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Confucius Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Confucius Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Confucius Biography
    According to him, moral virtue is the only means of ensuring that there is order in the society. His mother thus played the role of the father in bringing up Confucius and it is through […]
  2. Comparing and Contrasting the Confucius Ideas with Ancient Greek thinkers
    As far as the body and the soul interacted, Plato also commented on the things that the soul could be influenced by the work or the actions of the body.
  3. Characteristics of “The gentleman,” according to Confucius
    The reading in the Quran that touches on Heaven, Hell, and Death is a complex through a straightforward recitation to understand the passage of reading.
  4. How is Mencius theory different than Confucius?
    In this regard, people would not be the means for the mandate of heaven path and not the ends. In Confucianism, you would be wrong to rebel if you are not the Son of Heaven.
  5. Effective Reasons to Support the Idea of Confucius Classrooms
    Confucius Classrooms are characterized by many positive and powerful aspects that help to promote such schools in future: people are eager to learn different cultures and have a chance to study them from original sources […]
  6. Confucius and His Philosophy
    Contrary to the expectations of the Chinese people, this situation disenfranchised Confucius up to the point of leaving his government post.
  7. The Analects of Confucius
    Everyone, including the leaders was under the umbrella of proper morals, which he said, was the linen from which the peace of the country was to be made.
  8. Comparison between Confucius and Han Feizi
    Apart from the fact that he said Confucianism was responsible for the wars that were beleaguering the country; he also was extremely critical of morals and societal rotting that he witnessed.
  9. The Analects of Confucius
    This write up is going to summarise the major themes captured in the book, critically analyse the contents of the book and its impacts on the Asian community before highlighting the major interesting concepts captured […]
  10. Confucius’ Teachings of the Basis Systems – Philosophy
    The teachings of Confucius form the basis of many political and social systems in China. In addition, the readings point out the fact that the teachings of Confucius have withstood the test of time several […]
  11. Lao Zi and Confucius Philosophy Relationship
    The person of inferior virtue is viewed as one who seeks virtue in order to attain it. The concept of Ren is one that Confucius seems to dwell on in order to achieve virtue.
  12. Confucius Philosophy: His Life and Though
    Tian is one of the most important concepts in his teachings, and it symbolizes heaven. This story is about a disciple of Confucius asking Daoists for help that was later reported to the teacher.
  13. The Analects of Confucius: Shaping Japanese Society
    In conclusion, it is possible to note that Confucian ideas had a significant impact on development of the Japanese society in the 8th century.
  14. Rousseau’s vs. Confucius’ Freedom Concept
    Similarly, the sovereignty of a distinctive group expresses the wholeness of its free will, but not a part of the group.

🔎 Good Research Topics about Confucius

  1. Life and Times of the Father of Confucianism
  2. Comparison between the Philosophies of Confucius and Socrates
  3. Comparison of the Confucius Analects and the Hebrew Testament
  4. Comparison of the Difference and Similarities of Confucius and Socrates on Religion
  5. Comparison of the Teachings of Mencius and Confucius
  6. Affirmative Action Confucius, Buddhism And Taoism
  7. Analyzing The Analects: Confucius’s Philosophy on Propriety, Religion, and Politics
  8. Analysis of the Remains of Confucius Philosophy in the Chinese People
  9. Can Confucius Influence Our Lives Today?
  10. Compare and Contrast The Writings of Confucius Hammurabi and The Book of the Dead
  11. Comparison of Jesus and Confucius
  12. Differences Between The Views Of Cicero And Confucius
  13. Does the Confucius institute impact international travel to China?
  14. How Is Justice Manifested In Society According To Confucius?
  15. How is Mencius theory different than Confucius?

✍️ Interesting Topics to Write about Confucius

  1. Biography of Confucius a Respectful Philosopher in the Chinese History
  2. Look at the Influence of Confucius and Chuang Tzu on Ancient China
  3. Analysis of Confucius as a Humanist, Unlike Machiavelli
  4. Analysis of the Contrasting of the Opposing Viewpoints of how Confucius and Hammurabi Viewed Government and Authority
  5. Lives of Confucius and Guatama Siddhartha
  6. Aristotle And Confucius Maintained An Ethical Position On
  7. Beliefs and Description of Confucius of China
  8. Ch’en Tu-hsiu: The Way of Confucius and Modern Life
  9. Confucius And The Culture Of East Asian Countries
  10. Confucius Lives Next Door: What Living in the East Teaches Us About Living in the West?
  11. Confucius Was A Mere Preserver And Transmitter Of Tradition, While Muhammad Was An Innovator. Discuss The Validity Or Otherwise Of This Statement
  12. Ethics Between Confucius And Aristotle
  13. Wisdom Confucius Real World

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