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Jhumpa Lahiri, Her Life and Stories

Then in 2000 she was also awarded the Best Debut of the year in New Yolk for the same book. The story "Hell and Heaven" was one of the stories contained in the "Unaccustomed Earth" [...]

Alexander Pope, a Poet and Translator

Pope was living with his parent in their house, but his works on some of the writings by Homer provided him with enough finances to find his own dwelling, which happened to be a villa [...]

Sandra Cisneros’ Life and Work

Cisneros was the only daughter in a family of seven children, and they often traveled from Mexico to the United States, as her father was involved in upholstery, which demanded constant movement between the two [...]

George Orwell’s Views on the Euphemism

Orwell believes that insincerity is an obstacle to the use of clear language. In the short essay, Orwell believes that this poor use of euphemisms is curable if society makes it unfashionable to use pretentious [...]

Frank Conroy’s Memoir: Life Experiments

To emphasize the stop and to draw the readers' attention to it, Conroy uses the present tense, and the readers become involved in the situation because of observing it through the eyes of a boy [...]

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway explained that it look a lot of energy and will power to put aside the stories that he was working on when he was away from his typewriter.

Langston Hughes Biography

He is considered one of the most influential agitators for change in the social order in the history of activism in America. The poem highlights the plight of the Negro in the USA.

Harlem Renaissance Poets

The poet describes how the musician sways to the rhythm of the blues and the emotional uplifting he gets out of the experience.

Domingo Faustino Sarmiento

Most scholars are skeptical about the magnanimity of Sarmiento's contribution to literature but it is often agreed that his works are an accurate reflection of the social and political situations in the 1800s' Argentina.

Memoirs Of A Sleep-Walker

One such use of the word is found in the line "...my condition, the savage rushed from his covert in order to complete his work" is used in the sense that depicts the enemy who [...]

Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz

Juana's quest for books made her want to join the university, she would plead with her mother to dress her up as a boy for her to get the opportunity to attend the University of [...]

Kate Chopin’s Novel The Awakening

Kate lost all her siblings and by the time she was 24 she was a single child. Kate was sentimentally exhausted and she needed to turn to composing as a way of squeezing out her [...]

Langston Hughes

In my opinion, when one is going through the dark times in life, they feel determined to let out what he or she holds back in the heart. He wrote about the desperation that the [...]

Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer, the father of English poetry, was the first who started writing in English, not in Latin, as writers and poets used to.

Empowerment of print

It is evident that, over the years, print has liberated, educated, and exposed information to the masses leading to empowerment. It is evident that, over the years, print has liberated, educated, and exposed information to [...]

Writing and Media

Since the days the writing was discovered, the man's way of thinking has changed due to scholars like Plato and Socrates; the new world was beginning to take shape, namely, the world of literacy and [...]

Margaret Atwood

Her personal experience as a writer and success in different script writings and poetic works enhanced her political capability and ability, hence she could occupy effectively different political positions.

The life of Robert Frost

Furthermore, his topping in class coupled with the publishing of his poem in the school Bulletin contributed to his interests in the area of poetry.

William Shakespeare

He then "started in the dubious business of money lending": reminiscent of the Merchant; Jewish moneylender and Shylock in The Merchant of Venice.

Out of Africa and Shadows in the Grass

Although the book talks about the beautiful life and the landscape of the countryside which the author describes she and other settlers in the colony supported the colonial administration.

Henry David Thoreau

Unfortunately, the book failed to sell as he had anticipated and therefore in the end, he remained with many copies, which were a great loss to him both in terms of money used in printing [...]

Oscar Wilde Biography

Prior to writing the popular plays, Wilde had authored numerous essays and he concealed his real identity in most of them.

Charles John Huffam Dickens

When he was sixteen, he qualified as an architect from the mentorship of his father and went to London in 1862 where he worked on Church architecture.