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Philosophy Essay Examples and Topics

Does God Exist?

God exists as it is the beginning of everything, as God is necessary just for the personal existence and this is the beginning of other issues which may be possibly exist or not as well [...]

Philosophy Is Worth Doing

The thinker argues that philosophers bring to the fore trends and outlooks existing in the human society. Some may argue that there is no point in listening to philosophers, reading their works as people will [...]

Proof of an External World

The main aim of Moore's essay is to explain that if there are some reasons not to believe that external objects exist; the author is to convince people of physical things existence before they understand [...]

Ship of Theseus and Personal Identity

Regarding the Ship of Theseus, the ship changed a lot but it remained the same in terms of its properties. Equally, Y could be said to be the same as Z in terms of properties.

Freedom of the Will

His appeal is on behalf of not just the unsuccessful and downtrodden but of the criminal and degraded classes and a condemnation of what passes for 'justice', divine and human.

Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle

However, the fact that there are many actions that people engage in, Aristotle argues that their ends are countless. Aristotle concludes that happiness is the key principle that causes people to practice virtues such as [...]

The Issue of the Free Will

On the one hand, the opponents of the hard determinism state that free will exists and people do not base their own decisions on anything, however, it is possible to say that the decision was [...]


The puzzle enlightens the human mind on what the limitations of the mind on knowledge are. In the puzzle, there is no human being when the tree falls; hence the puzzle is if the tree [...]

Divine Command Theory

Divine command theory is based on the idea that God is the determinant of right and wrong behavior. It is wrong for believers to say that the commandments given by God are arbitrary because He [...]

Apollonian and Dionysian

Through the way art is expressed, people have a way of understand the thoughts of the author as well as understanding the message the author was trying to communicate.

Crisis of the Modern World

This paper therefore seeks to address the crisis of modern science, how and why the religion and metaphysics continue with their long and slow decline as well the role of Romanticism in the crisis of [...]

Rene Descartes and John Locke

Locke's argument that "whatever is innate is true" means that he holds a position similar to Descartes that if innate principles were to occur, then it would be the work of God, a position which [...]

Socrates Main Idea

Therefore, it is important to first respect the rights of others, as according to the letter of the law, and then to promote one's beliefs in a non violent manner in order to promote democratic [...]

Sophist Reasoning

At the same time, according to Socrates, the process of people growing ever more knowledgeable of surrounding reality and their place in it has the value of 'thing in itself'.

Is Man inherently good or inherently evil?

In conclusion, the question of whether man is inherently good or evil can only be answered within a specific context. People are neither evil nor good and they behave in the way they do, whether [...]

St Augustine’s Philosophy

God's presence in an individual enables him/her to achieve goals that are consistent with the provisions of the church. They belong to the city of the damned and are responsible for their actions.

Confusion is Fruitful

Thus, how is knowledge of ignorance, in Descartes' meditation and Socrates' the allegory of cave, fruitful in understanding the existence and real meaning of life?

Plato’s Parable of the Cave

The prisoners are only able to see the shadow of the puppets on the wall of the cave-their only way of being acquainted to the outside world.

Greek Philosopher Socrates

In the era of ancient Greece, approximately forty years before the commencement of the Peloponnesian battles, an infant by the name of Socrates was brought into the world.

Kekes and Schwitzgebel on Evil

In the example of the crusade, the main objective of the pope and other Christians is alleged to be eliminating the Cathers and the perfects.

Philosophy major is needed in curriculum

This paper will thus discuss why Philosophy major is needed in curriculum to teach students- who will later assume important roles in the social and business sectors- on the value of ethics in the society.

Post structuralism in modern day society

Post structuralism in teaching can be regarded as critical in the modern world since it is diversified and ideas are used in respect to the way they are expressed or brought to existence.

Life after death

In many religions across the world, people belief in life after death and also being born again in the world after an individual. Life after death is the belief in the continuation of life after [...]

Cartesian Dualism

According to Cartesian dualism, the mind and the body interact at the point of pineal body because it is the only gland in the brain that is not duplicate, which connects the body and the [...]

Philosophical Suicide

One of the thoughts that Camus laid down for his argument is the idea that once the abstract nature of the world is revealed to an individual, a person develops attitudes that are connected to [...]

Epicurus’ perception of pleasure and justice

Pain which is brought about by harm is the main source of injustice, pursuing pleasure involved refraining from doing what does not bring pleasure to oneself but ensuring that obtaining utmost personal pleasure would be [...]

Integrative philosophy

It is referred to as the mind-body problem from the difficulties that are encountered in understanding the working of the body and that of the mind.

Rationalism as a Branch of Epistemology

To downplay the importance of sense experience, Plato and Descartes show that sense experience can never be a cause of experience since the objects captured through it are vulnerable to change.

Confucius Biography

According to him, moral virtue is the only means of ensuring that there is order in the society. His mother thus played the role of the father in bringing up Confucius and it is through [...]

The Role of gods in Plato’s Philosophy

As Plato recounts the episode "Myth of Er" found in the republic dialogue phaedo and the story of time reversal in the statesman, a clear view of the hierarchical arrangement of the cosmos is illuminated.

Tyranny of the Majority

Justice is not dependent on the majority of any particular group, but on the views held by a majority of the people, which implies that the rights of an individual are limited to what majority [...]

Knowledge as perception or opinion

Since perception is as a result of stimulation of the senses, and the senses only give us the appearance of objects not there reality, then it is wrong to consider perception to define knowledge.

Nozick Entitlement Theory of Justice

It is from deduction of this principle that gives rise to the third principle of rectification in which Nozick brings forth suggestions of solutions that should be adopted to rectify the unjust distribution and ownership [...]

Does Increased Choice make us happy?

If people presume that opportunity costs causes a decrease in the overall desirability especially the most favorite choice, then the more the increased choices, the greater the sense of loss and dissatisfaction they will derive [...]

Success of Socrates’ Defense

Fist, he does not appear to be apologetic and to the contrary confirms the general opinion held by majority of his jury that he thinks he is the wisest.

Lawyer at Socrates Case in 399 B.C.

Socrates was a man of unfathomable religious convictions and a patriot, but most of his contemporary allies regarded him with suspicion and dislike due to his attitude towards the state of Athens and the various [...]

Journal on Philosophers

Augustine is concerned about the certainty in knowledge claims especially of knowledge in things that he has never seen or things that were enacted beforehand by predecessors.

Communication Discussion

In the context of marriage as a social institution, the performative statement said to fulfill the action is "I do", which fulfills the action of marrying.

Deism: The Child of the Renaissance

In this essay, we are going to discuss and explain the deism of the period of Enlightenment and show the relations between ides of deism and Enlightenment philosophy through the analysis of teaching such great [...]

The problem for criterion

It is clear through the literature that has come to man, that philosophers started being increasingly concerned with the task of justifying the possibility, and therefore, the credibility of human knowledge of the entire world.

Philosophy vs. Religion

The universe is perceived as the creation of a supernatural being and hence there are devotional practices and ritual performances that are directed towards the relationship between people and the superhuman being and a set [...]

Psychology of the Superheroes

The study of superheroes has been of interest to psychologists mainly due to the inspirational impacts it has on those in the neighborhood of the superhero.

J. O. De La Mettrie

His experience as a physician and the philosophical knowledge he had, formed a perfect combination of knowledge, which gave him the ability to explain human nature.

Betting on God’s Existence

This is due to the fact that different people explain the existence of God in different ways and there is always a contradiction between scientific theories and faith of individuals. However, from the explanation provided [...]

Giovanni Pico Della Mirandolla

While he was fourteen years of age, Giovanni went to Bologna where he studied for two years, and was mostly engaged with the Decrials."While still in Bologna, he was disgusted with the traditional studies of [...]

The Consolation of Philosophy

So, it would be appropriate to suggest the overview of changing virtues and people's views within the well-known cognitive books: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, The Consolation of Philosophy by Ancius Boethius, and the [...]

Heroes and Anti-heroes

By examination of Tyler Durden in the "Fight club" and Clint Eastwood in "The good the bad and the ugly," it can be noted that the heroes and anti-heroes are depicted in a similar yet [...]

Importance of Self-Identity

Self-knowledge is very necessary as it helps one to identify the strengths and weaknesses that one has in the view of imminent challenges in life.

Theory of Justice

Justice, which is suitable for the constitution of the country, is also beneficial to the people. The Plato's theory of justice tries to balance what people and societies practice."Justice is the good of another".

Louis Pojman Theory

Furthermore, due to the different laws and cultures in our world, it would be seemingly impossible to uphold such a rule According to Pojman, "the idea of rewarding the good and punishing the bad is [...]

The concept of “mimesis” or imitation

He says that the idea of the bed from which all beds are made generates from god, the carpenter who makes the bed 'naturalizes' what god had conceived, and the painter copies the idea of [...]

Dualism vs. Monism

This is by far the most convincing evidence that we have, which so far supports the model of dualism in our contemporary society.

Plato and Aristotle on Literature

The controversy over the effects of literature has made the great philosophers, Plato and Aristotle, to differ in their perceptions of the literature impacts on the society.

Genealogy of Morality

They based their perception of what is good on what they received and deemed good while the masses were obliged to accept that as common and if common then as the norm of the values.

Kant’s Critique of Judgment

The purpose of this paper is to analyze critically the concept of the sublime as presented by Immanuel Kant in his work 'The Critique of Judgment'.