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Freedom Philosophy Essay Examples and Topics

Human Free Will in Philosophical Theories

The above factors are completely out of our control thereby affirming the fact that we do not act out of free will. Essentially, we may seem to have free will but our actions and decisions [...]

Freedom and the role of civilization

The achievements demonstrated by Marx and Freud play a significant role in the field of sociology and philosophy indeed; Marx believed in the power of labor and recognized the individual as an integral part of [...]

Freedom and Responsibility

As a human being, it is hard to make a decision because of the uncertainty of the outcome, but it is definitely essential for human being to understand clearly the concept and connection between freedom [...]

Freedom and responsibility

The farmer desired to do a variety of things that he had no legal right over this is because, the government in the region had restricted on the type of food the people in the [...]

Freedom and Determinism

On the other hand, determinism theory explains that there is an order that leads to occurrences of events in the world and in the universe.

Susan Wolf’s Philosophy

According to Wolf, the deep self is than inner part of a human that has the ability to control the desires, values and is responsible for self reflection.

Inconsistency of the Compatibilist

At the same time, compatibilists stress that the free will exists as in the majority of cases people have a variety of options and they are often free to choose any way.

Do Humans Have Free Will?

However, he takes the view that some humans are not guided only by laws to act and they are not able to exercise their own free will.

Are We Free or Determined?

A decision to do the right thing in the society, for example, is determined by the moral standards that have been set by the society.

Satre human freedom

Sartre continues to explain that freedom is the central factor in human beings and it is permanently connected to the "for-itself" or consciousness. In the end, Sartre's definition of freedom is that it is the [...]

Free Will of a Heroin Addict

This paper seeks to present the case of a heroin addict who makes herself and the other people surrounding her suffer evaluating whether she is the one to be fully responsible for her actions or [...]

Freedom of the Will

His appeal is on behalf of not just the unsuccessful and downtrodden but of the criminal and degraded classes and a condemnation of what passes for 'justice', divine and human.

The Issue of the Free Will

On the one hand, the opponents of the hard determinism state that free will exists and people do not base their own decisions on anything, however, it is possible to say that the decision was [...]

The meaning of freedom today

In order to come up with an agreeable and logical definition of freedom as it is in the contemporary society, people have critically analyzed the input of these philosophers and their definition of freedom in [...]