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Philosophy Essay Examples and Topics

Philosophical Moral Theories

The third aspect of Kant's moral theory touches on reciprocation and it says that one should act in such a way that he/she is both the legislated and a legislator when it comes to end [...]

Three Stereotypes Encounting

The notion that fat people are lazy is because many of them avoid doing activities that would require them to spend a lot of energy and movement. In many cases, the speed of fat people [...]

Benedict de Spinoza’s Philosophy

Spinoza believed that since everything in the universe is in existence due to the power of God, it is unlikely to find something that is lacking anything.

“The Racial Contract” by Charles Mills

Mills' book explores the political philosophy of the social contract."The Racial contract" was published at the end of the twentieth century, and it investigates the issue of racial relations in the world over 500 years.

Confucian Ethics

An example, of a group of people who have not mastered the concept of Li, may be judges who make their decisions based on their understanding of the law and not the prevailing special circumstances [...]

Transcendental Movement

The emergence of new transcendental ideas reshaped the American literature introduced in the works by Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman in such a way that it contributed to the excellence and maturity of the literary world [...]

Philosophy’s Main Themes

As much as there are different definitions of the word philosophy, nobody can underestimate the importance that it has in our society. Ethics is a branch of philosophy that explains the nature of rights and [...]

Philosophy’s Main Branches

It is the epitome of thinking and as it was described by the London times, "the great virtue of philosophy is that it teaches not what to think, but how to think".

Philosophers and Their Concepts

It is evident that the two main forms of beings that Sartre developed were the being-in-itself that relates to the existence of objects and the being-for-itself that relates to the existence of human beings.

Inauthenticity and Authenticity Differences

Heidegger concludes that authenticity is temporary as opposed to inauthenticity because we are born with the former and achieves the later after some time Nietzsche on his view argues that authenticity is the elementary mode [...]

Adam Smith on the Rules of Morality

The reason for this is that, contrary to what many people think, the rules of morality are simultaneously 'given' and continuously formed, in regards to what happened to be the affiliated external circumstances.

Rationalism Philosophy

The moderate philosophical inclination anchors on the role of reason in the acquisition of knowledge. The extreme standpointthe posits the relevance of reason as the sole gateway to the acquisition of knowledge.

Descartes Revolutionary Ideas

Descartes admits that it is possible that the piece of wax is one of the images in the individual's mind. Of course, it is possible to think of a variety of examples to prove that [...]

Beauty and Deja Vu

The message the speaker was communicating to the audience struck me as familiar; I had a feeling that I had heard it from the same venue before.

Pragmatism and Keynesian Theory

This is due to the fact that there are changes in nature of work, preferences of employer for flexibility which normally work to the disadvantage of the employees and finally the changes in institutional systems [...]

Musical Education and The Laws by Plato

There is another very interesting quote related to the definition of good music, namely, the Athenian stranger points out that the best music is the one that "pleases the man who is distinguished in virtue [...]

Key Lessons from the Gettier Paper

An example that can be cited for this is that if John, who is a child, has always been told that babies come from heaven, this is the knowledge that he believes is true.

Ontological and Wager Argument

While Anselm and Wager are major proponents of the ontological argument, Hume and Kant are some of the opponents of the ontological argument. Ontological argument is a controversial argument that supports the existence of God.

Kantian Perspective on Water Privatisation

According to the extant literature, this is a response to the experience of the global water crisis. In this case, there is the tendency to exploit in the selling of water, and the positions are [...]

The Consequences of the Time Travel

Thus, the time travel can lead to the intolerable and even threatening consequences because of influencing the principle of the cause and effect in relation to the past and future, and as a result, the [...]

Can God and Real Evil Be Reconciled?

Despite the fact that God and the Evil are traditionally opposed in Christianity, the only possible way of handling the evil should be viewed through the reconciliation of the two, since the former, as the [...]

Teachings of Jesus and Kant

According to the rules by Jesus, there is no need of fixing rules to guide moral judgments because when people are guided by love for each other they do the right things.

Meaning in Life

Schnell and Steger, Frazier, Oishi and Kaler observed that one critical aspect of the well-being of people in the society, which comes out in the humanistic theories that are utilized in counselling psychology, is people's [...]

Ethical relativism concept

Indeed, just as societies have different frameworks for assessing the ethical or moral implications of their actions, it is equally important to acknowledge that these ethical and moral actions are also subject to time adjustments.

Knowledge and Gettier’s Argument

Because the process contains an assumption and it happens to be the end result, it does not mean that it is universal and can be applied to all situations and the definitions of knowledge.

The Best Political Philosophy is Marxism

It is also important to note that these group of theorists also believed in the fact that people are selfish. On the contrary, Locke believed in a rational man, even though he could be selfish [...]

“The Laws” by Plato

The Athenian's contribution to the 'would be' laws of the new city is impressive to the Spartan and the Cretan and they therefore recommend him to be part of the team founding the new city [...]

Modern Science and the Creation Story

To establish the reason for the many scientific researches on the origin of the universe, it is prudent to explain the theory all works of science seem to tear apart, The Creationism Theory.

Aristotle’s Views on Women

Before the Greek physicians and philosophers of the Classical Age took up the question of the nature of women, the Greeks had serious attitudes toward women as revealed in their literature.

Kahn and Verifiability

Khun introduced the concept of "paradigm shift" in mainstream science by suggesting that scientific models undergo paradigm shifts and therefore, the notion that scientific models develop in a linear manner is untrue. After weighing the [...]

Reflection on Confucianism

Yao reacts against the constricted view of the philosophy, which comes from failure to open into the historical development of the philosophy and the role of the Confucian tradition as a whole in advancing Confucianism.

Apology and Euthyphro

He claimed that his wisdom was greater than that of other humans which means that the judges and the accusers did not possess any of it for he believed that they were invented people who [...]

The Ethics of Leadership

If the action would receive disapproval from other people, Kantian ethics dictate that a leader should not make such a decision besides it is important to ponder on whether the course of action respects the [...]

Responsibility Definition

In my opinion, responsibility is making decisions that are mutually beneficial to me and the people that I interact with in everyday activities.

Leading with Soul Response

The foremost characteristic of post-industrial living is the fact that; whereas, the exponential progress in the fields of informational technology and genetics had left very little room for monotheistic religion in the minds of most [...]

Taoism and the Tao

The main idea of the essay is to define the Taoism relation to objectivity and subjectivity, to apply the philosophy to how individuals should live, to relate it to nature.

The Concept of Essence

The state of being is crucially determined by the principle of fundamentalism, which in turn leads to the essence of an object."The attributes, singly or collectively that make an object of a substance what it [...]

Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies

From this point, the purpose of this research paper is to evaluate the current debates on the acceptability of using quantitative and qualitative methodologies and to discuss the possibility of creating the effective integrated inquiry [...]

Grounded Theory

The sensitivity of the information that is collected in the process of grounded theory research determines the applicability of the developed concepts.

Todorov and Structuralism

In this article, Todorov argued that the manifestation of the "repetition and difference" aspect of the narrative requires the application of a specific formula.

Daocism Tradition

The readings that will be discussed in this paper illustrate the diversity of this movement and their importance for different cultures.

Kantian and Utilitarian Ethics

The likening of the historical suffering of the people of Salvador to the suffering of Christ was a critical step in fueling the search for equality and identity of the people of Salvador.

Socrates on Teaching and Learning

Plato believed that presenting the teachings in the form of dialogues was the best way of documenting the teachings of Socrates for the benefit of the future generations.

John Locke Biography

John Locke, who was also widely regarded as the inventor of classical liberalism, was thought of as one of the most known intellectuals of enlightenment.

Alvin Plantinga’s Claims

The shortcoming with this LR principle is due to the fact that the individual in the widget's case does not make the deduction that her perceptual faculties regarding the color of the widgets are unreliable [...]

Human Dignity and Bioethics

The current paper is a critical analysis of the controversy surrounding the issue of human dignity and bioethics. On the contrary, it is the ability of the individual and the society in general to set [...]

Concept of Direct Realism in Philosophy

Perception is the central issue in understanding the theory of direct realism, therefore, it is important to keep in mind the central aspects of this notion and only then try to understand the theory of [...]

Differences Between Confucianism and Daoism

For this reason, all men in the society are required to assist the authorities in the administration of the state. To a Confucian, the state is the guardian of every individual, and should be protected.

Euthyphro: Concept of Holiness and Piety

According to Burrington, Socrates was to attend a court hearing in which Meletus accuses him of distracting the attention of young people from believing in the gods that the state religion recognizes.

The Role of Paradigms’ Changes

Moreover, the shift to the new paradigm means significant changes in the scientists' perception of the world, and in their scientific 'imagination'; thus, the focus on the new paradigm means changes in the scientists' world [...]

The Confucian System and Its Aspects of Life

Confucianism forms the most of the complex intellectual Chinese history and has greatly impacted the and shaped the culture of the entire Chinese communities and the surrounding nations neighboring the nation.

Concept of Ontology in Philosophy

Ontology as a name was developed from a Greek word 'onto' which means 'being' or 'that which is.' Ontology is a branch of metaphysics that deals with issues about the existence of entities, and how [...]

Disagreement Concepts

The existence of disagreements is also justified by the fact that there can be a possibility of people arguing on the basis of divided evidence but have multiple choices in place leading to mutually appreciable [...]