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Private Property and Labor Essay

In the current society, people are judged by how they interact with other humans, and how they contribute to the development of the world affairs. This perception has led to the development of many professions, among them prostitution, which is considered as morally and ethically wrong.

The definition of moral and ethical standards has been mainly based on religious doctrines and beliefs and it tends to value actions based on the practices identified in the religious scriptures. According to Karl Marx definition of private property and labor, several aspects are involved in order to differentiate between the accepted issues and other practices.

Ruth has been a hardworking woman living with her family for the last thirteen years. However, she encountered her worst challenge when her husband succumbed to cancer and died when their last-born was only three months old.

This proved to be the shock of her life since they had agreed during their courtship that she should leave her job and become a housewife. The sole responsibility of taking care of the family was upon the husband and although he tried to sustain the needs of the whole family, his sickness brought about challenges and hardships to the family.

Upon his death, Ruth tried as much as she could to seek for employment in the procurement industries since this sector matched with her education. Similarly, she liaised with her relatives to secure a well paying job and to link her with potential employers. However, her attempts did not bear fruits. Finally, she decided that the only way her life and that of her children would progress was by her joining the prostitution business.

As defined by Karl Marx, the prostitution business has the prostitute as the formal laborer and the negotiations as the private property. Some of the issues common among prostitutes secure a room for the potential clients, or wait for the clients to secure the room once the negotiations are over. Ruth decided that the only way her life would be stable was by joining other prostitutes and secure some earnings.

She formulated a program that she was to follow on a daily basis. She would wake up early and prepare her children to go to school after which she would visit social sites to secure customers from within the vicinity. This approach proved to be practical since it eliminated any form of doubt and ensured that she mingled with the rest of the neighbors as a conservative and principled woman.

Through the social sites, she managed to secure several customers, most of who were married but wanted extra-marital pleasure. In addition, most of the prostitutes she was working with had also shifted from the universally recognized approach of waiting by the roadside, to a more digital approach, which involved twitting and sending potential partners requests via the social media.

In the contemporary society, many people have used the social media to propagate information at no cost. In fact, many people have turned to the social media as the only way through which an individual can connect with many individuals without incurring the expenses of postal charges and other related prices.

The other areas that have been exploited by most individuals have been online-based channels like blogs and sites that have been used to advertise prostitution. Ruth was very eager to use these sites and once she decided that her future would be decided by prostitution, she made an initiative of working with other prostitutes through the online channels.

Her life changed one night when one of her clients raped her and she realized that in as much as she wanted to make extra earnings, the life she had chosen was not appropriate. According to natural selection theory, all organisms struggle for existence and, for this reason, the greater the organisms are in size, the more domineering they are.

Men have been known to feel superior and stronger than female. Sexual selection has also been applied in the rape theory as individuals become more violent as the sexuality increasingly dominate. Men therefore become more violent and turn into beasts rather than changing their actions and respecting the choices of women.

Sexual gratification is therefore one of the major motives that encourage perpetrators of rape. Sexual instincts compel the perpetrators to indulge in the heinous crime because they increase the sexual urge and make the males to feel more comfortable and willing to engage in the crime. Rape has been associated with the behaviors of animal. In the animals’ behaviors, the males are domineering and the females adopt a demeanor of modesty in order to force the males to find their way forcefully sexually into them.

The rationale theory claims that each individual should have a freedom of choice in order to adopt a social and morally upright life. According to the theory, organisms should never be forced to engage in unwilling acts. However, rape is associated with forcefully engaging the victim with sexual activity because of their sexual arousal. The Darwin’s selection theory therefore categorizes the men as potential perpetrators of the crime.

Rape is therefore biologically associated with the natural selection theory as many individuals engage in the crime in order to satisfy their sexual urge. Both males and females have varying sexual desires. Males have been known to possess greater sexual desires than the females and are hence more involved in rape than the females.

The rationale theory states that individuals should make decisions to engage in any kind of activity without being compelled to do so. Although rape has been associated with behavioral consequences, some scientists have argued that rape is a biological consequence.

The arguments on whether rape is behavioral or biological set the basis on the application of rationale theory in the analysis of rape and its popularity around the world. The rationale theory applies ethical and moral standards in order to develop arguments in favor of protecting the minority against attacks by the majority.

The biological approach can also be combined with the cultural approach that associates masculinity, femininity with the influences to sexual arousal and expressions. According to the cultural interpretation of rape, men interpret rape as a form of dominance in the society.

The rationale theory eliminates aspects of competition, one of the most significant issues in rape. Male segregation is one of the most common issues under cultural approaches to rape. When men are segregated against the female, they become more aggressive and eventually turn onto rape in order to exercise their dominance. The elimination of rape should be compelled by the choice of men to detest from violent activities and instead make individualized choices that respect women.

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