Gender in Literature Essay Examples and Topics

Willa Cather and Feminism

Was Willa Cather a feminist? How does she Portray Women in Her Novel ‘My Antonia’? Willa Cather is the feminist author A feminist can be regarded as a person who supports the equality of women. Willa Cather can be classified under the feminist authors through her literature work works. Various analysts of her work bring […]

The Issues of Sexuality and Femininity in Carson McCullers’ “A Member of the Wedding”

Feminism as the theory is based on the discussion of many points among which it is possible to determine the issues of sexuality and femininity. These concepts are closely associated with the gender questions. The sexual expression is traditionally discussed as the male prerogative, and femininity is considered as an absolute quality which should be […]

Feministic View of McCullers’ “The Member of the Wedding”

In her writing, McCullers aims to achieve a whole mind by using protagonist approach to present both the feminine and masculine gender in the society. Due to frustration, suffering, and emotional tones in the main character Frankie, the author creates a feminist understanding of the society in which Frankie lives in. Thus, this analytical paper […]

Throwing Stones at the Sinful Ones: The Two Stories Intertwined

Adultery has always been one of the most complicated issues concerning the relationships between a man and a woman. Surprisingly, this topic passed the time-testing and still evokes quite considerable conflicts and debates. With countless interpretations in literature and other arts, this problem and everything that it triggers has been depicted in the most colorful […]

“8 Is Not Hate: The Meaning of a Proposition” and “Prop 8 Hurt My Family—Ask Me How; Marriage Equality USA”

The modern day and age offers rights and freedoms that people have not experienced some time before and the majority of official rulings have acknowledged that people have a right to marry whomever they want, as it is their personal and private choice. While both authors address the issue of Proposition 8 and challenges that […]

Humor in Lysistrata and She Stoops to Conquer: Still Funny Today

Aristophanes’ classical Greek play Lysistrata and Oliver Goldsmith’s 18th century British play She Stoops to Conquer, both contain various types of humor. The humor found in these plays was certainly enjoyed by the audiences of the time. However, it is certainly true that much of this humor is still enjoyed today. For contemporary audiences yet […]

The relationship between race and gender as delineated in the loons, city lovers, and Ravensong

Introduction The ways of how different writers analyze various themes in their literary works are one of the most captivating and educative for many people. It is not difficult to find a reliable literary source and enjoy the writing style offered by a person from a particular epoch. Each writer has its own opinion and […]

Georgiana as a Perfect Woman in the Contemporary Society

Three Works Depicting a Contemporary Woman Contemporary western society is seen as a terrain where women have acquired quite many liberties and opportunities. Women occupy highest posts in countries and this can be regarded as a complete victory of feminists. Nonetheless, works by Woolf and Brownmiller, which were written in the twentieth century, verify that […]

Applying a Source as a Lens

The portable concept in this case is the illustration of the different attitude given to women in the society, which leads to them being treated differently. In Fadiman’s The Spirit Catches You Fall Down, one can see the different treatment shown to girls even at an early age. A placenta, which the Hmong people believed […]

Poetry and U.S Women Movement

Introduction Women have been known to face oppression since time immemorial. The feminist groups came up in as early as the late 1960s to speak up against the oppression of women. These feminist groups took various forms of speaking up for these rights. Poetry was one of these ways. The power of the spoken and […]

The theme of the wild animal and interaction between women and animals

The themes of the wild animals, magical transformations of men into beasts and relationships between women and animals are developed in “The She Wolf” by Giovanni Verga, “Tale of the Mouflon” by Grazia Deledda and “The King Stag” by Carlo Gozzi. The depiction of the wild animals in their comparison to humans in these works […]

Theme of Gender in «The Story of an Hour» by Kate Chopin and «A Room of One’s Own» by Virginia Woolf

Introduction In the novels, The Story of an Hour and A Room of One’s Own, the authors Kate Chopin and Virginia Woolf respectively explore the theme of gender. The protagonist in The Story of an Hour, Louise, lives in fear due to oppression from her husband. On the other hand, the unknown narrator; the main […]

Women Struggling From Their Fate

It is amazing to know how people perceive the world differently. People from various walks of life have different interpretation of daily experiences. This is so clear when discussing the issues that arise in stories by great authors. In this essay, we take a look at the perception towards women struggling to gain control over […]

Feminism in Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now [Essay]

Introduction Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now epitomize female stereotypes. Both pieces lack progressive and unconventional women as they are meant for male audiences. They propagate the objectification and domination of women. However, Apocalypse Now– which is more recent – perpetuates these stereotypes even more than the novella. Analysis of Feminism in Heart of Darkness […]

Female Sexuality and Gender Politics in “A fine, A private Place” by Diane Ackerman and “Play-by-Play” by Joan Murray

The poems “A fine, A private Place” by Diane Ackerman and “Play-by-Play” by Joan Murray are both concerned with the theme of female sexuality. “A Fine, A Private Place” utilizes the third person narrative voice to express the memories of a woman who fondly remembers a lovemaking experience she had with an unidentified male lover […]

Chocolat by Joanne Harris and The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood: Discussing the Relations Between Food and Family, Friends, and Comminity

Both stories under consideration – Chocolat by Joanne Harris and The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood – disclose the primary importance of food as measurement of character’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Hence, food is the main amplifier and triggering point in family relations, specifically in relations between a man and a woman. In both novels, […]

Was Ernest Hemingway a Misogynist? A Sexism Research Paper

Introduction The debate on whether Ernest Hemingway is a misogynist still rages with critics and adherents backing their side of the story. Nevertheless, an essay with a closer investigation into his books might give a hint or two concerning this controversial topic that has refused to exit from scholarly circles. According to Johnson, “misogyny is […]

A Rose for Emily’ and ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ Comparison

Does it leave one wondering whether Emily Grierson, in ‘A Rose for Emily’ should be blamed for her solitude and isolation from the rest of the society much as the woman narrator in ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’? Emily Grierson, in ‘A Rose for Emily’ treats her solitude and isolation from the rest of the society as […]

Conundrum and Twelfth Night comparison

Compare and Contrast Conundrum is a true story of Jan Morris hitherto known as James Morris. This transsexual realized that he was not meant to be a man. She says, “I was three or perhaps four years old when I realized that I had been born into the wrong body, and should really be a […]

A Streetcar Named Desire

The play A Streetcar Named Desire written by Tennessee Williams raises several questions about gender roles and identity which are relevant even nowadays. The main character of this literary work Blanche DuBois cannot see herself as an independent and self-sufficient person. In her opinion, the life of a woman is impossible without men’s company support. […]

Comparison of the Poetic Voice in the Please Fire Me (1998) by Deborah Garrison and Porphyria’s Lover (1936) by Robert Browning

Each work of poetry has a specific poetic voice. It is not only the author’s style or message of the work, it is the voice of the poem itself and it is not always identified with the author. In fact, it is the description of the imaginative person that occurred in specific situation. It goes […]