Romantic Literature Essay Examples and Topics

‘The Great Gatsby’: Tom and Blanche

Loyalty refers to a state of being faithful and devoted to an individual or an institution. For one to be considered loyal, there should be a clear demonstration of the need to obey all the set rules. Different people attach their loyalty to various people and faiths among other things. Loyalty requires one to have […]

The Secret by Rhoda Byrne

In her book The Secret, Rhoda Byrn and her team of contributors did a brilliant job of pulling together fragments of the great law that has been tucked away in oral traditions, literature, and in religions and philosophies throughout the ages. They give us a life transforming glance at this ancient truth. This book is […]

“The Cave of Salamanca” by Miguel de Cervantes

The Cave of Salamanca by Miguel de Cervantes is focused on one specific family with its peculiarities, but considering the situation, it is possible to state that the problems and sins which occur in the family under discussion are inherent to the whole society. Discussing the plot the central events and the cases of deception […]

“The Ocean” by George Gordon Byron

Lord George Gordon Byron (1788-1824) was as famous poet in his lifetime; this is because of his personality cult and for his poetry. Byron is mostly known for his creation of the idea of the ‘Byronic hero’ – this is a, “glum young man, growing on some mysterious, unforgettable event in his past” (Watkins, p. […]

Summary of the Novella Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

The book, written by Hermann Hesse and entitled Siddhartha, dwells upon a man who searches for enlightenment in ancient India. The main character of the book, Siddhartha, is a son of a respectable spiritual leader. Siddhartha is also respected as he is knowledgeable and he is expected to be a leader just like his father […]

“The Golden Ass” by Lucius Apuleius

Love is a concept that has been a center of humanity for a very long time. Ancient philosophers have stipulated on the significance and meaning of love for many years and it still stays the subject of much contemplation today. Lucius Apuleius describes love from several perspectives in “The Golden Ass” and shows how it […]

Analysis of Don Quixote’s Over-Romanticised Chivalric Acts and Beliefs

Don Quixote ultimately believes in the ideals of a bygone era – that of chivalry, knighthood, and honour. He thus insulates himself from the realities of his present world, choosing to believe in magic; imaginary knighthood quests for undiscovered kingdoms and even mistakes of windmills for giants that want to do battle with him. However, […]

Araby by James Joyce

In the story “Araby” by James Joyce the use of darkness and blindness is symbolic. It is a symbol of insight in Araby (Araby 1). He described the residence of the boy as blind: “North Richmond Street, being blind…An uninhabited house of two storeys stood at the blind end” (James 1). This symbolizes the blindness […]

The Ramayana Epic

Ideal couple The Ramayana is an epic Indian tale about the Indian life. It offers an example of dharma. The protagonists Rama and his wife Sita are an ideal couple who lived their lives according to dharma. They are an example of how married couples should be as Rama was an ideal husband to his […]

“Araby” by James Joyce

The story is based on North Richmond Street. This Street is used metaphorically to give readers an overview about the writer’s world. The writer lives with his uncle in the city. The setting of the house in which he lives is an old building which was formally inhabited by a late priest .It is surrounded […]

Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and the culture of the Igbo

Introduction In Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo is a wrestling champion who also acts as a leader in Umuofia, a village occupied by the Igbo ethnic entity. He is portrayed as a servant of the tribal dictates who is ready to do everything, even to kill, for the sake of his tribe, its laws, customs […]

Women writing in India

Introduction The confrontation between tradition and change comes out well in the collection Women writing in India. The collection contains various views on the theme change as presented by various women authors. This paper will examine the outstanding features of the tradition and the change as presented in the collection. The paper also brings out […]

A Representation of Chinese Women the Post-1949 Literature on the Status of Women

Introduction Chinese women faced difficult moments during the period before 1949. China was a feudal society that transformed into a semi colonial state. Furthermore, the country became a semi feudal society. Chinese women underwent massive challenges because of the male dominated society. They had undergone oppression, deprivation, and belittlement. Chinese women fought against these challenges. […]

Marriage in a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Introduction A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a play written by William Shakespeare in the late sixteenth century. The main theme of the play revolves around the marriage between Thesus, the Duke of Athens, and the Queen of Amazons called Hippolyta, as well as the events that surround the married couple. There are some other characters […]

Role of Women in the Poem Beowulf

Introduction In the poem Beowulf, it is the male characters that have mainly been covered. The poem mainly concentrates on the actions and activities that were conducted by the male characters. However, from a careful analysis of the context of the poem and the society in which it is set in, it is evident that […]

The God of Small Things

Introduction The novel The God of Small Things was written by Roy Arundhati. It features the story of two Indian twins that happened during their childhood, and how ‘love laws’ destroyed their lives. The rules state how one ought to love, how much one should love as well as people who they ought to fall […]

My Turkish Lover; Santiago Esmeralda

Introduction ‘My Turkish Lover’ is the third of a series of memoirs ‘When I Was Puerto Rican’ and ‘Almost a Woman’ written by Esmeralda on her life (Esmeralda 1). In this continuation, Esmeralda mainly focuses on her relationship with Ulvi, her boyfriend. At the age of 21, Esmeralda runs away from her mother’s home to […]

The Romantic Love myth as seen through Roland Barthes “Myth Today”

Introduction Roland Barthes in his work ‘Myth Today’ gives a deeper insight into the understanding of the myth of romantic love done through the disintegration of the work into a number of sections based on the characteristics of a myth as explored by Barthes. The romantic love myth is the most celebrated and upheld and […]

Symbolism and Realism in Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert Essay

The nineteenth-century gave rise to realistic and symbolic movements that were still closely intertwined with visions creating more ambiguity and ambivalence. Based primarily on the true story, Flaubert’s Madame Bovary was often considered as an example of a romantic novel because of the protagonist’s delusion outlooks on life, relations, and attitudes to people. However, the […]

The Different Literary Periods

Romanticism Romanticism was a great source of inspiration for French literature. It brought to birth the use of strong emotion as an authentic source of aesthetic experience staging its focus on these emotions as horror fright and trepidation. Romanticism to a great respect pays tribute to works of great thinkers of the evolutionary period including […]

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl is a controversial book that many students and parents would like to see removed from their school curriculum. Some schools have actually removed it already. They have argued that the content in the book is inappropriate for the age level of students. It is argued that the […]