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Life Philosophy Essay Examples and Topics

The Best Way to Know Truth About Reality

My argument is based on the belief that science, not personal experience, is the best way to know truth about reality because it is empirical evidence that is a more comprehensive and reliable source of [...]

Fear of Death

However, it can be interesting to understand why the rest of the people are so afraid of death. People are afraid of the unknown.

Where Kami Can Possibly Lurk?

Speaking of my own experience of meeting a kami, I must admit that in my life, the presence of kami could be spotted in the cases when I had to make complicated life choices.

Death Awareness Effects on Self-Realization

The notion of being prepared for what is to come is naturally linked to self-realization in the sense that people consciously try to achieve as much as possible in the period of life before life [...]

The Roles of Reason and Imagination

In the quest to understand patterns, reason can be regarded as the capacity to mentally work out and solve a problem or understand things that are not easily discernible.

Rights and Self-Consciousness

In order to show how the deductive method based on Descartes' theory of human consciousness looks, it is possible to apply it on the example of a computer to prove that an inanimate organism has [...]

Role of Friend in Self-Knowledge

The reason for this is that one's very presence in the company of friends, establishes the objective preconditions for him/her to be willing to engage with these individuals verbally.

The Virtuous Life Importance

It may be supposed that justice and honesty as the one unqualifiedly moral virtue, could fulfill the role of the fundamental virtue as it can also be noticed in the case of righteousness, the general [...]

Being Successful: Definition and Factors

This idea is applicable to both the spiritual and material strivings of a person. The goal setting is the primary aspect of success; it should comply with internal and external factors.

Will’s Role in the Meaning of Life

Such an assumption actually sounds reasonable if we reconsider the fact of our very existence and admit that an individual is only a container for the Will, which is the true representation of the human.

Why Is Death Bad?

The common agreement among societies and individuals across the world is that death is not a pleasant thing. To begin with, Rogers acknowledges that death is painful and capable of affecting the lives of many [...]

Extended Lifespan and Its Great Danger

The revolution in science and the appearance of new technologies triggered a new wave of vigorous discussions about the possibility of the creation of a scientific approach that would help to extend the average human [...]

Philosophical Life: Live, Love, and Learn

The whole world is currently taking a paradigm shift towards trying to find the reason and meaning of life. A perfect philosophical way of life is the philosophy of the three Ls which stand for; [...]

Happiness and Success as a Life Meaning

I find meaning in my life when I help people that I encounter in my life. This means that life, when a person follows the Christian rules, is full of spirituality and thus meaning.

The Meanings of Lives by Susan Wolf

Although the idea of searching for the meaning of life does not seem original enough, the difference between the common meaning of life and the essence of life for each and every individual is worth [...]

Does the Body Influence the Mind?

Although the proponents of the theory concerning the absence of influence of the body on the human mind provide rather strong support for their conclusions, the idea of the body affecting the key mental processes [...]

Debunking Ghosts

A comparative study of the existence of ghosts cannot be separated from the narrative of the various religions of the world.

Money, Happiness and Relationship Between Them

The research conducted in the different countries during which people were asked how satisfied they were with their lives clearly indicated the existence of a non-linear relationship between the amount of money and the size [...]

The Role of the Body

Time passed and people started to think that our body is just a repository for our eternal soul and that is why existence should be devoted to attempts to save our soul and prepare it [...]

Meaning in Life

Schnell and Steger, Frazier, Oishi and Kaler observed that one critical aspect of the well-being of people in the society, which comes out in the humanistic theories that are utilized in counselling psychology, is people's [...]

Responsibility Definition

In my opinion, responsibility is making decisions that are mutually beneficial to me and the people that I interact with in everyday activities.

Plato and Nietzsche’s Approaches

According to the argument, death is a separation of the body and the soul. While the body is finite and has no use after death, the soul is immortal and is the only useful part [...]

Sartre’s Bad Faith

The woman is in bad faith as she tries to focus on desirable points ignoring the truth. This is the choice people are wouldoomed' to make.

Views of Philosophy

While the body is finite and has no use after death, the soul is immortal and is the only useful part of a philosopher. He declines to escape from the jail because that is against [...]

What is Worldview?

This is despite the fact that there are other nations that try to explain the origin of the earth and the universe.

Nature Interaction with Humans

To be at peace with one's self is to know that what does not belong to you is not yours and that way you people will not have to quarrel over issues in life. A [...]

Various theories of human nature

Comprehensive theories of personality should aspire to include both a specification of human nature and an account of the major ways in which individuals differ.

What Makes Life Itself Worthwhile

In this regard, it is thus the duty of man to search both within and without to try to understand himself and the environment within which he finds himself.

Happiness Meaning

This essay aims to analyze Happiness, what makes happiness special to people, the meaning of it and the essence of it. The second happiness is a general consensus about the goodness of your life at [...]

Concept and Importance of Life Experiments

Life experiment is an investigation on the life realities in order to gain the entire insight of what life entails. From the review of life experiment, it is evident that this gives people the chance [...]

What is Life?

It is very important to know and to apply a philosophical life in our lives in order to have a divine life and the better understanding of what life really is.


It is vital to consider several points of view in establishing the relationship between the traits of human and nonhuman animals.

Happiness: Philosophical Description

Serenity of mind to Gertrude is found by accepting things that are beyond her control and seeking the strength and courage to change things that can be changed like cloth the naked, feed the hungry, [...]

The concept of space and time

In 1986, Szamosi delved into the subject again this time round detailing how the perceptions of space and time developed from earlier attempts of primitive life forms to understand their world to become the modern [...]

Post-College Existence: Absurd or Ambiguous?

In contrast to the concept of absurdity, Beauvoir applies the concept of ambiguity for viewing the human existence as the continuous struggle for the meaning of life which is never fixed."To declare that existence is [...]

The Meaning of Probable

In that we have no certainty of the outcome, when we refer to our previous encounters with the event, through first-hand knowledge or otherwise, we are unable to find congruent evidence that the event will [...]

Life after death

In many religions across the world, people belief in life after death and also being born again in the world after an individual. Life after death is the belief in the continuation of life after [...]