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Philosophical Concept Essay Examples and Topics

Dualism in Religion and Science Nowadays

The term "dualism" the most often associates with the name of the French scientist and philosopher Rene Descartes who discussed the difference between mind and matter in his works.

Philosophical Discipline: Theory of Knowledge

A good approach to tackling the idea of "justified true belief" would be by starting with the introduction of the Theory of knowledge, a philosophic discipline from the dialogues of Plato in his endeavour to [...]

The Highest Power in Lao-Tsu’s Teaching

The principles of the highest good were designed to help people in achieving success in self-development as the right being and reaching the main goal of life to become closer to the highest good, which [...]

The Highest Good in Tao Te Ching’s Teaching

In addition to the aforementioned comparison of the 'highest good' in both Christianity and Confucianism, the underlying aspect that is being highlighted in this Taoist teaching is the approach used and the relationship that exists [...]

The Value and Meaning of Judgment

The issues of proper and timely judgment, sound conclusions, and reaction to the received information can be found in the stories such as A Good Man Is Hard to Find by Flannery O'Connor and Young [...]

Classical Example of a Jerk

Being a jerk means being disrespectful to the needs of other people, and the opinion of Polemarchus proves that it has nothing to do with justice.

Paradigms About the Nature of Reality and Knowledge

However, even though the recognition of a researcher and an object of their inquiry as interdependent entities has helped to advance human understanding of a wide-range of social and natural phenomena, it is necessary to [...]

Idealism in Hegel’s Definition

Hegel, absolute idealism is a political view that there should be an identity of being and thought in order for the human reason to understand the nature of the natural world.

Mind-Body in Cartesian Dualism and Darwinian Monism

From this perspective, the relationship between body and mind can be compared to an aircraft and a pilot; although autopilot technologies are advanced, a successful flight is still impossible without the guidance of the human [...]

“Examined Life” in Socrates’ Thesis

In order to develop a sufficient understanding of what this proposition means, it is necessary to recognize the specifics of the philosopher's approach to philosophy and how it relates to practical life.

Descartes’ Self-Concept Construction

A careful study of his masterpiece entitled, Meditations can lead one to conclude that his concept of the self was the byproduct of the combination of the use of his physical senses, common sense, and [...]

Plato’s Aesthetics

The philosopher defines God and the creator's responsibilities in the text of the Republic: The creator is real and the opposite of evil.

Consciousness in Buddha’s Discourse

As a result, it was regarded as a problem that arose from the pernicious view of a bhikkhu named Sati, addressed as the son of a fisherman, over the Dharma taught by the Blessed One [...]

Karl Marx’s Concept of Alienation

According to Marx, that is called the externalization of a worker in his product. A man does not choose the productive activity, he is a part of it only because he is forced to he [...]

Ideology from Althusser’s Perspective

The evaluation is carried out from the perspective of Althusser's "On the Reproduction of Capitalism". The Marxist approach is one example of a complex political and economic ideology.

Richard Rorty’s Philosophy of Truth

This is probably the main pitfalls that should be avoided because it can pose a threat to a great number of people or society, in general. This is one of the issues that should not [...]

Foundationalism and the Infinite Regress of Reasons

Nevertheless, the acquisition of knowledge is a complex process which philosophers have developed different explanations to explain the same. Infinite regress: This refers to the process of reasoning to amplify the rationed credibility of a [...]

Asian Confucianism Philosophy and Literature

Nonetheless, Confucianism is still present in Asian people's minds and in their literary works as their philosophy, affected by different intrusions, is rooted in their hearts in the form of genetic memory.

Leadership Philosophy and Its Aspects

I define leadership as the ability to apply specific strategies of communication, decision making, and problem-solving to address the challenges of leading people in order to achieve certain outcomes that align with one's personal values, [...]

The Ultimate Nature of Reality

One of the most important problems in philosophy is the ultimate nature of reality and the relationships of its spiritual and material constituents.

Sceptical Philosophy Concept

However, Levitin explains that induction refers to the use of past experiences, and knowledge acquired from the past to predict things that are going to happen in the future.

Soren Kierkegaard Philosophical Concepts

The choice is a content of a personality, and a personality expresses itself in a choice. In Kierkegaard's philosophy, the concept of having a self is linked to the concept of consciousness.

Aristotle’s Ideologies Application in Practices

The ideologies of philosophers have influenced the world and changed the perception and attitudes of people toward various issues. The peculiarity and popularity of Aristotle's philosophy of life makes it easy for it to be [...]

Philosophy Critical Issues in Today’s Society

Excellent activities for a philosophy day event include debates and dialogues among people from different cultures and races, lectures about the connection between philosophy and culture, philosophical debates and discussions on self-reliance and individualism, and [...]

Whistleblowing as a Critical Thinking Skill

Whistleblowing is defined as "having four component parts: 1) an individual acts with the intention of making information public; 2) the information is conveyed to parties outside the organization who make it public and a [...]

Pragmatism and Keynesian Theory

This is due to the fact that there are changes in nature of work, preferences of employer for flexibility which normally work to the disadvantage of the employees and finally the changes in institutional systems [...]

Key Lessons from the Gettier Paper

An example that can be cited for this is that if John, who is a child, has always been told that babies come from heaven, this is the knowledge that he believes is true.

Ontological and Wager Argument

While Anselm and Wager are major proponents of the ontological argument, Hume and Kant are some of the opponents of the ontological argument. Ontological argument is a controversial argument that supports the existence of God.

The Consequences of the Time Travel

Thus, the time travel can lead to the intolerable and even threatening consequences because of influencing the principle of the cause and effect in relation to the past and future, and as a result, the [...]

Modern Science and the Creation Story

To establish the reason for the many scientific researches on the origin of the universe, it is prudent to explain the theory all works of science seem to tear apart, The Creationism Theory.

The Ethics of Leadership

If the action would receive disapproval from other people, Kantian ethics dictate that a leader should not make such a decision besides it is important to ponder on whether the course of action respects the [...]

Leading with Soul Response

The foremost characteristic of post-industrial living is the fact that; whereas, the exponential progress in the fields of informational technology and genetics had left very little room for monotheistic religion in the minds of most [...]

The Concept of Essence

The state of being is crucially determined by the principle of fundamentalism, which in turn leads to the essence of an object."The attributes, singly or collectively that make an object of a substance what it [...]

Concept of Direct Realism in Philosophy

Perception is the central issue in understanding the theory of direct realism, therefore, it is important to keep in mind the central aspects of this notion and only then try to understand the theory of [...]

Concept of Ontology in Philosophy

Ontology as a name was developed from a Greek word 'onto' which means 'being' or 'that which is.' Ontology is a branch of metaphysics that deals with issues about the existence of entities, and how [...]

Disagreement Concepts

The existence of disagreements is also justified by the fact that there can be a possibility of people arguing on the basis of divided evidence but have multiple choices in place leading to mutually appreciable [...]

Alfred Schutz And Phenomenology

The objective was to analyze the experience of human phenomena in consciousness and in psychological result of perception and reasoning. This study contributed to success of his first work, "the phenomenology of the social world".

“Realism” by Paul Berman

In this view, this essay seeks to investigate the reality in the meaning and the notion of the word "realism" as described by Paul Berman.

Matrix Hypothesis

Berkeley supports the view of the matrix hypothesis that human beings are in a matrix and disputes the view that the matrix hypothesis is skeptical using the idealism of reality.

Solipsism and Solitude

While solipsism focuses on the power of the mind, solitude defines the state of the surrounding, which the mind is allowed to perceive and discern.


In the development of curriculum, there has to provision for learners to make use of their experiences and come to the knowledge of things.

Report on the prophet and the dandy

This means that philosophy is practiced in real life by the believer of the philosophy. In the analysis of the prophet and the dandy, two philosophers are considered.

Leibniz’s theory of truth

The simple version of the theory is that a predicate is true because of the existence of the subject. Therefore once predicate and subject are linked, the statement becomes true without any attempt to rationalize [...]

Kant and Shakespeare

The action by the king therefore upholds the rule that man is guided by his selfish impulses and is bound to fall into temptations that lead to his abuse of power.

Impressions of Philosophy

The emergence of the philosophy of science as a field of study proves that philosophy is still relevant and required in the modern context, despite the success of the scientific discourse.

Spinoza’s Views on God

This can be translated to mean that God is the origin of God. The answer to this question is that it was God's intention to have God exist.

Free Will Does Not Exist

It cannot be imagined how the society would be is there was no thought in the minds of the people about the existence of God who oversees the actions of deeds of people in the [...]

Immortality of Soul

From the perspective of the Opposites Arguments, if the physical body is mortal and physical, the soul is immortal and, therefore, it should not die.

Concept of morals and the existence of God

The quantity of pleasure can be measured by the magnitude of the experience of an individual with whom the pleasure is associated. The purpose for which an action is done is the sole determinant of [...]