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Philosophy Essay Examples and Topics

The Role of the Body

Time passed and people started to think that our body is just a repository for our eternal soul and that is why existence should be devoted to attempts to save our soul and prepare it [...]

The Will to Believe – Philosophy

There are two categories of people as depicted in the article: the absolutists who believe that the truth can actually be recognized the when it is found, and the empiricists who argue that though the [...]

Plato’s Philosophy in “The Republic”

In his description of the ideal society, Plato explains that people in the society are not advised to act without knowledge such that before a city is erected, full understanding of justice should be known.

The Theory of the Forms – Philosophy

The pre-Socratics tried to solve the puzzle of the connection that bonded the "one" together with the "many". Plato's solution lies in the realms, the realm of the physical world and that of the forms.

Is Suicide Morally Wrong? – Philosophy

Kant says that the wellbeing of a human being is supreme, thus suicide is an abominable act. It is obvious that the death of a person through suicide causes sadness and even grief to the [...]

Heroes Versus Anti-heroes

I have seen that Rene Descartes contribution in philosophy and natural science stood the test of time; therefore, he became a hero' on the other hand, Karl Marx's contribution in social science did not stand [...]

God’s Existence

In summary, Descartes implies that since we do have an idea of a being that is all powerful and perfect, and since we can distinctly and clearly assign the attribute of necessarily existence to this [...]

Adam Smith’s Views on Virgil’s Aeneid

In Virgil's work, the devices of awakening a reader's sympathy and emotions correspond to the mechanisms of agreeable emotion, identification et al outlined by Smith and influence a reader's judgments, attitudes and world-view.

Philosopher Plato and His ‘The Republic’

Plato makes a passionate presentation for the rightness of justice in 'The Republic'; it is imperative that the place of justice be fully understood because it is the cornerstone upon which the ideal city-state is [...]

Philosopher Socrates and the Power of Doubt

The life of Socrates is explained in the conversation between Plato and Xenophon and also in theater performances of Aristophanes. Additionally, Socrates is perceived to be the artist who designed the statue of the three [...]

Confucius Philosophy: His Life and Though

Tian is one of the most important concepts in his teachings, and it symbolizes heaven. This story is about a disciple of Confucius asking Daoists for help that was later reported to the teacher.

Aristotle vs. Plato

Generally, Aristotle's philosophy differs with that of Plato because the latter's is too shallow to establish definitions or sensibly create standards.

Immanuel Kant’s Ethics – Philosophy

This is one of the categorical imperative that an individual should not violate. Yet, one should bear in mind that Mill may justify this behavior if a person can clearly show that it can improve [...]

Eros and Civilization by Herbert Marcuse

In its turn, this is the direct consequence of the fact that, in order for this civilization to remain on the path of progress, in the linear sense of this word, it may never cease [...]

Objective Look at the Paranormal and Ghosts

The last example that is the most common comes in the form of residences being haunted wherein objects all of the sudden move for no reason, broken glassware appears, doors open and close, noises can [...]

Darwin’s Theory of Human Evolution

Although Darwin seems to refute the religious claim on the origin of man, it is apparent that both religion and science share a common hypothesis that man has a distinct origin. Darwin is also concerned [...]

Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre

The Judeo-Christian religious tradition insists that it is necessary for the soul to be viewed as being in a constant fight with the body in an attempt to transcend the temptations of the flesh. The [...]

Philosophy Issues in “Euthyphro” by Plato

The dilemma in this dialogue is "whether God says actions or things are morally acceptable because they are naturally good, or such practices become moral because God appears to declare them to be ethical".

The Definition of Happiness

For example, Aristotle's work raises questions such as, "What is the purpose of human life?", "What is happiness?" and "Why do people do the things they do?" On the other hand, Plato's text raises questions [...]

Philosophy Critical Issues in Today’s Society

Excellent activities for a philosophy day event include debates and dialogues among people from different cultures and races, lectures about the connection between philosophy and culture, philosophical debates and discussions on self-reliance and individualism, and [...]

Biblical Perspective on Finance

Yet, the author disagrees with the public opinion about capitalism stating that it is not the problem of the modern society, on the contrary, it is the solution to the biggest issues.

Whistleblowing as a Critical Thinking Skill

Whistleblowing is defined as "having four component parts: 1) an individual acts with the intention of making information public; 2) the information is conveyed to parties outside the organization who make it public and a [...]

“Dismantling Truth” by Richard Rorty

The inherent problem I have with Rorty in this article is the fact that the concept of a socially defined truth clashes with the changing nature of society and the potential for people to agree [...]

The Challenge of Cultural Relativism

The article "The Challenge of Cultural Relativism" by Rachels explores the issue of ethics. According to Rachels, cultural relativism fails to support the existence of universal moral standards.

Meaning of Life

The structure of this paper analyzes the service to God and the perception of the afterlife, as highlights of the differences and similarities about the Christian and Islamic perceptions of life.

Defensive Approach: Utilitarianism

The utilitarian attitude towards rights is that the moral 'right' is built on the basis of utilitarian aspects, especially on the principle that seeks to reduce pain and suffering of living organisms.

Where Religion and Politics Cross?

Depending on the specifics of the religion that a certain society professes, as well as the extent, to which the religion in question is followed by the members of the society, the former does have [...]

Thrasymachus Ideas in The Republic by Plato

Furthermore, Thrasymachus' interpretation of justice can undermine the efficiency of the state and deprive the elites of their credibility. This is one of the paradoxes that should be recognized, and Thrasymachus does not speak about [...]

Philosophical Methods in Buddha’s Texts

With regards to the parable of the water snake, Buddha gives a story of young men brought up in good families. Buddha talks of the views to make Malunkyaputta understand his teachings better.

Theologico-Political Treatise by Benedict Spinoza

Spinoza affirms that while the philosophical interpretation of the scripture assumes that God/nature is supreme, the religious interpretation assumes that the universe is comprised of two powers: God's power as a person/king and the natural [...]

20th Century Philosophy by Robert Wolff

In fact, what matters in the intention of the action in inter and intra personal relationship, sina ce the primary aim of the argument is to declare the directive as confirming to the source of [...]

Philosophy Issues: Utilitarianism or Deontology?

Regardless of the extent to which some people are opposed to the applications of moral principles, which should be consistent with the scriptures of God, they are used to produce the best results in communities.

Philosophy of Freedom in the Apology

Socrates' friends requested him to accept the charges, as they were willing to pay the expected fines, but he refused and insisted that he was ready to die for the sake of justice.

The Philosophy of Ancient Greece

Overall, it is possible to argue that the philosophy of ancient Greece is mostly associated with the names of such prominent thinkers as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

Philosophical Studies: Human Emotion

Biologically, the brain realizes that the situation taking place is negative or depressing, and the heart reacts to the external environment, as well as internal understanding that the situation is stressful.

Philosophy of Zen’ Thoughts

Zen can be used to solve the problem of Dualism in the daily life because it demonstrates the ways how to avoid and resolve the ordinary conflicts based on the duality of ideas and meanings.

Emmanuel Kant’s Philosophy

According to the moral imperative, moral worth is the foundation of a person's ability to do right and is the foundation of the metaphysics of morals.