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“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne Essay

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Updated: May 7th, 2019

The Secret is a book authored by Rhonda Byrne that was published in 2006. It is based on a film of the same name produced in March of the same year. The Secret centers on the law of attraction. Byrne expresses positivism about notions that can change life. The book has been translated into more than forty languages.

Byrne has used the power of the pen to impact positively on people’s lives. Her well-choreographed description of the chronology of events helps her make the change. This is what makes me like her style of writing and delivery of the message. This paper seeks to prove this success.

Byrne starts by explaining the dynamics of the law of attraction, and then she explores how men and women used its power to gain wisdom. This shows how well she is prepared before beginning to write the book. Byrne explains that people through their positive thinking can change their health, expand wealth, and become happier. She analyzes the law of attraction in a perfect way. She illustrates how the law attracts events, situation, and experiences of people by matching their feelings and thoughts.

She further inspires people from the fact that two years before she wrote the book, she underwent a terrible condition that brought trauma. This gave her the opportunity to read varied genre of literature by great scholars and thinkers. Through this, she gained wisdom and proper methods of delivering the message to the world. Therefore, when you sit down to read The Secret, you know you are reading a piece of work by the author who was ready for her job. This book is planned well and its content collected over time.

The Secret is a well thought out book based on rich wisdom that Byrne acquired by reading widely and internalizing from articles that enriched her mind, giving her adequate capacity to write.

To confirm that she did a better job, The Secret gained popularity selling more than nineteen million copies earning Byrne a call to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The fortunes from the sales of the book were marvelous. I contributed to this because I acquired a copy to make sure that I am part of the population that benefited from this knowledge.

The book plays a big role in empowering people who want to be self-reliant. Her explanations of the thoughts and feelings transmitting into the surrounding from the human brains, to attract equivalent actions and situations and therefore creating experiences are very fascinating. Through this, the book has managed to transform the thinking of many people. People’s thoughts have shifted to the positive minds. This has created confidence and self-belief, which are key elements to success.

Byrne uses metaphors to pass her message to the readers with clear expressions. She does this by comparing the power of thoughts to a transmission tower. The tower transmits frequency to the universe and then relays the same to the earth in equal measure.

Her prowess is captivating and is felt when she derives from the Bible to create her three-step process for manifesting the dreams. Byrne outlines that it is Ask, Believe, and Receive. She combines these by capturing the complete human body very well. She points out gratitude and visualization as the driving forces for achievement.

Using her conscience that is very clear, she understands that being grateful rests in the human heart. Similarly, having vision is centered in the mind. By doing this, she manages to put together the human mind and heart. This is the best way a human being can move forward and change his destiny. In order to succeed the mind should first think about success. The law of attraction will then reorganize the events to make sure success is achieved.

The Secret is without doubt a product of great minds in various fields including art, philosophy, and great thinkers. Synthesizing this, together with the first intention of the author that is to bring joy to many human beings, it becomes an educative and interesting book.

Byrne’s organization of her work is exemplary. She delivers her message through the film and then follows up with a captivating book. This indicates the value she put on the message organized to deliver. She creates a deeper understanding from the reader’s perspective by dividing the human thoughts into three categories.

Remembering that comes first puts the mind in the past, observation that is second puts the mind in the present, and imagination that comes at the end puts the mind in the future. Synthesizing the three steps, Byrne gives one an opportunity to look back, see his present mind-set, and by changing his focus, he can change his thoughts to align with success.

Her explanation of positivism elaborates how change from a positive mind is more powerful than negative thoughts. The more positive the mind the closer the results are achieved. Byrne excellently transfers thoughts to feelings. Good feelings are because of positive thoughts and a proof that one is ready to receive good results.

She explains that feelings predict outcomes to me this is true. For example, if I am from an interview my feelings will show the outcome. If my feelings are good, then definitely I have done well at the same time if my feelings show low self-esteem then the chance that I have fared poorly is high.

In her words, feelings and thoughts consist of emotional guidance system. Byrne has used the book to help people open up to themselves and the world. With oneself, personal life is evaluated including their health. To the world, the key to financial successes as well as secrets of relationships are analyzed.

Assessment of these factors puts one in a place to develop and expand. The reason attributed to this is that one’s status is a result of his past thoughts and feelings. I totally agree with her. Taking students’ performance in class for instance can be seen through examination preparations (Byrne 78). Their feeling and thoughts can be overheard in grapevine. Their expressions are used to decide how they are going to do when the results come out.

Byrne identifies that the state of the mind now and the feelings find one’s future. Preparations that are done now create the type of situation in future.

The future status is projected now. In conclusion, we are justified to state that Rhonda Byrne has succeeded in achieving her first intention of bringing joy to millions in the world. She achieved this through her organized and thought out arrangement of ideas. Evidence that she has done this arises from various accolades the book and she have received, the sales not withstanding.

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