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British Literature Essay Examples and Topics

You should consider many different factors when writing your essay on British literature. Authors from the Middle Ages, such as Chaucer, had different beliefs and opinions than Renaissance writers like Shakespeare.

Capturing the specific circumstances and important contexts of a work is critical to a British literary analysis essay. As such, you should conduct extensive research into the creator’s biography, especially during the period when he or she wrote the piece.

With that said, the numbers of potential ideas and connections can be overwhelming and difficult to organize. For this reason, you should create an outline before starting work in earnest.

The outline serves as the structure that ensures that your paper remains coherent and logical. To create it, you should first write down every concept that comes to mind when you think about the topic.

Next, try to eliminate some of the results by including them into another, broader category or deciding that they are not viable. Organize the remainder in an order that represents a progression. For example, you should put influences that affected the author at the time of writing before their expressions in the work.

Here are some tips you should use to write an excellent outline:

  • Try making your titles and subtitles concise but informative. The matter that is discussed in a section should be evident from its name.
  • Select your topics so that they have a connection instead of trying to find one afterwards.
  • Try to support each outline point with at least one piece of evidence. In doing so, you guarantee that you will have valid material that you can discuss.

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The Role of Location in Crime Fiction

Thus, the paper argues that the representation of crime in nineteenth-century literature was based on disparities between the regions of the city as well as the countryside.

Racist Ideas in Joseph Conrad’s Work

Achebe emphasizes that Conrad attempts to show his positive attitude towards Africans, but it is clear that he shares the belief about the superiority of the white race that reigned at that time.

“Wuthering Heights” a Novel by Emily Bronte

The dilemmas of the communication between the members of different classes and social strata become the most evident in the conflicts that are related directly to the relationships between the characters in the Wuthering Heights.

“Heart of Darkness” a Novel by Joseph Conrad

Disguising the work as an autobiographical traveler's story, the author chooses to focus on the issues of race, colonialism, and the indigenous, which become central to the author's exploration and the story in general.

“Shame” Autobiography by Jasvinder Sanghera

Trapped by the Indian culture into a marriage she objected, Jasvinder's sister had to endure the suffering without sympathy from the parents. The title of the book symbolizes the story of a girl who caused [...]

Tales of Beowulf: Theme’ Analysis

Considering the peculiarities of Beowulf, the paper aims at exploring particular themes such as family, fame and shame, changes and cycles, and the theme of religion present in the poem to show how the interpolated [...]

“The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling

Devoted to the description of the life of a human being, the book, though, manages to combine this description with the visions of nature of the jungle and the laws according to which animals live [...]

Iago and Othello Relationships

With the help of relationships between Iago and Othello, Shakespeare conveyed the idea that good and evil have to coexist for the sake of the world balance.

“New Atlantis” an Utopia by Francis Bacon

Therefore, it is possible to state that Francis Bacon's New Atlantis is aimed at criticizing the use of reason as the central principle for creating an intellectual utopia as the practice shows that the possession [...]

“Burnt Shadows” a Book by Kamila Shamsie

Although Kim agreed to help Abdullah cross the Canadian border to escape from the FBI because of the tries to overcome biases and state justice, the woman decided to inform the police about the escape [...]

Robin Hood and His Organisation’ Issues

The organisation is running out of funds because the clients, viz.the wealthy travellers, have started avoiding the Sherwood Forest after learning of the existence of Merrie Men. Therefore, Robin faces the threat of the Sheriff [...]

The Poem “Manfred” by George Byron

Thus, till the end of the whole poem, the main character is not able to embrace peace and forget about the guilt. Manfred is guilty and he is not able to get rid of tortures.

“Family Supper” by Kazuo Ishiguro

Father felt that he was not able to raise the children properly, and he thinks that it is extremely shameful. The best way to interpret this story is that the father has made a decision [...]

The Twelfth Night by Shakespeare

The Twelfth Night, for instance, concentrates on such issues as love, friendship, relationships between the man and the woman as well as the distribution of gender roles in the society.