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Poems Essay Examples and Topics

“Howl” and “America”

Through the description of the repetitiveness and monotonousness of the game, Ginsberg establishes the moral baseness and spiritual emptiness of Solomon while in the asylum.

“You, Reader” a Poem by Billy Collins

This way the languages of the poem creates an effect of a one-on-one conversation between the reader and the author and increases the feeling of the poet's personal presence during his monologue, which is extremely [...]

“The Tyger” a Poem by William Blake

Thesis: whilst the poem may be apprehended in many ways, essentially the framework of a speaker questioning the beast symbolically reflects the beginning of the appreciation of the strength of own soul.

“Pieces”: the Poem Explication

Moreover, the reader can understand the attitude with references to the changes in the poem's tone which is melancholic in the first lines and rather optimistic in the ending lines in order to represent my [...]

“America” by Allen Ginsberg

The interpreter needs to examine important clues to understand the intended message of the author. Historians unearthed evidence that showed the problems of the U.S.economy in the decade of the 1950s.

“Funeral Blues” and “Richard Cory”

The difference between these two works is that "Funeral Blues" sticks to the same tone through all the four stanzas, while "Richard Cory" has a rapid shift in the last quatrain, from utter admiration it [...]

Sappho’s Poetry Specific Features

The poem is written in the form of appeal to Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. The poem can be considered exploring homoerotic friendship, as the object of the speaker's love [...]

“Sex Without Love” by Sharon Olds

Olds uses enjambment to quicken the pace of the poem, and employs repetition both these stylistic devices are used to denote the rhythm of sex: "How do they come to the / come to the [...]

“This is Just to Say” by Williams

Some other interpretations of the poem have concerned itself with the apologetic or forgiveness seeking language of the poem and interpret the moral and linguistic pattern of the act presented in the poem.

Integrating Poetry into a Learning Process

According to Glazer and Williams, authors argue that their compositions are built of strong materials, and the likes and silikes of children cannot be used as a basis for determingn the quality of the literatur. [...]

The Characteristics of Children’s Poetry

According to Glazer and Williams, authors argue that their compositions are built of strong materials, and the likes and dislikes of children cannot be used as a basis for determining the quality of the literature.

Faust Character

In the end, he does make it to heaven after supplication, showing that he is not responsible for the errors of judgment he made earlier in his life.

Arthur Nortje and His Way

Grant Farred is of the opinion that "Securing an ideological space for coloureds within the ranks of the disenfranchised and crafting an artistic vocabulary that can engage the problematic of racial ambiguity and ambivalent political [...]

Walt Whitman

Through his poems, Whitman gave a detailed account of the civilization era in the United States of America. Whitman used a variety of themes in his poems to discuss various issues that affected the society.

Burning: Poetry Explication

One of the details that attract the attention of the readers is that the writer does not following a specific musical pattern while writing this poem.

Steinbeck and Babb

In the two books, Steinbeck and Babb wrote about the plight of migrants in Oklahoma and California. On the other hand, Steinbeck argued that the system forced the migrants to live in miserable conditions.

“Musee des Beaux Arts” by W. H. Auden

Bearing these images in mind this paper seeks to proof that humans have conditioned themselves to disregard the suffering that seems always to surround them as the surface meaning of the poem in relation to [...]

Frederick Douglass’s poem

Apparently, by doing it, Douglass strived to emphasize the hypocritical ways of Southern slave-owning Bible-thumpers, who used to be thoroughly comfortable with indulging in two mutually incompatible activities, at the same time treating Black slaves [...]

The “Lanval” Poem

Judging from the prologue that precedes the poem, the reader realizes that the author of "Lanval" was of French origin. The purpose of this essay is to carry out a close reading on lines 17 [...]

Evenin’ Air Blues

In this stanza, the words that carry the rhyme are "me", which is repeated three times, "be" repeated two times and "see"."Me" and "be" are used in an altering way to indicate how the speaker's [...]

Japanese Poetry

The appreciation for nature among the Japanese features in the poems through the constant mention of the four seasons that carry along with them the beauty of nature.

Linda Hogan’s Dwellings

In the book, Hogan has explained a lot about the use of language and used it to explore how human beings have continued to misinterpret and understand their position in the universe.

“Disabled” by Wilfred Owen

The young soldier in the poem felt that the army personnel and the society at large were aware of the potential dangers that he could face in the war but they still encouraged him to [...]

The Epic of Gilgamesh

The elusive coalition between Enkidu and Gilgamesh, their fateful destinies and eventual epiphanies broaden the societal apprehension of the elements/value of friendship as expounded in the next discussion.

Defining the “White Mind”

The nature of the 'white mind' as presented in 'The Land of The Spotted Eagle' by Luther Standing Bear is a depiction of a personal conviction devoid of factual knowledge.

Ethics by Linda Pasten

This discussion looks at the poem' Ethics' by Linda Pasten and seeks to try and gain an in-depth understanding of the reason behind Linda Pasten writing of this poem as well as some of the [...]

Interior Monologue for Gilgamesh

Yes, that one there, pick it up and use it to wade through the waters Remember to be cautious enough, and let not your hand pass over the waters of death Yes that is okay, [...]

Analysis of Poems by Dorothy Parker

For most people reading the works of Parker they always seem to remark that her outlook on relationships is from a dark and cynical point of view and as such most of them would be [...]

Catullus Poems 5, 58, 75 and 87

Catullus belonged to a generation of poets who dubbed themselves the neoterics, normally translated as "the modems," a moniker derived from the Greek term "neoterikos," who borrowed heavily from the school of poetry that originated [...]

American literature: Steven Wallace

This is because it signals the reduction in the weight of syllables in all the lines found within the four verses."The second line of the first stanza, 'As in a season of autumn,' serves as [...]

The poem “The Red Wheelbarrow”

It appears as if the speaker places a type of importance on the wheelbarrow beyond what it was meant to do and it is this importance that the author seems to connect to the phrase [...]

Never Give All the Heart

It s based on this that I believe that the poem is a more personal work of the author, written to commemorate a point in his life where his heart was broken by love.

If You Forget Me

The love and passion that is expressed in the poem relates to the poet's homeland and not his wife. The poem captures Neruda's feelings in light of possible rejection by his homeland.

The Second Coming

But at the same time, there is a sense of controversy because of the unordinary nature of the title and the way the words are related to each other.

Sonnet 116 Analysis

The third subdivision of this poem argues that the nature of love is not subject to the passage of time. The language and the style used in this poem only enhances Shakespeare's message of love.

Romeo and Juliet

In Romeo and Juliet, the development of characters eventually led to the tragedy of the main characters. The love of Romeo and Juliet is a remarkable love as they have to undergo many obstacles to [...]