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Law Philosophy Essay Examples and Topics

The Criminal Justice Ethics Principles

It is the goal of the present paper to review such areas of ethical issues within the field of criminal justice as: pretexting during investigation and police misconduct, and their influence on the investigated case.
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The Mystery of Legal Failure

This is because of the wrong attitudes in the society which are mainly caused by the failure of the legal system.
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The concept of Human Rights

Many of the fundamental initiatives, which animated the human rights movement, emerged in the after effects of the World War II and the mayhem of the Holocaust, leading to the legitimation of the Universal Declaration [...]
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Private Property and Labor

The sole responsibility of taking care of the family was upon the husband and although he tried to sustain the needs of the whole family, his sickness brought about challenges and hardships to the family.
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Charles Mills vs. John Locke

Mills's viewpoint on human moral equality To prove that Mills's position is wrong, one is to read Locke's arguments on the state of equality.
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Carnap’s View of Universal Laws

Carnap offers another distinction between the Universal and Statistical laws by stating that the former are usually logically easier since they were always the same in the past, are still the same in the present, [...]
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The Hart-Devlin Debate

The report of the committee stated that it is not the responsibility of law to solve immorality. The committee stated that one of the roles of law is to maintain order and morality in the [...]
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Nozick Entitlement Theory of Justice

It is from deduction of this principle that gives rise to the third principle of rectification in which Nozick brings forth suggestions of solutions that should be adopted to rectify the unjust distribution and ownership [...]
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