities which bother people, human challenges, and inabilities to live in society with a strict political regime. However, the work by Julia Alvarez created in 1994 is one of the literary treasures […]

The Armies of the Night by Norman Mailer and Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book by Maxine Hong Kingston

The mission chosen by every writer highly depends upon his/her civilian position. Understanding the potential of literature to influence the views and attitudes of readers, novelists frequently used their works as methods for communicating their civilian views to their readers. Raising the anti-Vietnam war concerns, Norman Mailer in his The Armies of the Night and […]

Writing Back and Giving Agency to Suppressed Voices

Introduction In literature, writing back is a style where authors use their experiences and historical time lines to bring into light some of the cross cutting social issues within the context of the society of the time. Usually, the authors have the ability to point out various issues that they believe were not well addressed […]

“Country driving” and “Chinese lessons” comparison

Analytical Review The two books illustrate the variations in cultures, infrastructures, and politics between China and the US. From the perceptions of two Americans on a visit to China, the books illustrate the progresses in infrastructure, economic development, and cultural change in China over the last few years. In Chinese Lessons, Pomfret outlines what foreigners […]

Chinua Achebe’s “An Image of Africa” and Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”

Introduction Much literature is devoted to Africa as a black continent, however, none of these pieces is discussed in such a way as Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness does. One of the most popular critiques of this work is Chinua Achebe’s paper titled “An Image of Africa”. As for me, Chinua Achebe’s An Image […]

The Use of Imagery in Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night, My Papa’s Waltz, and The Negro Speaks of Rivers

In the poems Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night, My Papa’s Waltz, and The Negro Speaks of Rivers, the poets Dylan Thomas, Theodore Roethke and Langston Hughes employ the poetic device of imagistic language to allow each poet to tunnel beneath the superficial meaning of the poem, and allow the poet to deliver […]

Protagonists of The Armies of the Night by Mailer and Tripmaster Monkey by Kingston

Mailer as the main protagonist of The Armies of the Night by Norman Mailer and Wittman Ah Sing as the main protagonist of Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book by Maxine Hong Kingston represent the ambiguous rebels expressing their anti-war sentiments. The working title for this paper is “The Anti-War Revolt in Mailer and Whittman Ah […]

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow vs An Indian’s Looking Glass for the White Man

The short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, written by Washington Irving and published first in 1820, is set in the Dutch settlement Greenburgh or Tarry Town as it was known. Specifically, the whole story takes place in a secluded glen, the Sleepy Hollow in the late 1700s. Ichabod Crane and Abraham “Brom Bones” Van […]

To scream or be subtle

Introduction Olaudah Equiano and Mary Wollstonecraft are radically different authors; Wollstonecraft is assertive and direct about her call to change while Equiano is subtle about his message. He uses his own experience to humanize his call to the ending of slavery. As a result, readers end up connecting more with Equiano than with Mary. Wollstonecraft […]

The Connection between the lives and works of Richler, Cohen and Layton

Introduction Mordercai Richler, Irving Layton and Leonard Cohen are Jewish Canadian writers. These three writers have tremendously impacted the Canadian literature and their writings prove that a person’s culture is capable of influencing his/her writing. Some of the most intelligent literary names in Canada are of Jewish faith. It is important to note that while […]

Maya Angelou’s “Champion of the World”

The story has a home setting, which is a good depiction that most people throb for; a better, safe place to embark on after the long day activities. The author utilizes the power of narration to bring out an extremely interesting diction just as Martin Luther King did in his “I have a dream” speech […]

“The Walking Dead” and the “Bridegroom to the Goddess” in Works by John Millington Synge and Seamus Heaney

The Irish literature is characterized by discussing a lot of social and psychological issues and depicting many mythical images. The Irish writers’ approach to presenting the common theme can be extremely different with references to using irony and satire or mild and pessimistic tone. The play The Playboy of the Western World by John Millington […]

Analysis of Different Stories

Critical analysis of different literature is significant in understanding the plot, the main ideas, and the domain of these works. Thus, this analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the aspects of regionalism on line setting, national identity creation strategies, and character trait analysis in the books, “The Boat” by MacLeod, “Two Kinds” by Tan, and […]

Description of Johnny Got a Gun

Johnny Got a gun is a captivating anti-war book which is politically motivated and takes the role of educating the society on the adverse effects of war on human beings and the whole society. The book written by a U.S citizen, Dalton Trumbo in 1937 and was published by J.B Lippincott company on January 1st, […]

Comparison of “Two Kinds” and “Everyday Use”

Thesis and Introduction The nineteenth century is remembered for its riches in literature and art. Stimulated by the activity in development and implementation of ideology, literature has seen a tremendous growth in both quality and number of stories poems and narratives. The thematic trend was complied with the sociopolitical environment and after war mood. The […]

Odysseus Heroism

Wily Odysseus emerged as a hero in the poem, “Odysseus Strings His Bow”. He fought in many battles that cost him separation from his family. He did not give up until he was re-united with his family. At first, he was the king of Ithaca, an implication that he possessed excellent leadership skills. In the […]

“A & P” by John Updike and “Soldiers Home” by Ernest Hemingway

Introduction “A & P” by John Updike and “Soldiers Home” by Ernest Hemingway are stories of two young men facing different situations in their lives. Krebs Harold had gone to war at a young age and had a rough experience all through. When he returned to his home community, his motherland did not appreciate his […]

Comparing two writers’ styles and how they work together and against one another

Introduction D’Souza strives to explain why people are attracted to America through some physical observations and opinions stated by the immigrants. On the other hand, Schlesinger uses a doctrinal approach to discuss the concept of America’s greatness. Dinesh D’Souza on America’s greatness Dinesh D’Souza explains why immigrants are drawn to America in such great numbers. […]

Sense and Sensibility: Movie by Lee and Thompson vs Book by Austen

All scholars and literature critiques acknowledge the historical value of Jane Austen’s novels. They are filled with realism and “the air” of the time. These days, Jane Austen is recognized as being among the best English novelists. Her novels head the list of literary works adapted into the movies. Sense and Sensibility is the first […]

“A Good Man Is Hard to Find” vs “Good Country People”: Themes & Characters Analysis

Introduction Although the prose is the genre that is as a natural material for the structural criticism in contrast to poetry, there are some problems found in the analysis of some pieces of prose as well. Although the stories written by an outstanding American writer Flannery O’Connor are each a structurally independent piece, there are […]

Thoreau, Socrates, and Civil Disobedience – Compare and Contrast Essay

Introduction Crito’s apology is an essay done by Socrates, a Greek philosopher; where he seeks to express truthfully his beliefs. His apology, which is rather a statement, is viewed as one full of meaning and truth as he addresses his close friend, Crito. Socrates is a critical thinker who is dedicated to moral character and […]

Poems Comparison

Since times immemorial, military conflicts have been wiping whole generations off the face of the earth. The topic of war has been one of the most popular to render in works of art and literature. On the one hand, war has been proclaimed the business of ‘real men’ and glorified as the way to prove […]

A Scholarly Study of Two Different Literary Genres Fiction and Poetry, Using the Works of Alexie, Kincaid, and Hughes

For this particular study two works of fiction and one of poetry will be used. In the fiction genre the proponent of this study will examine the work of Sherman Alexie, a short story entitled Indian Education and another short story by Jamaica Kincaid entitled Girl. In the poetry genre Langston Hughe’s A Dream Deferred […]

Ar’n’t I a Woman by Deborah Gray White, and Plantation Mistresses by Catherine Clinton

Monograph Paper From historical times, women have been at the center of attention for one reason or another. This monograph paper examines two women-based studies dealing with historical women issues. The two books analyzed here are, Ar’n’t I a Woman by Deborah Gray White, and Plantation Mistresses, by Catherine Clinton. The two books talk of […]

The Horror of the Holocaust in Different Styles of Writing

“They came there in the morning – Trains coming from all sorts of places in Germany – Until the Jews numbered thousands. Here they were searched And if anybody had more than ten marks The rest was taken away…” Charles Reznikoff, pp.3 Almost every person in the world knows something about the Holocaust. It was […]

Heart of Darkness and the Ceremony

Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad are two creative works of art, written in very different contexts but with a similar aim of reconciling collective beliefs to individual beliefs. Their styles, the use of characters and writing techniques are different, but they both aim at bringing harmony to the […]

Comparing the Literature Works of Different Caribbean Authors

The word literature is most commonly used to refer to works of creative imagination such as poetry, drama, fiction as well as non-fiction. It represents the entire culture of a people, including their language and history. Through literature people are able to conserve their way of life and history, making it easily accessible to later […]

Symbolism and Imagery in O Captain! My Captain!

Symbolism and imagery are some of the significant elements of style in poetry. In this essay, symbolism and imagery in O Captain, My Captain shall be analyzed in detail. Symbolism element is used to emphasize internalized poetry aspects to describe the feeling and thoughts of a poet due to a lack of better words to […]

Comparison of Night by Elie Weisel and Cry of the Beloved Country by Paton

Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night gives a thought provoking account of the ruthless maltreatment of his family during the Holocaust by Nazi Germany. Wiesel was brought up in the mountains of the present day Romania and in 1944, at fifteen years old, his family was captured as part of a mission by the Germans to torture […]

Rhetorical Analysis of the Article

Structure Firstly, we have to mention that the distinction between structural and stylistic peculiarities of persuasive essay writing have to be taken into consideration. It is commonly preferred to analyze the structure of the essay at first, looking for the author’s methods of achieving his/her purpose of persuading the audience. Hence, at the beginning of […]