Modernist Literature Essay Examples and Topics

Modernism in Symbolism and Imagery as Presented in the Works of W.B. Yeats

Introduction Modernism is a term that refers to a movement in art and literature that began in the late 19th century and extended through the early days of the 20th century (Coughlan and Davis 5). The proponents of this movement sought to distinguish themselves from traditional and classical artists and writers. The movement initially emerged […]

Richard Rodriguez’s Writing Style

Richard Rodriguez has become one of the most controversial figures of study today. In his writing, “The Achievement of Desire” Rodriguez gives a narration of his life while recounting the reasons and the ways in which he educated himself. Notably, he is not the only author who narrates about his life. Malcolm X also wrote […]

Why is it an Enjoyable Story?

In literature, stories are very common. Since the time of William Shakespeare, many authors have delved into writing romantic stories. This is because most of works of William Shakespeare were considered very successful and were romantic. However, the biggest question that most literature students, as well as other professionals would have is when a piece […]

Roland Barthes’ landmark essay, “The Death of the Author” and Christopher Isherwood, Goodbye Berlin

Variety of factors can have impact upon the readers’ perceptions of particular works of literature. According to Barthes’ theory, the author cannot predict all the reactions to his work because he/she is dead after the novel is completed. In other words, being interpreted by masses, a novel starts a life of its own. Barthes’ premise […]

The Realm of reality: Smoking

Introduction Today, it is evident that the society has made a distinction between a man and a woman. Ideas concerning these two gender roles have changed over time, but still have particular beliefs attached to them that reveal issues defining a particular gender, and the way such gender is ought to behave. These beliefs and […]

Melancholy Caused by Fasting: An Artist in the Modernist Period

The role of an artist has always remained a discussed issue; whether his/her activity was considered prestigious or, backwards, aimed at entertaining the crowd, the personality of an artist has always been perceived as that contrasted with the rest of the society; as that being separated from the concerns of the everyday life and minor, […]

Consequences of the New Age of the Image on Writing and Reading

Images could be termed as representation or artifact that represents actual objects in reality or thoughts as represented by the mental images in the individual’s mind. Images generally in the modern world are represented in two dimensions and recently three dimensional images, which has become very famous. Writing and reading has been in existence since […]

Taste of paradise

Introduction The book Tastes of Paradise by Wolfgang Schivelbusch is devoted to the history of human preferences in food and beverages. In addition, the author tries to link the food preferences of people at different periods of time to the social changes and historic events. The aim of this essay is to analyze whether the […]

Living in the Tenth Century:

Living in the Tenth Century, a book by Heinrich Fithtenau, presents an interesting view of life in Europe in the tenth century. Fithtenau takes the audience to a journey through the second millennium in Medieval Europe. The book is voluminous and challenging for those with no scholarly interest in History. For Historians, it offers enlightenment […]

Justice as the Advantage of the Stronger: Thrasymachus’s Ideas (plato’s the republic) vs. Charles Darwin’s Principle of Natural Selection: a Comparison

It is hard to deny that power often goes hand in hand to strength. Though the ability to take control over the rest of the people and even entire states often depends on such qualities as diplomacy, intellect and strategic thinking, brutal force often actually turns out the pivoting point in the argument between opponents. […]

Socialist Realism

Introduction Written by Nikolai Ostravasky, How the Steel was tampered is a captivating socialist realist piece that reflects the picture and position of the literary world in the former Soviet Union and other socialist states around the world. The socialist philosophy around the world was based on a philosophy that was meant to glorify the […]

The Analysis of Paul Celan’s “In Front of a Candle” in relation to Ezra Pound’s Modes

Being discussed as one of the most famous poets in whose works the Jewish topics and motifs are combined with the private feelings and emotions, Paul Celan remains to be the controversial figure in the literary world because of the significant literary heritage written in the German language during the post-war period which is discussed […]

Interpreting Ending of Andre Dubus III’s House of Sand and Fog

House of Sand and Fog is a tragic novel revealing a story of Massoud Behrani, a former military officer, who exiled from Iranian Revolution. His only purpose is to restore his family and ensure his children’s future. The novel also focuses on the complicated fate of drug-addicted Kathy whose house was taken away due to […]

The Unknown Citizen

The foremost reason why I think W.H. Auden’s poem The Unknown Citizen represents a particularly high literary value is that themes and motifs, explored in it, reflect the discursive realities of a modern living. At their turn, these realities are being concerned with the process of people growing increasingly disfranchised from their sense of self-identity. […]

Literary device explained through a poster

Introduction There are a number of literary techniques that can be used in a piece of poetry, to help distinguish it from any other piece of writing. Among these techniques is the backstory, sometimes known as Background exposure, which is fundamentally the process of telling the stories that come before the current story. In this […]

One Thousand and One Night

The book One Thousand and One Night entails a collection of Arabic folklore put together under one book. Scheherazade, a young woman married to the King, tells these stories. Shahryar, the King has decided to marry a young beautiful woman every day after which he executes her. He gets married to Scheherazade, his newest wife. […]

History of Literary Modernism in 19th Century

The radical shift in the aesthetic value as well as the cultural sensibilities of the works of literature of the early 20th century is what people regard to as literary modernism. This shift altered the originally ordered, seemingly stable and meaningful worldview perceived in the 19th century realism. For instance, the famous quotation from Walt […]

A Simple Story by S.Y. Agnon

Shmuel Yosef Agnon, known as S. Y. Agnon, was a popular Hebrew fiction writer. He significantly influenced the development of Hebrew literature by means of the frequent usage of literary techniques. One of his known romantic stories is A Simple Story. He shares his viewpoints on the lives of Jewish people, offering insight into their […]

Kid’s Book Analysis: Love You Forever

Love You Forever is one of the most brilliant works by Robert Norman Munsch, a Canadian kid’s writer and storyteller. Although, this book is a part of children’s literature genre, it may be also interesting to lots of adults, both fathers and mothers. Children buy this book for their parents, and parents want to present […]

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Things Fall Apart is a real masterpiece by Chinua Achebe about devotion to traditions and culture, about non-avertable changes, about religion, and about people attitude to novelties and their abilities to defend their own interests. Written in 1958, this novel by Nigerian author touches so many readers and makes them look at this world in […]

Folklore: Contemporary Legends

The Hook This is a contemporary legend transmission because it lacks supernatural elements within its contents, and shows how various threats invade our space. Similarly, it shows how people are anxious about boundary issues. It qualifies as a contemporary legend because it has been in circulation in recent times and reflects the cultural reality of […]

History and Social Context of the Author

John Maxwell Coetzee, a renowned writer and academic from South Africa, has recently moved to Australia where he has become a citizen. His background and experiences both in South Africa and outside have influenced greatly on the themes that he chooses to portray in all his literary works. For instance, in his narrative ‘Disgrace’, Coetzee […]