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Gender in Literature Essay Examples and Topics

“Native Son” a Novel by Richard Wright

Towards the end of the novel, the author could have featured or explored the life of Buddy. Since from the very beginning Buddy is portrayed as someone who wants to be like his brother, the [...]

“Here’s to You Jesusa” by Elena Poniatowska

The story begins with a depiction of Jesusa as an elderly woman with a rather harsh and rude character; this description is accompanied by the author's explanation of her relationship with the main protagonist and [...]

Elena Poniatowska and Her Feminism

Thus, the primary objective of her journalism and fiction was to break the indifference of the society and to open people's eyes to the problems of those who are silently excluded from public life.

Gender Fights in “The Chrysanthemums” by Steinbeck

In this story, the author managed to challenge the traditional views on gender roles and demonstrated the tragedy of a person constrained by the existing order."The Chrysanthemums" pictures individuals in the stagnant world and identifies [...]

Rebellion in “No Name Woman” by Maxine Kingston

Rethinking and remastering her mother's talk-stories, the author bears witness to the oppression of women's bodies, minds, and spirits that they managed to withstand. The author muses that she is the only one tending to [...]

Black Feminist Perspectives in Toni Morrison’s Works

Morrison's fictional works are carefully crafted to enable the audience understand and question the standpoint of Afro-American feminism created in the writing. This kind of mystification, misrepresentation, and erasure stimulated black females to construct their [...]

The Woman Warrior, Ode of Mulan and The Mulan Film

Although each of the narrations are linked to each other with a single theme of Chinese women emancipation and the introduction of feminism into the Chinese society, the time periods, in which the specified pieces [...]

“Eveline” a Book by James Joyce

Moreover, contrary to the opinion that women cannot provide for the family, it is seen that Eveline uses all her income in the house while the men of the house only give part of what [...]

Willa Cather and Feminism

Ability to work and/or supervise oneself as a woman is also quietly depicted through the girl who is able to work in the absence of her father. Cather depicts most of the women in her [...]

Applying a Source as a Lens

The portable concept in this case is the illustration of the different attitude given to women in the society, which leads to them being treated differently.

Women Struggling From Their Fate

She gets upset by the sad news of the death of a loved one but when she comes out of the room she seem to have already accepted the situation and adapting to the new [...]

A Streetcar Named Desire

In Blanche's opinion, beauty is the true value of a woman since it enables her to win recognition of men. The main tragedy of Blanche DuBois is that she was conditioned to act and behave [...]