Life Philosophy Essay Examples and Topics

The Effects of the Environment on Human Beliefs and Actions

Introduction Jiddu Krishnamurti tries to explain human behaviour and the best principals to follow. In his discussion named the only revolution; he tries to discuss the effects of the environment on human beliefs and actions and how one can find the truth. Socio-Cultural Background During the times of Krishnamurti, cultural believes in the world were […]

Human Behavior and the Best Principles to Follow

Introduction Life is very complicated and it is sometimes difficult to fully understand all its aspects. Human beings can only strive to get the best while they are alive because they have no power over live and death. It should be noted that human beings are morphology similar and functioning of the various body parts […]

Meaning in Life

Introduction People are expecting a lot from young people in the current world. Young people are often challenged to take up responsibilities and be critical influencers of political, social, and economic causes in the contemporary society. It is apparent that young people are faced with a lot of challenges because the contemporary society poses innumerable […]

A Choice of Life and the Price of Being Different

The society influences an individual to do what it expects them to do. Societal rules and regulations are to be followed by an individual irrespective of his or her social status. It is not surprising that each category of individuals have specific mode of dressing, roles to play, ways of behaving and certain expectations. The […]

Responsibility Definition

Introduction One of the key factors that lead to success in life is being responsible. From childhood, my parents and the whole society at large have been pushing me to show responsibility through my actions, feelings and utterances. The question that is left begging is: What does responsibility entail? In my opinion, responsibility is making […]

Plato and Nietzsche’s Approaches

Human beings are different by nature not only in character, but also in logic. Therefore, a single issue can generate many arguments each with a different perspective. However, it is how one defends his or her own view that matters. Philosophers in particular are known to have diverse views regarding different issues including life and […]

Loss of Species and Its Impact on the Human Spirit

Bonnett, M. (2004). Retrieving nature: Education for a post-humanist age. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing. Michael Bonnett is one of Britain’s well known philosophers of education. In his book “Retrieving nature: education for a post-humanist age”, he focuses on the issue of an environmental ethos for living and for education purposes. Bonnett questions how education can respond to […]

Sartre’s Bad Faith

Everyone Lies Many people have acknowledged that they have to tackle with liars. More so, one of the latest trends of the modern society is the notion popularized by the famous Dr. House: everybody lies. It goes without saying that the essence of lying has been considered by many renowned thinkers. Sartre reveals a very […]

Philosophy and Technology: Technological imperative

Human beings are endowed with immense power: the creativity. This is the single reasons why human beings have been considered by scientists and religious alike to be the highest level of existence on this planet earth. They are considered to be at the pinnacle of evolution or creation because the power of creativity they wield […]

Cultural Theory: Uses and Disadvantages of History for Life

Human beings are very proud of history, they often spend too much time looking at what happened in the past yet there is nothing that can be done to alter the situation. This is the reason why Geothe said that he hates everything that does not improve or even energize his present actions (Nietzsche, 1983). […]

Views of Philosophy

Human beings are different by nature not only in character, but also in logic. Therefore, a single issue can generate many arguments each with a different perspective. However, it is how one defends his or her own view that matters. Philosophers in particular are known to have diverse views regarding different issues including life and […]

Nietzsche’s Zarathustra is a Camusian Absurd Hero, That’s to Say He Has No Hope

Introduction As an attempt to address some phenomenon in human life, some philosophers have contradicted or dismissed claims of other philosophers. Concern of human suicide is a philosophical problem that has elicited different claims among philosophers. Many philosophers have provided diverse explanations for this event in human life. In their claim, they have used existing […]

What is Worldview?

World view stands for the individual’s perception of the world. World view does involve all the beliefs or philosophy on what we take the world to be in relation to ourselves. This does constitute one’s attitude, ideology and even one’s general outlook toward life. People do ask themselves what human s are and what their […]

Philosophy of Leisure and Recreation

Introduction Leisure and recreation are different concepts but always seem to go hand in hand. People tend to use them in the same breath as if the concepts cannot exist apart from each other (Difference Between, 2012). They can and actually exist apart from each other. This essay seeks a deeper understanding of the two […]

Nature Interaction with Humans

According to White, some aspects of our lives are not in our control. He gives some examples of aspects of our lives that we can control which include our opinions, our impulses, and our ambitions and aversions. Some other aspects according to White are not under our control and they include our bodies, our possessions, […]

Various theories of human nature

Introduction Although human beings are not all the same, they are sometimes expected to feel the same and do similar things. In general, the motivation and context of theories can vary as much as the theories themselves. For almost all its history, philosophy has overlapped with many other areas of thought. One mark of philosophy, […]

A Matter of Life and Death, or Did You Hear Someone Knocking?

There is hardly an experience as trivial and as everyday as hearing someone knocking at the door or a doorbell ringing. However, even out of such a common thing, Metcalfe and Game manage to develop a compelling and intriguing idea. In their short story, ‘A knock at the door’, the writers manage to convey an […]

What Makes Life Itself Worthwhile

Man is a created being which in itself is not an end but rather a beginning of the intricacies of his intriguing nature. In this regard, it is thus the duty of man to search both within and without to try to understand himself and the environment within which he finds himself. Even the earlier […]

Happiness Meaning

Thesis statement This essay aims to analyze Happiness, what makes happiness special to people, the meaning of it and the essence of it. This essay will pose and attempt to answer the following questions; is happiness good just for what it is? Is a happy life the same thing as meaningful life? Are all things […]

We are not harmed by our own death

Everywhere in the world people are afraid of death so much that if anything bad or scaring is about to happen, it will take a few seconds for all the people to disappear from that place. This is fear of death and any danger that threatens life possessed by humans. However, there are several arguments […]

Concept and Importance of Life Experiments

Introduction Life experiment is an investigation on the life realities in order to gain the entire insight of what life entails. These realities involve feelings of nature, the simple living as well as the need for solitude. It involves identifying the simple nature of living, the interactions in the society as well as the struggles […]

What is Life?

Most of us have values and principles that we depend upon to have a better life and become better individuals. We do everything that we can to be able to hold on to our values and principles, which make us to live a very busy lifestyle. We do so many things in a single day […]


Introduction Human beings are generally characterized by traits and behavior, which differentiate them from nonhuman animals. However, it is possible to have a nonhuman being; a person who resembles an animal with regard to behavior and personality, described as rampant anthropomorphism. For instance, a person could be married but be given a name such as […]

An analysis on How Human Behaviour is shaped by Life Philosophies and Well Being

“Is Life Nasty, Brutish, and Short? Philosophies of Life and Well-Being” (Aknin, Arikm, Dunn & Norton 2011) addresses how the general public supports Hobbes’s view that life is short and hard (Kant, 1983) impacting well-being and civic involvement of individuals. The authors based their research on the notion that civic organizations were necessary in protecting […]

Happiness: Philosophical Description

Introduction Happiness is the enjoyable and satisfying feeling or gratification of the soul coming up because of fortune or due to experiencing an auspicious occurrence of a given nature. Among the philosophers that have attempted to describe happiness are Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Epicurus, and Epictetus among others. In this context, Gertrude, an upright woman, dedicated […]

The concept of space and time

Introduction Over the years, individuals have been baffled by the nature of both time and space. Kant was the first philosopher to doubt the existence of both space and time. He conceptualized that they (time and space) were mere ‘intuitions’ or perceptions invented by our own minds. Later, in 1900s, Minkowski and Einstein were back […]

Post-College Existence: Absurd or Ambiguous?

Though humans never know their future, they are inclined to make certain forecasts. Before graduating from college, students can make plans concerning their future job and way of life. Individual’s philosophical views and the corresponding attitude to life and life position may have a significant impact upon his/her chances for success. For instance, the existential […]

The Meaning of Probable

In trying to explain the meaning of ‘probable’ we assume that there is another thing that we can recognize as the indication of probable. We therefore know the meaning of probable by acquainting ourselves with the characteristics this ‘thing’ that makes ‘probable’ (Allen, 2008). In other words, we take the word probable as a tool […]

Symbol as an Integral Part of a Human’s Life

Despite the fact that a man is a creature that possesses certain independence, people have always felt the need to socialize. The author of the article “Symbols. The basic Element of Culture” Leslie A. White has made an important contribution to psychology as a science, interpreting the nature and the meaning of a symbol in […]

The Value of Thinking Philosophically By Reflecting On the Meaning of One’s Own Life

Introduction It is imperative for an individual to recognize that his or her existence has a meaning, which must achieve fulfillment before he or she dies. This philosophical piece begins by highlighting the value achieved when individuals thinks rationally as they engage in a reflection of the meaning of their life. Secondly, the piece offers […]

Life after death

Introduction Death is the process through which the normal functioning of the body is terminated. Some of the causes of death include accidents and disease infections. Many societies put a lot of concentrations on the aspect of death. Dead bodies are treated with a lot of respect in many societies. The body is taken care […]

Spirituality as a factor of well lived life

Introduction Human beings constantly assert that there is only one life to live. This thus compels them to make the most out of it as it is considered to be short. The cornerstone to a good life is happiness which according to the dictionary, is the expression of intense joy and contentment usually classified by […]

Personal Philosophy of Success

One of the defining characteristics of man is that he is constantly striving to achieve more and become a success both in his eyes and in the eyes of his community. One of the ways through which human beings increase their likelihood at succeeding is by coming up with success strategies. Harper reveals that a […]

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein: “What Does It Mean to Be Cool?”

The author attempted to define cool but just like others who came before him there is can never be no standard definition of cool because standards and rules are the anti-thesis of cool. Nevertheless, the author came close when he decided to be precise rather than to be accurate. Although there is no way to […]

John Stuart Mill and Immanuel Kant on Morality

Introduction In life, people face many challenges some of which they are supposed to make crucial decisions especially on moral issues. Unfortunately, one may make a decision that would haunt him/her for the rest of his/her life. The issue of distinguishing ‘good’ from bad in moral circles has been a controversial area probably due to […]

My current philosophical perspective on life

One of the reasons why it is crucially important for just about any well-educated individual to possess a comprehensive worldview is that it enables such an individual to understand the significance of the surrounding reality’s emanations, which in turn increases his or her chances to attain social prominence. In my paper, I will aim to […]

A Look at My Mortality and the Meaning of My Life

Introduction The meaning of life and mortality is a question that remains a puzzle to many even today. Different philosophers and psychology experts have thrown their hands in the issue but they emerge without a conclusive answer why we are alive (Bryock, 1998). The biggest question is why we are in the universe and some […]

The Concept of Metaphysics and Nature

Everything that happens in nature seems to follow a certain order. For instance, a river has tributaries that flow in a certain direction. The river also follows a certain course and may drain in a larger water body that is far away from where the river originated. For order to exist there has to be […]

Inequality’s Philosophical Description

When examining the statement “there is hardly any inequality among men in the state of nature” by Rousseau one cannot help but think of the concept of the Ubermensch developed by Nietzsche. Nietzsche describes human beings as being in a phase of intermediate evolution between apes and the overman wherein due to this intermediary state […]

Do People Choose What They Are Attracted To?

Considering the subject of attraction, the term seems ambiguous because for a scientist, it might mean some forces of physics, to psychologist it takes the emotional perspective, to lovers it takes the emotional perception and, from the youth or the new-age point of view it faces various external determining factors or circumstances such as events. […]

The Phylosophical Question “What is life?”

People are curious about a lot of things, some of which are dangerous to understand. “What is life?” is the question that should not be asked, otherwise the harmony and balance with the surrounding world can be lost. Life is too complex to fully explain it from one point of view. A scientist or a […]

Changes in Life: Positive and Negative Effects

One of the invariable realities in life is that we are every in a state of change. These changes may be positive or negative but regardless of their nature, they are a fundamental part of our lives and it is important that we brace ourselves for them. In my life, I have had many changes; […]