Perceptions of self Definition Essay

People manifest their attitudes through their behavior when going through different experiences. When a person feels weak or confused, the people who observe him or her know that there is a problem. The feelings of people change when they are not comfortable with what they are doing, which manifest in the behavior. Individuals tend to believe what they are told is possible if their attitude is positive. When people are asked by others to do something, which is difficult, they first consider how others could benefit from the same.

Self-perception is a trait that develops in a person towards something through daily observation and interaction with others. People develop attitudes but do not relate them with their different moods when going through certain experiences. When one is able to interpret his or her behavior in a rational manner, it becomes possible to understand other people.

A perception of self is a common trait for all people where one can think that he or she is handsome, bright or difficult. There are situations where perceptions of self in a person have developed in a manner that does not match with how other people perceive the individual. For example, you might see yourself as being very organized while others take you to be bossy. Therefore, it is paramount for us to be informed about the way other people perceive us if their perceptions about us are negative.

This helps to improve and ensure that our behavior is acceptable and other people can benefit from our actions. There are situations where our perception on other people changes when we know more about them. The information on how other people perceive us is important so that we can compare it with self-perception. For example, when other people believe that we can be leaders and tell us, we tend to understand why they always consult us in case of any question.

Perceptions of self refer to personality in human beings about their physical size as well as intelligence. For example, people may be perceived as bragging if they talk too much about their children. The significant thing is to know how other people perceive us in order to relate it with self-perception. However, perception of people on others does not always reflect the reality about the character.

For example, some people are less self-defensive but other people may accuse them that they are too defensive. The problem is that an individual may clarify about a certain issue but other people perceive him or her to be defensive. That is why conflicts arise because we think that we have done what others wanted but later realize that we are annoying them. This does not require us to change but we should know about the problem in order to solve it if it recurs.

The hidden feelings of people are different and we are not able to know about them. When a person does something that annoys others he or she may not know how they feel about it. This requires everyone to be conscious when relating with other people. Many people use nonverbal cues when they do not like others such as walking out in a gathering.

A businessperson may also conceal his or her negative feelings towards certain customers because he or she is aware that doing that would put off the customers. Perceptions of self are validated by asking the people we trust about their perceptions on us so that we obtain reliable information, which help us to know why people behave in certain ways.

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