World Literature Essay Examples and Topics

“We Need New Names” by NoViolet Bulawayo Literature Analysis

Toward the end of the novel, Bulawayo brings Darling, the protagonist, to the realization that America is not and can never be her home. Darling, however, does not have another choice but to stay in America. She is an illegal immigrant, and she feels that America is a home she has to endure because she […]

“The Tin Drum” by Günter Grass Literature Analysis

Narrated by the impractical dwarf Oskar, The Tin Drum incorporates features of German folklore and the grotesque to discover different aspects about it such as economic and political, social difficulties of German lifetime since 1900 through World War II. The readers are directed by Oskar Matzerath, the main character, who takes advantage of his position […]

“We Need New Names” by NoViolet Bulawayo

We Need New Names is a book that criticizes social and political evils happening in Zimbabwe, other parts of Africa and the supposedly paradise-like place; America. Bulawayo criticizes these evils by using minors with weird names; Darling, Chipo, Godknows, Sbho, Bastard, and Stina. She puts them in a slum called Paradise, where they ironically suffer […]

“Musui’s Story” by Katsu Kokichi

Introduction Musui’s story is an autobiography of Katsu Kokichi. He belonged to the Samurai class. The story recounts Katsu’s experiences during the early 1800s. During this period, Japan was divided into four classes. These comprised of merchants, artisans, peasants, and Samurai. The Samurai were the strongest of the classes. They were considered first class. They […]

The Phenomenon of War Poetry

Introduction: the Phenomenon of war Poetry It may seem that there are no concepts lying further apart from each other than war and poetry. While the latter is traditionally associated with emotions and passion, the former is often a product of cold peculations. While the very idea of war is shot through with cheap propaganda, […]

“In Praise of Folly” by Desiderius Erasmus Literature Analysis

Introduction Desiderius Erasmus was a Dutch theologist, catholic priest, and reformist. He was renowned critic of the hypocrisy in the church and among scholars who thought they knew too much. Erasmus was among the founders of the Christian Humanist Movement that was very popular during the Renaissance (Erasmus, 1876). This work discusses the central concerns […]

Debunking Ghosts in the World Literature

General framework The topic under discussion is debunking ghosts. There are many stories about individuals who claim to have experienced ghosts. Some individuals present photographs to show some of the ghosts they saw. The main reason for researching on the topic is the increase in conspiracy theories, and many individuals claim to have experienced ghosts. […]

“The Life of Muhammad” by Ibn Ishaq Literature Analysis

Ibn Ishaq wrote a book that elucidated the life of Muhammad. The work can be counted as a hagiography, as it is a biography of the saint. The saint, in this situation, is Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam. The work encompasses large numbers of episodes related to the life of Muhammad. The work validates […]

“Eveline” by James Joyce Literature Analysis

Introduction The primary scene that will be examined in this paper is the very ending of the story, wherein Eveline refuses to board the ship to sail off into her new life. The reason behind this choice is the fact that the entirety of the story was building towards the event of her leaving, as […]

“When the Emperor was Divine” by Julie Otsuka Literature Analysis

In the novel When the Emperor Was Divine, Julie Otsuka explores the experiences of Japanese Americans who were sent to an internment camp during World War I. In particular, the author focuses on the life of a family that has to grapple with the effects of stigmatization and relocation. Otsuka depicts the impact of global […]

“The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

Introduction The novella “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” revolves around a London based lawyer named Gabriel John Utterson. In the film, Gabriel investigates the strange deeds that take place between Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde.1 He does this in order to discover the truth about the relationship between the two […]

The Story ‘Winter Nights’ by Pai Hsien-Yung

Introduction Hsien-Yung Pai is also popularly known as Bai Xianyong. He is a renowned Chinese writer based in Taiwan. He is well-known in the literature world for having written a number of famous and ground breaking Chinese pieces (Lee and Dutrait 738). Right from his early years in life, he showed interest in English literature […]

“Outlaw Platoon” by Sean Parnell Literature Analysis

“Outlaw Platoon” Sean Parnell and John Bruning (the authors) provide narration about the events that occurred during a tour to Afghanistan by the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army. This book provides a good picture of what being a soldier in the U.S. Army entails. For instance, it looks at several army values. These […]

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho Literature Analysis

Considering sacrificing the personal wishes for the sake of love the ultimate manifestation of true love is typical for the majority of writers, poets, and painters exploring the romantic themes. However, Paulo Coelho has managed to amaze the readers with a wholly new approach to exploring the nature of love and describing its role in […]

Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire

This paper is aimed at examining three primary documents that can throw light on the Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire. Two of them have been written by Spanish authors, namely Cortez (1986) and Diaz (1956), whose letters and books can be of great value to historians. In turn, the third one is attributed to […]

“The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri Literature Analysis

The Divine Comedy is one of the greatest samples of the world literature, the synthesis of the medieval philosophy and the premonition of the Renaissance. It is the brightest embodiment of Dantes thought. Dante was born in 1265 in Florence in the atmosphere of the political passions and the civil discords. Being the scion of […]

“Your Paradise” by Yi Chong-Jun

Reading Summary The first four chapters of the book “Your Paradise” by Ch’ŏngjum Yi (pages from 5 to 72) introduce the island, where patients with leprosy can get their treatment, find a kind of shelter, and use the help offered. The story begins with the arrival of a new director of the leper colony, Colonel […]

Literature Studies: Justice and Guilt in Hrafnkels Saga

Question of justice and guilt has always been actual. People have always been trying to find a good punishment for certain crimes. With time this tendency has not changed. In ancient times men used to judge people gathering together, very often on some special places to show their opinion and decide what kind of punishment […]

World Literature: the Tales of Odysseus

Introduction The tales of Odysseus have remained popular for several centuries. According to Griffin (2004), these tales demonstrate the social structure of ancient Greece and even part of the European countries. The humility of this great leader, his strength, and above all, his courage is demonstrated as the main factors that made him popular. He […]

Literary Commentary on “The Bath” by Janet Frame

Writing as art is employed by authors to illuminate events that occur in society. Authors are motivated by various reasons to write their stories. However, at the end of each story, the author conveys an unmistakable message. For example, in “The Bath” by Janet Frame, the author gives readers an insight into the perils of […]

Literature Studies: “The Bath” by Janet Frame

Janet Frame’s short story The Bath sheds light on the experiences of many elderly people who can be overwhelmed by the feelings of loneliness and helplessness. The passage, which is going to be analyzed, is preceded by the description of a widow’s daily life. The readers learn that she visits the grave of her husband. […]

Memoirs of Napoleon’s Egyptian Expedition

“Memoirs of Napoleon’s Egyptian Expedition” is a book that details the experiences of a soldier who was part of Napoleon’s Bonaparte’s army. The events that are detailed in the chosen passage happened between 1798 and 1801, when the French Imperial army invaded Egypt. The author of the chosen passage was a junior commander in Napoleon’s […]

The Novella “Candide” by Voltaire

Voltaire’s novella Candide can be regarded as a biting satire of the political and cultural life in eighteenth-century Europe. In this work, the author attempts to explore a great number of problems such as incessant wars, philosophical beliefs of this period, colonialism, and many other problems which affected thousands of people. To a great extent, […]

Folktales of India by B.E.F. Beck, P.J. Claus, P. Goswami and J. Handoo

Introduction The aim of this paper is to review the book Folktales of India edited by Brenda E. F. Beck, Peter J. Claus, Praphulladatta Goswami, and Jawaharlal Handoo. The book was published by University of Chicago Press in Chicago in 1987. ISBN 0-226-04083-6. The book consists of 390 pages. Although the book was issued in […]

Literature Studies: Folktales From Iraq by C.G. Campbell

Introduction: Arabian Nights, Continued In the winter of the distant 1942, Charles Grimshaw Campbell discovered the Iraqi Shiite tribes, according to what Arfi says. Campbell was excited to learn more about the culture and traditions of the tribe and put down whatever interesting he could find out. Folktales from Iraq was the result. Often considered […]

The Play Antigone: Characterization and Symbolism

The play Antigone centers on two main characters, Antigone, the protagonist, and Creon, the King of Thebes. The two are driven by strong convictions, yet different in beliefs and values. Antigone is respectful but cannot bring herself to the level of abiding by laws she considers repugnant. She ends up the tragic heroine by burying […]

Literature Studies: The Folktales of China

Introduction The Folktales of China is a collection of narratives and tales from the Chinese cultural background. Most of the collections in this book are appreciated by folk narratives in China. A majority of these narratives can be traced to genuine Chinese literature. The cover has an elaborate picture portraying an ancient Chinese emperor. In […]

“One is not Born a Woman” by Monique Wittig

In her article, Monique Wittig (2003) argues the feminine is only one distinct gender, while the masculine has no distinguishing features. Masculinity is described by this writer as something “general” (Wittig, 2003, p. 255). This statement may appear to be provocative, but there are certain examples which can support it. To a great extent, this […]

“The Saint’s Lamp” by Yahya Haqqi

Introduction Before delving into whether or not Yahya Haqqi is arguing for the reconciliation between binaries (i.e. East vs. West and religion vs. science) it is important to note the environmental influences that inspired “The Saint’s Lamp” in order to better understand what message Haqqi was trying to impart. During his literary career (spanning the […]

“Oedipus the King” by Sophocles

Studies on ancient Greek literature and mythologies indicate that the Greeks were deeply searching for knowledge. Characters often worked hard to gain knowledge, especially divine and mythical revelations. Although most cases involve terrifying truth, society often believed that truth is a critical virtue. In his play “Oedipus the King,” Sophocles examines Oedipus the King as […]

Literature Studies: “Phaedo” by Plato

On the first page of the book, Echecrates asks Phaedo whether he was there Socrates’ murder, particularly when he was instructed to take poison and Phaedo replies that he was there and his friend requests him to explain what Socrates said before his death. The conversation goes on the second page where Phaedo gives an […]

Literature Studies: “Mellow Yellow” by Barry Callaghan

The short story Mellow Yellow by Barry Callaghan can be well referred to as the account of the deteriorating relationship between the characters of Marie-Claire and Conrad Zingg. In this respect, the metaphor of traffic lights, plays an important role, within the context of how it emphasizes the plot’s plausibility. This simply could not be […]

Literature Studies: “The Iliad” by Homer

Introduction The literature is the reflection of the people’s history, feelings, and thoughts. The Iliad by Homer, the Ancient Greek author, is one of the outstanding works in the world literature. It is devoted to the period of the Greek-Trojan War and narrates about the heroic battles between the Greeks and the Trojans. The aim […]

Views on Human Frailty by Shakespeare, Dante, Sundiata and Sophocles

Introduction Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Dante’s Inferno, the Malinka epic of Sundiata, and the Oedipus of Sophocles are all representatives of certain ideas, ideals, and values in the human age and history. They all stood for certain symbols during their respective eras in history. Sophocles, the king, was a respected man in the land of Greece. He […]

“A Peacock Southeast Flew” a Poem by Anne Birrell

Introduction Relationships among family members vary from one society to another, depending on cultural values and norms. Conflicts normally happen in families, and their root cause is the diversity of relationships that exist in a given family. Hence, “A Peacock Southeast Flew” is a poem that demonstrates the lifestyles of Chinese families in ancient society […]

Literature Studies: the Role of Armor in Epics

Introduction In ancient times, the armor was a vital tool of defense in war, especially because it was the soldiers’ only source of protection from arrows, hammers, and other weapons of the time. However, it is worth noting that the armor is used in most epics to signify a number of other aspects of life […]

World Literature: “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles

The play “Oedipus the King” written by Sophocles is an example of classic ancient Greek tragedy, which includes all the key elements of its genre. The play is designed to trigger compassion and sadness in the audience. Traditionally the tragic plays by Ancient Greek authors depicted upper class and royalty in order to show the […]

Roles of Women in “The Odyssey” by by Homer

Introduction The Odyssey was written at a time when men played a key role in society. During this period of civilization, men controlled society. Women, on the other hand, were identified to hold inferior positions in the community compared to men. Women had no opportunity to comment on the daily activities of the society. It […]

Cardinal Virtues in The Epic Of Gilgamesh

The Epic of Gilgamesh enables the reader to identify the cardinal virtues that could be valued in the ancient world. In particular, one should speak about courage, moderation, and a sense of justice. The author highlights the importance of these virtues by describing the transformation of the major characters, especially Gilgamesh. The protagonist acquires these […]

Paolo Coelho: The Life of the Prophet

A Prophet or a Charlatan? Although Paolo Coelho is considered one of the most fruitful writers of the 21st century and a guru whose words are supposed to enlighten those who have been lost in the depth of sin and misery, lots of critics consider him not worthy the fane which he has obtained, the […]

Don Quixote Comparison to Movie “The Old Man and the Sea”

Introduction The film The Old Man and the Sea was based on a short novel authored by, Ernest Hemingways. Although the original story was quite short for a movie, it did not stop John Sturges and the protagonist Spencer Tracy from cinematizing it. This was mainly due to their excellence in that field, having had […]

Comparison: “Amusing Ourselves to Death” by N.Postman and “The Panopticon Writings” by J.Bentham

The modern media is associated with the entertainment industry, and visuals are more important than words today. This idea is presented in the book Amusing Ourselves to Death written by Neil Postman which was firstly published in 1985. Nevertheless, the points discussed in the book are still relevant to speak about modern media and the […]

Novella “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” by Leo Tolstoy

One of the reasons why Leo Tolstoy’s novella The Death of Ivan Ilyich continues to be referred to, as such that represents a high literary value, is that its themes and motifs appear to convey a clearly defined philosophical message. Even though this message is being read primarily between the novella’s lines, it nevertheless is […]

Memories in Poems by R.Carver, E.Millay and T.Roethke

Introduction From an analysis of the three poems, it is evident that they all try to reflect on the memories of the poets’ parents. Imagery is a common technique that the three poets use in conjunction with the present tense. Considerably, the present tense is trying to put the reader in the current situation of […]

Modern Chinese Expectations About Women’s Lives

The passage chosen for analysis is from Ding Ling’s narrative know as ‘When I was in Xia Village” “Do you hate Cia Dabao” I can’t say that I hate him. I just feel now that I’m someone who’s diseased. It’s a fact that I was abused by a large number of Jap devils. I’m unclean, […]

“The Black Spider” by Jeremias Gotthelf

Introduction – Summary In this selection of the story, readers are introduced to what is a christening party at a local farmstead. There is a considerable level of a description placed on the background of the farm, the activities of the people within the home, the type of food that is being prepared as well […]

“Heidi” by Johanna Spyri

Introduction “Heidi” is a fictional children’s book that was first published around 1880. The book was authored by Johanna Spyri, a Swiss citizen. Given that this story is over a century old, it can be assumed that it has already lost its niche among literature lovers. This is an incorrect assumption because the book is […]

“Midaq Alley”: The Novel’s and the Film’s Ending

Ending (Novel) The ending of the novel “Midaq Alley” can be considered one of the most memorable yet also one of the most tragic endings in written literature. We see the character, Abbas, dying as a direct result of the lies of Hamida who had sought to further her ambitions at the cost of someone […]

Enhancing Pronunciation for ELL Students

Conceptual Framework All the things that I do and all the choices that I have made in life have entirely depended on the background and the experiences that I had while growing up. My conceptual framework is, thus, brought into being by the academic experiences I had in Harvard University while undertaking an undergraduate degree […]

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman is one of the world’s most renowned thinkers. He won a Nobel Peace Prize in E.S for his work as a psychologist (Kahneman 3). The book is very long and hence not attractive for readers who prefer short-written books. However, it creates awareness, informs, and educates readers on very important matters related to […]

Language and Culture Interaction in English Language Teaching

Introduction Language has so far been the evolutionary device that has created a sense of cultural identity for people in the world today . There has also been a growing interest when it comes to the subject of culture and language in practice of English language teaching. This growing interest raises concerns of the survival […]

The power of a folksong in transforming an individual and the relationship between Whitehead’s book “John Henry Days” and Dylan’s folksongs

Introduction A folksong is a song that has the ability to adapt culture, human history, and art. Folksong usually employs the language used by the target audience when conveying its message. Furthermore, many people use folksongs to present their messages, feelings, views, opinions, and suggestions to a certain set of individuals. Significantly, the songs have […]

Akhenaten’s Hymn to the Sun

“Akhenaten’s Hymn to the Sun” is not only an important poetic piece but a glimpse at history and time of ancient civilizations. It shows how people viewed their life and God, paying their respects and making it a representation of all that exists. The cult of the Sun was a contrast to the darkness that existed […]

Education of Australian Aboriginals and the language barrier.

“Four Corners” introduces an important problem for Australia’s Aboriginal children and their difficulties with the English language. The new rule which requires the first four hours of school to be taught in English has proven completely disadvantaging and disastrous to students and their ability to learn (Whitmount, 2009). There are several, such as Aboriginal English, […]

Derewianka and Tompkins Teachings of Grammar

English is an international language and significantly contributes to modern communication. In essence, proficiency in English greatly relies on how learners manage to understand its essential elements well. Grammar is one of the integral elements of English language as it contains major components, which determine individual’s speech. It is imperative to understand reading and writing, […]

The Book “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe

There are distinctions between Belgian and British colonial practices. Chinua Achebe through his book “Things Fall Apart” narrates how the colonial practices of the British affected the people of Igbo in Umuofia village. Furthermore, he illustrates how the British managed to gain control of the state of Nigeria without bloodshed. The distinctions between the two […]

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

In analyzing Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”, the main theme in relation to post-colonial theory is the identity of individuals at a personal and community level. This theory seeks to understand how an individual’s character affects their surroundings. The lens is a means that enables critics or students of literature to be able to focus […]

Book Review: “Climate change: turning up the heat” by Barrie Pittock

The book under consideration is entitled Climate change: turning up the heat and dwells upon the major issues related to climate change and its impact on the human society. Pittock (2005) provides in-depth analysis of the issues supporting his claims with extensive data. It is necessary to note that the book is aimed at a […]

The Art of Being Lonely: a Portrayal of the Lives of Chinese Women of the Post-wwii Generation. Wang Anyi’s ‘the Song of Everlasting Sorrow’ Analysis

Because of their being not ready for the shift from a WWII to the post-WWII environment and the change in values, Chinese women were highly susceptible and extremely vulnerable to the lures of the “New Shanghai,” which led the main character of Wang’s novel The Song of Everlasting Sorrow: A novel of Shanghai, Wang Qiyao, […]

Book Reviews Red Dust: A Path through China and Iron and Silk

Red Dust by Ma Jian Red Dust presents the author’s (Ma Jian) experiences in China while it was under the communist rule in the 1980s. The book falls under the genre of a travelogue as it essentially gives details of the author’s three-year travels across China in a quest for self-discovery and spiritual fulfilment. The author’s […]

Adaptation Proposal: “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” by Leo Tolstoy

The ‘death of Ivan Ilych’ is a novella that focuses on the impending death of Ivan Ilych. Ivan was a high court judge in Russia during the 19th century. Despite having a poor relationship with his wife, Ivan had a good life. Ivan fell and suffered minor injuries while he was decorating his new apartment. […]

The Grand Inquisitor by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky and Constance Garnett are two prominent authors who narrate a great deal of ideas in their work The Grand Inquisitor. Like many authors of their time, the authors explore ideological and religious ideas. Dostoevsky and Garnet belong to the age of Dante, who in his work tried to illuminate and express ideologies that […]

‘The narratives of exile and diaspora’ by Mahmud Darwish

“The narrative of exile and diaspora” is all about Mahmud Darwish’s expressions of his frustrations with the way his fellow countrymen face injustice cases in their own country and even how things get worse for them when they flee their country in the attempt to try and find better living environments. Mahmud Darwish is a […]

Mahmoud Darwish: Narratives of Exile and Diaspora in the Poetry

Mahmoud Darwish was a Palestinian who lived between 1942 and 2008. His birth place was al- Birwa, a village in Galilee, which was occupied and eventually razed by the army from Israel. Considering that Darwish and the family had not participated in the authorized Israeli tally, they were regarded as internal refugees. For several years, […]

The Mystery Genre

The mystery fiction attracts many readers because of the plot richness and strong emotions evoked while reading mystery stories. The vividness of a mystery story and the effectiveness of unexpected finales depend on the author’s talent. The prominent masters of the American mystery fiction are Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Flannery O’Connor. Dashiell Hammett is […]

Linguistics in Educational Programs

Introduction The discovery of some oil reserve in the state of California gives the chance to confront a hot-button issue in California. The demand by the California Indian Council to have the Bilingual Education Programs brought back in exchange for access to the oil reserves located in the Indian reservations land is in order and […]

Psychological Theories of Sophocles’ Oedipus the King

Psychology and literature are united by a common intent in searching for the universal answers. Philosophy and literature helps to understand the motives of the heroes’ behavior and psychology explains how the poetry affects human emotions. One of the greatest tragedies of Sophocles, Oedipus the King touches upon a deep psychological theme of the parents-son […]

A Study of the Supernatural: When Ghosts Jump into the Realm of Reality

At some point, one inevitably asks him-/herself a question concerning why people came up with such a ridiculous idea as the existence of ghosts and, which is even more curious, why so many people, even adults, believe in supernatural beings. Though one’s guess might be that thinking up, supernatural beings might be an attempt to […]

Selling of Sex in “Plum in the Golden Vase Volume I and II”: Ximen Qing’s power, Wealth and Sexual Exploits

Abstract Roy’s translation of “Plum in the Golden Vase” shows that, in the 16th century China, wealth, social exploits, and social relations gained a man social power. Social power was not the making of a man, but a social resource attained through monetary wealth, large household and higher lifestyle. This Ximen Qing exemplifies this through […]

Book Review: “The Plum in the Golden Vase”

Introduction Plum in the Golden Vase or Chin Ping Mei is a five-volume series that is embedded on the Chinese culture through a scintillating look into the life of one wealthy man. The man amasses a lot of wealth in highly mysterious ways. He uses the wealth to dazzle the society and does not fall […]

Review: “Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi

Introduction Some people burry their heads in the sand and pretend they are not seeing the evils consuming their societies. However, literature presents all evils through various means and makes sure everybody knows what is happening next door. This has led to bans and even imprisonment of writers and human rights activists to stop them […]

Effects of Transnational Organized Crime on Foreign Politics

Introduction Literature review refers to the evaluation of previous works of various scholars, including theories and major concepts. In academic research, both theoretical and conceptual review of literature is usually undertaken to establish the views, opinions, thoughts, and believes of various scholars and theorists. Revisiting the works of previous scholars is based on the idea […]

“After Bin Laden” by Abdel Bari Atwan

“After Bin Laden” written by Abdel Bari Atwan, talks about the past aspirations, present and future actions of Al-Qaida and everyone involved in the “holy war”. The author is the editor for a newspaper based in London which is called “Al Quds Al Arabi”. Not only does Abdel have extensive background and experience with the […]

Spirits without Borders: Vietnamese Spirit Mediums in a Transnational Age

The book under analysis is called Spirits without Borders: Vietnamese Spirit Mediums in a Transnational Age. Karen Fjelstad and Nguyen Thi Hien have dedicated the book to discussing the reasons and preconditions for spread of ritual from Vietnam to the United States, as well as to understanding the influence of ritual transnationalism on both nations. […]

Arab Diaspora in the USA in the Novels of Diana Abu-Jaber Arabian Jazz and Crescent

Introduction The American society can be described as a melting pot of culture with different people of different nationalities with different cultures coming together to form a nation. The history of America depicts a continent that is sparsely populated by the Indian tribes of America who are the original residents of the continent and whose […]

“Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom: A Pedagogy for Learning and Teaching” Article

Content of the Article The article “Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom: A pedagogy for Learning and Teaching” by Creese Angela and Blackledge Adrian discusses bilingual pedagogy based on the assumptions on Gujarati and Chinese language schools within the United Kingdom by Cummins. The authors are comprehensive in the aspects of language ecology and how complementary […]

Global English Effect on Arabic Language, Culture and Identity

The world has started to undergo all kinds of influences connected to the process of globalisation many decades ago. The boundaries between counties get vague, communication and interactions become more active, travelling is a usual part of modern humans’ lives. The tragic events, which happened on the eleventh of September in 2001, have made a […]

Critical Discourse Analysis

Introduction Language may be used in different contexts and texts to create different meanings. To understand the sign, vocal, or even written language, a form of analysis is crucial in establishing both the intended and implied meanings. This paper discusses discourse examination and critical discourse analysis (CDA) as two important approaches to analysing language use […]

Problem of Racial Slurs in Australia

Aims The study is aimed at researching the problem of racial slurs directed at indigenous Australians. There is no secret that ethnic conflicts and the lack of tolerance that they are triggered by occurs even in the modern democratic society. According to the latest statistical data regarding the social conflicts in Australia, the issue of […]

“Immigrant Workers Cleaning and Caring in the Shadows of Affluence” by Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo

Chronological, geographical scope and historical actors. Through her book, Prof. Hondagneu-Sotelo explores the life of migrant domestic workers in Los Angeles. She highlights their experiences at work. Most of her publications focus on the plight of immigrants. She submits, in the preface of this publication, that her aim was to explore the organisation of domestic […]

Literature of East Asia

The works of the modern Chinese authors represent the integral part of the world literature heritage. In contrast to the past times, the modern authors tend to feel themselves free to express their thoughts. At the same time, the publication of many of their novels reflects their bold action taking into account the political conditions […]

Arab Diaspora in the USA in the Novels of Diana Abu-Jaber “Arabian Jazz” and “Crescent”

Introduction The American society can be described as a melting pot of culture with different people of different nationalities with different cultures coming together to form a nation. The history of America depicts a continent that is sparsely populated by the Indian tribes of America who are the original residents of the continent and whose […]

“Less than Conquerors: How Christians entered the 20th century” by Douglas Frank

Frank was brought up in a missionary family and is a graduate from Wheaton College. Today he has authored a number of books including Less than Conquerors: How Christians entered the 20th century. The book explores and criticizes the manner in which evangelicals in the United States sought to control their destinies and their circumstances […]

A Dystopian State: Astutopia

Astutopia is the name of the aspired New World Order. This world aims to end global warming marked by overpopulation, which has gradually depleted the environment and associated resources. The guiding symbol is shown below; this symbol represents the land envisioned by the ruling government. This land can only be attained if everyone works hard […]

Magical Realism: Garcia Marquez

Magical realism is explained as the desire of the author to show the ordinary life of people with the instances of unreal, fantastic events. In most cases the desire to present the magical realism in short stories is explained by the desire to create a fairy tale, however, the reasons are deeper. Garcia Marquez used […]

Bamako: movie analysis

The film by Abderrahmane Sissako, Bamako, is an illustration of the themes revealed in The Eumenides by Aeschylus. The ancient Greek tragedy depicts the human society as it was in those distant times, though it is clear that little has changed since then. Aeschylus reveals the vices of people and brings to the fore the […]


Introduction Although Arabic literature has been unexplored compared to the western literature, it is great and abundant in history (Husain, 1997). By studying the history of Arabic literature, one can get an insight into the lives of ancients Arabs. Equally, the history of the Arabic poetry can shed more light into the principles upheld by […]

“Humor and Laughter” by Attardo

Introduction Humor and laughter are essential parts of the discourse that intend to express a happy emotion. Historically, the two aspects of conversation did not acquire substantial attention until the 1990s when studies and publications regarding the topic intensified. Since then up to now, a synthesis of the different elements of humor and laughter lacks […]

The Scar of Colonialism and Ongoing Post-Colonialism

Introduction Colonialism is something that has left scars and continues to build negative emotions amongst the colonies. Kincaid uses her two novels ‘Lucy’ and ‘On Seeing England for the First Time’ to show the effects of imperialism, which represses the culture of the locals/colonies. Lucy is a powerful novel that captures the transcendent possibility over […]

Heroism in Beowulf

Features of Heroes and anti-heroes and their mythical backgrounds The first Anglo-Saxons had their own beliefs and pagan gods which entailed a strong code of warriors. In the warrior code, the Anglo-Saxons laid more emphasis on a deep sense of community as well as between the lords or kings and their followers. The brief and […]

Langston Hughes

Introduction Langston Hughes was a renowned icon in the world of African American literature. He wrote numerous poems, plays, novels and newspaper articles during his career’s lifespan. His social activism was focused on creating a voice for the African American people. Having lived momentarily in Harlem, he was quite familiar with the racial friction that […]

The Colorful Story of the Three Little Pigs

Abstract This paper will focus its attention on James Halliwell Philipp’s short story, “The Three Little Pigs” and the main theme behind the story. The author James Halliwell is famous for writing fairy tales which have been used as nursery tales and nursery rhymes. Further, this paper will analyze James Halliwell as an author and […]

Marking Territory by Lynda Walsh and Politeness, Power, and Activity Systems by Stephen Bremner

Reading Commentary Marking Territory by Lynda Walsh is an article responding to a research on the intermingling of administrative writing-style expressions and the feelings of stakeholders towards worldly objects. The author seeks to find out the various communication challenges that the Mexican Wolf Blue Range Reintroduction Project (MWBRRP) encounters. A number of remarks, recorded randomly […]

EFL Learner’s Ability

Introduction The acronym EFL stands for English as a foreign language where various tests are used to measure the communication and language competency of individuals who use English as a second or foreign language. The teaching and testing of EFL has been on the rise in the recent past as more and more people seek […]

Analysis of the tale Cinderella

Introduction When children read fairy tales they idolize the main characters, mimic them, and consider how they interact to be the most ideal way of behaving. Therefore, when female characters are obedient and passive, young girls will act obediently and passively; when male characters are emotionless, and think only in a logical way, boys will […]

Poem Research and Analysis: Dressmaker

The poem Dressmaker written by Éireann Lorsung is an example of a blank verse. It is not a fixed form of poetry, and the author does not have to follow certain rhyming patterns or structure. Overall, this literary work demonstrates that poetry can explore different themes and subjects and that it can highlight the richness […]

Little Briar Rose by the Grimm Brothers

Little Briar Rose is a classic fairytale written by Grimm Brothers, German folklore writers and cultural researchers. The story is originally known as a Sleeping Beauty and it is identical with Charles Perrault’s literary tale (David & Meek, 1974). Charles Perrault’s version of the story is represented in a lighter and simpler vein. In contrast, […]

The Representation of Irish Nationalism

Introduction The attempts to revive the Irish political nationalism have seen considerable Irish literary achievement. The country’s long history as a British colony and the effects of that colonization shapes the struggle for Irish nationhood and identity even today, both politically and imaginatively. The country’s struggle for independence intensified towards the turn of the 20th […]