Freedom Philosophy Essay Examples and Topics

Nielsen’s Essay on Free Will and Determinism: An Analysis and Critique

The issue of moral luck has always been quite debatable. According to Nielsen, the case of moral luck takes place once the outcomes predetermined by luck create a moral dilemma. Despite the proof that Nielsen provides for the fact that determinism and freedom can actually coexist and, moreover, complement each other, Nielsen makes it clear […]

Freedom and the role of civilization

Introduction The concept of freedom represents a kind of a notion that bears similarity to different philosophers’ opinions about an important object that grants people happiness, wealth, and longevity. In its different interpretations, freedom has the characteristics that depict it as an ultimate goal of all investigations that scientists and philosophers would like to perform. […]

Freedom and Responsibility

Outline As a human being, it is hard to make a decision because of the uncertainty of the outcome, but it is definitely essential for human being to understand clearly the concept and connection between freedom and responsibility to recognize the existence of human being and it is only by the process of existence that […]

Freedom and responsibility

The article describes believes as well as the actions of a farmer who thinks different from what the other people do about animals. The famer feels and practices animal farming, because he believes that animal meat should also be incorporated in their diets. This was against the traditions of those in the United States as […]

Human Freedom as Contextual Deliberation

Across history, people have grappled with the question of freedom. Many have over time, due to the happenings in their life, wondered whether they have any control over anything in their life. For some other people, freedom is a given. It is exemplified by they ability to make choices. Choice implies freedom i.e. if there […]

Freedom and Determinism

Introduction Freedom refers to the ability of people to act or undertake any activities without undue restrictions or coercion. In the 19th century, some philosophers disqualified the presence of real or genuine freedom in the world. The philosophers described freedom as an illusion, which exists in the ideal world only. However, in the 20th century, […]

Susan Wolf’s Philosophy

Over the years, and especially in the courts of law, determining whether the defendant is responsible for the crimes committed is responsible, has been under scrutiny for a while now. Philosophers have come up with ways of explaining whether one is responsible or not. This paper will investigate what some of the philosophers have written […]

Rousseau and Kant on their respective accounts of freedom and right

Introduction Philosophers have viewed the political role as well as the justifications for liberty to be vital in political and ethical matters. Both Kant and Rousseau agree with each other on the significance of liberty in politics, though Kant looks at freedom as autonomy, while Rousseau views it as dependence. Liberty looks at the norms […]

Inconsistency of the Compatibilist

Compatibilists’ Views and Determinism Issues concerning the free will have been discussed for centuries but thinkers have not managed to resolve them yet. Determinists claim people have no free will as there are loads of factors that affect their decisions. At the same time, compatibilists stress that the free will exists as in the majority […]

Do Humans Have Free Will?

The concept of free will has been used to understand human behavior and what drives people to do certain actions. Various philosophers have advanced different arguments that talk about the concept of free will and how it influences human behavior and actions. Human beings make different choices which affect what they do and how they […]

Are We Free or Determined?

Introduction The question of whether we are free or determined has aroused a never-ending debate between two groups with differing opinions. Those who believe in the view of free will say man is free enough to determine what he/she wants and that the choice for self-determination is real and actual. On the other hand, those […]

Satre human freedom

Human freedom has been a constantly discussed subject over the last century. In schools, students are taught that freedom is one of life’s pillars. It is for this reason that freedom has been redefined a number of times by various contributors. One of the people who have forwarded their own definition of freedom is French […]

Concepts of Determinism, Compatibilism, and Libertarianism

Introduction On several occasions, philosophers have pointed out that libertarianism is fading away and the preferred account of free will has features which turn into proportionate amounts of considerable favor. According to Gomes, suspicion exists in libertarian accounts that explore “unaffected movers and agent causations” (Gomes 40-41). As such, the philosophers have even propounded that […]

Free Will of a Heroin Addict

Free will is one of the most controversial issues in the history of humanity; as such, human beings feel the need to act freely. In the pursuit of freedom, many theories have come up raging from Absolute Freedom, to Determinism and a more relative and realistic view of Freedom. This paper seeks to present the […]

What is the difference between compatibilsm and incompatibilist in relation to free will

Those who subscribe to compatibilism hold that determinism is attuned to free will. compatibilists support this view by arguing that a person who is deprived of his/her free will, for example by being murdered or raped, he/she lacks free will because the attackers disallows him/her choice through their actions, and not because of determination of […]

“The behavior of atoms is GOVERNED entirely by physical law.” “Humans have free will.” “Are these statements incompatible?”

Although human will is a very popular topic in philosophy (it exceeds mathematical manifestation), Conway and Kochen maintain that atoms may exhibit unpredictability if humans hold the tiniest of free will (56). After all, quantum mechanics, which was traditionally interpreted, holds some unpredictability. However, this sort of indeterminism has been opposed by some physicists who […]

Freedom of the Will

Not guilty Robert Blatchford in his essay “Not Guilty” maintains that the existence or nonexistence of a free choice is the point that free will discussion triggers. He acknowledged that people make choices but wondered the motive behind those choices. In his arguments, he emphasized that the will to choose is not free rather it […]

The Issue of the Free Will

Many philosophers argue the issue of the free will and there is no particular opinion about the circumstances which guide people in their decisions. Defining hard determinism, it should be stated that this notion is connected with both determinism and the impossibility of the free will. Thus, hard determinism should be viewed as the item […]

Free Will: Towards Hume’s Compatibilist Approach

Introduction and Definitions The dilemma of free will has baffled philosophers and other literary figures for centuries. To date, some of the greatest minds are still struggling to shed light on the doctrine of free will and other opposing doctrines such as determinism and causation. It is indeed true that concerns about free will make […]

The meaning of freedom today

Introduction In the contemporary society, people consider freedom a basic need in that person who is not free must be in a rough co-existence with him and others. It is therefore very important to exalt freedom, which begins with personal liberty to the sovereignty of nations. The extent to which a person can be free […]