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The Lottery Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

The Lottery essay can become an easy task for you if choose the right approach to it. The short story by Shirley Jackson is one of the most famous novels in an American literature.

To write an A+ paper, check our guide below.

The Lottery Essay Introduction

For you writing you can literally choose any topic. The novel is filled with a lot of contrasts that shape your mood and the perception of the story. You can choose to write The Lottery essay on symbolism and interpret symbols in as many ways as you want or find extraordinary ideas.

Before you start working on the introduction, read the book a few times. Try using techniques of active reading to boost your comprehension. Here are some The Lottery essay questions to keep in mind while reading:

  • What are the symbols in the story and why Jackson uses them?
  • What do the critics say about The Lottery? Do you agree with them?
  • Why do you think Jackson received angry letters after the novel was published?

The next step is to develop your thesis statement that will introduce your paper content to your reader. Make it clear and understandable.

The Lottery Essay Body

The next step in essay writing is mastering the body of the paper. Here you must provide your ideas and arguments to support main issue of an essay. Remember a simple rule: one argument – one paragraph. Don’t make your paper look like a stream of consciousness.

The Lottery Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is one of the most important parts of every essay. Here you must summarize the body content and restate thesis statement. The essential tip you should always keep in mind: don’t add any new ideas, arguments, or points in the conclusion.

After you finish the writing, you should proofread the essay to be sure that there are no mistakes or typos that can decrease overall mark.

The Lottery Essay: Topics

If you need some examples of The Lottery essay topics, check our ideas below:

  • Scapegoat. Explore if Tessie can be considered as a scapegoat? Share your opinion in the essay.
  • Hypocrisy in The Lottery. Investigate what hypocrisy is. Are the novel’s characters hypocritical? What makes them to turn on their friends because of a lottery? Who enjoys the lottery the most and why?
  • Mob psychology and society. Why do people act cruelly when they are a part of a large social group or in the crowd? How does the society’s mood impact individuals?
  • Social roles in the society. How do traditional gender social roles impact on people’s behavior? Is there a connection between the lottery and these roles?
  • Class differences in The Lottery. Explore if there’s any class difference in the village and how it influences the plot.
  • The role of traditions. Think why traditions and customs play an important role in human’s life. Prove your point of view using quotes from the novel. Do you have any family traditions?
  • Crimes against women. Analyze how the novel reflects violence against women in a society. Find some parallelisms from the modern lives. Explore why victim behavior causes violence.

Are you still dissatisfied with your essay because it does not make enough of an impression? Try looking at our The Lottery essay titles!

🏆 Best The Lottery Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Marxist Criticism on The Lottery by Shirley Jackson
    Moreover, the location of the lottery at the town square between two buildings- the post office and the bank represents the political and economic power of the government and those in power such as Mr. […]
  2. “The Lottery” Literary Analysis
    This paper presents the tools of characterization and the setting of the short story “The Lottery” One of the most outstanding tools of characterization in this short-story is actions.
  3. Literary Analysis of “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson
    There are numerous themes in “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, but the most evident are the ideas of violence, devotion to traditions, and fear to change something due to the concurrence of circumstances.
  4. Сompare and Сontrast: the Lottery and the Rocking Horse Winner
    The tone of the work is significant in its terms as well because it creates the fleur of seriousness, light-mindedness, sadness or cheerfulness, introducing the reader to the world of the literary work, and even […]
  5. “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson
    The broad aftermath and the negative responses of the readers who did not see the line between fiction and reality prove that the plot of the short story The Lottery by Jackson reflects the real […]
  6. “The Lottery” and “Cleveland and It Hurts”
    For instance, the piling of the stones by the children at the beginning of the story was a foreshadowing of the stoning which was to take place at the end of the story.
  7. “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson
    Evidently, the annual lottery conducted by the village is not a typical lottery in the sense that, the person running the lottery is also a participant.Mr.
  8. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson
    One good example of a character that manifested change in the face of danger is the character that can be found in Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery. It was the most important event in the calendar […]
  9. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson
    The day was intentionally selected by the author on the 27th of the sixth month. Variances in the events signified a vital character in the Lottery story.
  10. The Lottery and The Ambitious Guest
    In this paper, I will aim to explore the legitimacy of an earlier suggestion in regards to how the deployment of a literary irony had helped Shirley Jackson and Nathaniel Hawthorne to emphasize the philosophic […]
  11. A Comparison of the Lottery and the Destructors Short Stories
    In developing the plot of the story, the author foreshadows the story’s ending by talking about the black box and the black dot at the end of the story, which symbolized the person to be […]
  12. Literary Analysis on “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson using Foreshadowing
    In summary, it can be deduced that a game of chance such as lottery creates uncertainty and anxiety to the participants.
  13. Literature Studies of “The Destructor” and “The Lottery”
    It is the assumption of this paper that in both stories, the lack of detail concerning the reason why Trevor wanted to destroy the house of Mr.
  14. Short Story’s Elements: “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson
    The setting of “The Lottery” is synonymous with the setting in most small towns of the 1930s. The plot of “The Lottery” revolves around a ritual known as the lottery that is performed in villages […]
  15. Conformity in “The Lottery” by S. Jackson
    It is also necessary to note that the tradition of a lottery is highly overestimated by the people in the village, as it is described by Jackson in the story.
  16. Conformity and Rebellion in “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson
    In spite of the fact that the main prize of the lottery is death, the citizens continue believing in the power of the order and the necessity to organize the same event annually.
  17. Literary Analysis of Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery
    The purpose of a lottery is to pick a winner. The author also convinces the readers that the lottery is an important part of the lives of the villagers.
  18. “The Lottery” a Short Story by Shirley Jackson
    When going over the reactions of the various individuals who wrote to the New Yorker regarding the story, their main reasoning for sending letters to the publication was simply due to the relative “strangeness” of […]
  19. Literature as a Protest: The Lottery and The Crucible
    Thus, in the case of “the lottery” it can be seen that it is a form of protest against the practice of blindly following “tradition” without taking into consideration the full logic of the actions […]

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