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Death Causes and Gender Factor in Herkimer County Research Paper



The following are the leading causes of death based on gender in Herkimer County, which is located in the state of New York. Heart disease claims 196 males per 100,000. On the other hand, the rate amongst females stands at 198 per 100,000. Cancer is the second largest cause of death in the county with 144 males per 100,000 dying from the same while 155 per 100,000 females die from the same (Public Health Nursing, 2016). Chronic lower respiratory disease or CLRD claims about males per 100,000 while the same claims 47 females per 100,000. Stroke and unintentional injury claim 24 and 23 males and females respectively per 100,000 in Herkimer County (Public Health Nursing, 2016).

List of Deaths per 100,000 in Herkimer County.

Cancer 144 155
Stroke 24 23
Alzheimer’s Disease 97 93
Diabetes 112 108
Influenza and Pneumonia 43 46
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease 44 47
Heart Diseases 196 198


Cancer has taken a devastating toll on the county and the larger state of New York. The grim statistics show that one in two men and one in three females will eventually get a Cancer diagnosis in the course of their lives (Devita, 2016). Tobacco use is the most significant single factor that is linked with lung as well as other forms of cancer in Herkimer County. Other than this, lifestyle related behavior such as lack of physical activity, indulgence in unhealthy eating habits, as well as excessive consumption of alcohol is related to a heightened risk of death and cancer diagnosis (Devita, 2016).

The County is lobbying to reverse the decline in funding, as well as prevent lung or other smoking-related cancerous ailments through adequately supporting the Tobacco Control Program that is championed by the State (Devita, 2016). Lung cancer is one of the main killers in the County with a significant amount of cases being attributed to smoking. Smoking is linked with close to 30% of all cancer deaths. On top of this, tobacco is estimated to cost the entire state close to $8.2 billion in annual health costs in the state (Devita, 2016).

Herkimer County should lobby for legislation to restrict the stocking and sale of flavored tobacco products to shops that are not accessible by minors. Federal legislation outlaws the use of flavors except for cigarettes with menthol. However, other tobacco products such as cigars and snuff are still exempted from the same. The county has gone a step further in preventing small children from getting skin cancer through the ban of minors from utilizing indoor tanning facilities.

A significant number of the County’s residents are diagnosed every year with melanoma, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer. Unfortunately hundreds of the same pass away from the ailment annually (Devita, 2016). The latest scientific journals and reports have documented that the usage of such indoor tanning heightens the risk of acquiring melanoma and other deadly forms of skin cancer.


The risk of stroke is heightened in Herkimer County by similar factors such as the ones that lead to Cancer. Herkimer County is working to prevent the prevalence levels of the ailment by encouraging an active lifestyle among its residents. However, it is worth noting that some of the risk factors are unavoidable such as gender, ethnicity as well as age (Burci & Vignes, 2004).

Alzheimer’s disease

A population-based study on 1,800 older Americans of Japanese origin found that consumption of vegetable and fruit juices was closely associated with a decrease in incidences of Alzheimer’s over seven to nine years of close follow-up. The County health department is dealing with the prevalence of the ailment by helping its elderly population to live on a healthy fruit and vegetable diet. Studies have also indicated that an active social life and healthy network of friends may significantly assist in the prevention of Alzheimer’s mostly among the elderly (In Perry et al., 2013).


Herkimer county realizes that prevention of diabetes is as easy as eating healthy and losing several extra pounds by becoming more physically active. This is being achieved by encouraging the younger generation can be active in sports and avoid eating Junk foods (In Acton, 2012).

Influenza and Pneumonia

The county is championing the administration of the Hib vaccine amongst children which reduces the chances of contracting pneumonia from the pathogen Haemophilus influenza type b. However, the drug Synagis is only administered to children under two years of age as recommended by the FDA(Cunha, 2010).

Chronic lower respiratory diseases

Chronic respiratory diseases are chronic ailments that afflict the body’s airways and other structures that are related to the breathing mechanism as well as the lungs. Tobacco is a primary factor in the development or progression of the ailment (Rodwin & Gusmano, 2006).

Heart Diseases

Residents in the county are advised to watch their weight and try to exercise for at least half an hour per day. The designation of defined smoking zones has gone a long way in reducing exposure to second-hand smoke which is one of the major causes of heart disease.

Nursing Homes

The Folts Nursing home is one of the many nursing homes that are located in Herkimer County. The facility provides its patients with skilled and high-quality nursing care as well as private or shared accommodation. The Alpine Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is another Nursing home in the county. The center offers comprehensive treatment plans that are geared to specific abilities, needs as well as each individual’s goals.

The Mohawk Valley Health Care is also located in Herkimer County. The center offers services such as nutrition management, stroke recovery, wound care IV therapy, Dementia treatment, etc. Valley Health Services is a fourth nursing home located in Herkimer County. The facility offers the following services; short-term care, palliative care, Cardiac Rehabilitation, long-term care, etc. Henry B Hucles Nursing home is also located in Herkimer County. The center offers both residential and family councils.


The St. Elizabeth Medical Center offers both in-patient and out-patient services. The medical facility provides acute inpatient service and other services that allow its clientele to remain at home while still recuperating during treatment. What attracts most patients and their families to the facility is the fact that it has chosen Mayo Medical Laboratories as its preferred reference laboratory. This gives the hospital access to the internationally renowned clinic’s extensive menu of clinical experts and laboratory technicians.

Five Star Urgent care is also a walk-in clinic in the Herkimer area. Its medical team treats minor injuries, bronchitis, sinusitis, broken bones, allergies as well as sprains. The New Hartford Psychiatric Svs mainly specializes in psychiatric illnesses and mental health illnesses. The St. Mary’s Hospital at Amsterdam, located in Herkimer County provides comprehensive services to new and expectant. These services include prenatal and ante-natal care.

Home Health Care agencies

The Herkimer County office for aging provides home health care services for mostly the elderly within the county. Its volunteers help the elderly to keep track of when they are supposed to take their medication. The agency mostly relies on volunteers to conduct its duties and ensure that the elderly within the county get the required healthcare services even when they are away from the numerous health care facilities that are scattered across the area.

Superior Home Health Care also looks after the elderly and assists them in keeping up with the doctor’s appointments and personal hygiene. The acacia certified home care offers physical therapy, speech pathology as well as occupational therapy. The fourth home health care agency is known as the Herkimer County Alternatives in Long term care and offers home health aid and Nursing care.


The county has a single Hospice that is simply referred to as the Hospice and Palliative Care Inc. The Hospice is dedicated to providing high-quality specialized care to individuals that are terminally ill within the county.

Adult Care Homes

The Schuyler Common adult health care home offers emergency around the clock maintenance services. The adult home also provides a maintenance-free living for the elderly and retired. Its residents are usually provided with transportation to the nearby grocery and retail stores as well as the required doctor appointments.

Assisted Living

The Herkimer County Assisted Living home offers access to medical and health care services that are customized to particular needs. There is a 24-hour emergency call system for every resident within the facility. The elderly residents are provided with bathing, eating, toileting, dressing, as well as walking where need be. The Brookdale Clinton is another assisted center with housing, lifestyle improvements. It has a regular exercise regimen to keep the residents fit and healthy.


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