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What Change Would You Like to See in the World? Essay

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Updated: Aug 28th, 2020


The world as it is in the 21st Century is way better than it was in the 20th Century. Technological, medical, social, and economic advancements have made life better and easier. However, the developments have several cons that have resulted in the deterioration of the world about the environment, the state of the society, relationships, and human interactions. There are several changes that I would like to see in the world to make it a better place for the current and future generations.

Equality among People/Races/Religions

In contemporary society, inequality is one of the issues that hinder progress and cultural integration. Discrimination, intolerance, domestic violence, and unequal access to opportunities are examples of the effects of inequality in contemporary society. I would like to see people treated equally and given equal access to financial, political, and economic opportunities regardless of their age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, race, or ethnicity. Gender, racial, religious, and economic quality would promote peace among the countries of the world and create a more harmonious society. Also, it would uphold the idea that human life is invaluable and mutual respect and understanding are rights that every person should enjoy.

Environmental Sustainability

The rate of environmental degradation has been on the rise in the past two decades due to the high rate of industrialization, urbanization, pollution, population growth, increase in energy consumption, and intensification of agriculture. This has resulted in outcomes such as global warming, changing climate patterns, negative health outcomes, ozone layer depletion, pollution of water, loss of biodiversity, and loss for the tourism industry. I would like to see more initiatives and efforts aimed at environmental sustainability because of the increased danger of animal and plant species’ extinction, loss of biodiversity, and risks to the health of human beings. This generation is morally obligated to conserve the environment for future generations. Otherwise, the survival of humans will be at risk. I would also like to see increased exploitation of renewable energy sources such as hydropower, geothermal, solar, wind, and biomass.

World Poverty

The high rate of poverty in the world can be attributed to ignorance and inequality. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. For instance, a report released by Forbes revealed that the wealth of the eight richest men in the world is approximately equal to that of half of the world’s population. Poverty is an insidious global challenge because it affects other critical life aspects such as access to quality health care, food, shelter, and housing. Studies have shown that there is a relationship between poverty and the prevalence of diseases. Many people associate poverty with underdeveloped or developing countries. However, the problem is also present in developed countries. In the United States, many people are homeless and go for days without food. Many others survive through receiving shelter and food from non-for-profit organizations. I would like to see a world where homelessness is non-existent and every person has access to basic human needs including shelter, food, ad clothing. In continents such as Africa and Asia, starvation is a common phenomenon that can be attributed to poverty.

War and Conflict

One of the expectations of civilized countries is peace and harmony. However, war and conflict are common occurrences. Sovereign states fight with each other for the control of certain regions or political interests. The downside of war and conflict is that countries that have no business fighting become involved. For instance, the United States has been involved in several conflicts between warring countries. This involvement has resulted in the spending of billions of dollars, the destruction of countries, and the fall of regimes. I would like to see a world in which countries get along and handle their political and economic matters harmoniously. I would like to see the world in which conflicts are resolved through dialogue and diplomacy. War and conflict encourage poverty, destruction of property, and leads to the death and displacement of citizens. A country cannot develop if it engages in wars with other nations. On the other hand, a nation cannot progress if its people fight with each other due to racial, political, or religious differences.

Gender Equality

In the past decades, men were considered superior while women were considered inferior. In that regard, gender roles were assigned based on biological sex. Women were given easy tasks that did not necessitate the use of physical strength. For instance, they stayed at home and took care of the children. On the other hand, men were given the role of providing for their families. They were expected to provide their families with food, shelter, and clothing. In contemporary society, this approach to gender roles has changed significantly. Women are doing chores and tasks that were traditionally reserved for men. However, gender equality is still elusive. Certain professions, sports, and management positions are dominated by men because males are considered tougher and more intelligent than women. I would love to see a world in which both genders are treated equally and given access to similar social, political, and economic opportunities. The society would progress more if men and women were treated equally and allowed to tap their potential regardless of their gender and baseless societal stereotypes.


In many countries, crime is one of the challenges that interfere with economic, social, and political progress. It is a problem that both developed and developing societies encounter. In the United States, the rates of crime and incarceration are very high, and they can be attributed to a lack of access to economic opportunities and poverty. Crime breaks down families and destabilizes communities. I would like to see a world in which the rates of crime and incarceration are low, and a world in which crimes related to drug use and abuse are non-existent. Many young people fall victim to drug use and abuse because of peer pressure and broken families. They turn to drugs to drown their sorrows related to the challenges they encounter in their lives. The number of criminal cases related to drugs is very high. Therefore, it is necessary to fight drugs as a way of eradicating crime. I would like to see a world in which young people get access to innumerable economic opportunities so that they cannot indulge in illegal activities.

Medical Advances/Improved Health

Access to quality health care is an important aspect of a great life. Everyone should have access to quality medical care because human vitality and wellbeing is the foundation of economic, social, and political development. Medical advances are important because of the prevalence of diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, and cancer that are responsible for high mortality rates among women, children, and young people. Also, medical advances would aid in eliminating diseases and improve the process of healthcare delivery. Medical advances such as leukemia therapies, cancer therapies, advancements in Alzheimer’s treatment, and augmented reality would play a key role in eliminating diseases that are difficult to treat. For example, finding alternatives to chemotherapy would make the treatment of cancer more bearable.

Innovations that can Change the World

Innovation is one of the pillars of economic and social progress. For instance, the technological innovations experienced in the past two decades have improved the quality of life tremendously and created innumerable social and economic opportunities. For example, the development of the Internet improved communication across the world and made access to important information easy. Other innovations have led to the development of great infrastructure, elimination of diseases, reduction of reliance on fossil fuels, and improvement of education. For instance, innovations in the energy sector have enhanced environmental sustainability by reducing overreliance on fossil fuels. Environmental sustainability efforts are more successful because of reduced rates of pollution and increased investment in alternative energy sources. I would like to see a world in which innovations that can change the world are developed in the areas of technology, education, medicine, economics, and agriculture.


The education systems of many countries have been criticized for focusing on school grades rather than on the attainment of knowledge and relevant life skills. I would like to see a world in which students are judged based on the knowledge and skills they possess rather than their grades. Basing academic success on grades undermines the importance of other learning aspects such as comprehension and creativity. Moreover, it ignores the differences that exist among learners who have varied learning needs and capabilities. A better approach would involve testing students’ levels of understanding and creativity based on their ability to generate ideas, make smart decisions, and solve problems. Grades encourage students to study for examinations and tests. This approach to education undermines the attainment of knowledge and skills as well as the improvement of cognitive faculties.

Animal Abuse

Animals play important roles in the lives of human beings. However, they are usually mistreated and subjected to acts of cruelty. Animal testing is one of how animals are mistreated. Rabbits, monkeys, mice, and guinea pigs are commonly used as test objects in medical research. They are used as test subjects to determine whether certain vaccines and medical remedies are safe for human beings. Animal testing is unethical because there are alternatives that can be used and therefore, protect animals from the pain and suffering. Animals are also subjected to cruelty in factory farms where they are reared in large numbers for commercial purposes. Other people mistreat their pets (cats and dogs) by denying them food and water or failing to provide veterinary services. Animals on farms should not be overcrowded and provide nutritious and adequate feed. Finally, puppy mills should place the well-being of the animals before financial gains.


The world has undergone significant changes in the last century. However, more could be done to improve living standards. I would like to see a world that promotes equality among people/races/religions, conserves the environment, fights poverty by ending economic inequality, and resolves conflicts through dialogue. It is important to treat men and women equally, encourage creativity and innovation, and increase access to quality health care. Poverty, ignorance, and diseases are common challenges around the world. These problems can be resolved by improving education systems, providing economic opportunities, and improving health systems. The aforementioned changes would make the world a better place.

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