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Public Health Epidemiology Essay

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Updated: Mar 21st, 2021

Statement of personal interest

When I was a child I used to play a lot in my neighborhood with my friends. Sometimes, I could be injured when playing or a friend would be injured. When such an accident occurred, we would be helpless and would rely upon other people for first aid and treatment.

This always hurt me and I started learning a few ways of treating wounds. The children in the neighborhood nicknamed me “Nurse”. I became popular in the locality for providing first aid to children and I bought a first-aid kit with my savings at the age of thirteen. From a tender age, I developed an interest in providing first aid to people for minor accidents. I became very happy when I saw a patient recover from accidents like a cut on the finger and a bicycle fall.

Public health refers to the science and practice of offering protection and ensuring that a community has an improved health. This is achieved by issuing preventive medicine and controlling communicable diseases (Perrin 56). Other measures include providing sanitary measures and health education to the public. Being a physician has been my greatest goal in life. Having studied a lot and carried out research on public health, I have understood the importance of a community being healthy.

I have attended numerous workshops, seminars and community service programs. An example of such programs is the community service hosted by Jesse Tree. Such programs have sharpened my skills on offering public health as well given me a chance to interact with patients suffering from different illnesses. This cemented my interest in learning more about public health.

I possess many skills which would enable me offer health services to the public. First, I have good communication skills. Our neighborhood consisted of people from different cultures and social status. This enabled me to appreciate every person. I am also social. This would enhance the relationship between me as the physician and the public. Communication is a key factor for administering health assistance to the public as the physician can easily and efficiently diagnose an illness and offer sociological assistance to patients (Chen 82).

I also possess good skills in computers. Most of the researches in medicine are done through the internet. Recording of experiments and patient records is important to every physician (Frumkin 17). Having good computer skills thus will enable me to uniquely identify each patient and review each patient’s record fast and efficient. Data management is vital for every organization. Having a wide experience in data entry together with my good skills in computers will ensure that the data is always up to date and is systematically arranged.

How a person manages his or her time in a medical institution determines how efficient the institution operates (Porche 89). I plan every moment of my life and give priority to the responsibilities assigned to me in my workplace. Planning my time well has enabled me to always finish duties assigned to me within the scheduled time. At no particular time have I ever, in my previous positions, failed to meet deadlines due to poor time management.

Having being in leadership positions in several orga nizations has given me an opportunity to learn a lot about leadership. Some of such positions include Golden Key International Honor Society and National Society of Collegiate Scholars where I am the Founding President. Good leadership qualities embedded on servant leadership has seen tremendous growth in the organizations over time.

In addition to that, I believe that every person’s idea counts. Working in different organizations and with different people has enabled me to appreciate team work. A lot can be achieved if people in an organization work together and have the same goals (Benenson 117). I have read a lot in medicine and public health. Not only reading for academic purposes but also to widen my knowledge on the subject.

My only major weakness is that I fear defeat. If I am convinced that something should be done and it is possible to do it, I strain every nerve to get it done. Sometimes I can be seen as being over ambitious or too persuasive. However, this quality is sometimes required in the field of medicine. An example is where a patient is in a very critical state. A physician who easily gives up might reach a point and lack the zeal to attend to the patient. A physician who fears defeat might fight to the last minute and sometimes he or she might save a life (Holland 103).

Handling of specimen, data entry, medical scribe and fitness advisor are some of the fields I have worked in previously. However, I can easily learn and adapt to most of the fields available.

I am convinced that I have a passion and great interest in providing proper healthcare to the community. However, I still have a lot to learn in the vast field of public health. An internship will give me a chance to learn from the experts. Such a chance would also enable me to relate what I have learnt from books with what is happening in the field. This would help me appreciate the knowledge available at the moment and also compel me to come up with new ideas and new ways of ensuring that quality healthcare is provided to the public.

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