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What is Worldview? Essay

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Updated: Apr 17th, 2019

World view stands for the individual’s perception of the world. World view does involve all the beliefs or philosophy on what we take the world to be in relation to ourselves. This does constitute one’s attitude, ideology and even one’s general outlook toward life.

People do ask themselves what human s are and what their purpose in life is. In discussing world views so many questions do arise. For example what is the world made up of? Does it involve assembling done by some sort of natural processes? Or is it created by a supreme being.

One’s worldviews do shape individuals a great deal. However, people’s world view is affected by several factors which include an array of inherited characteristics, other background situations and experiences, inculcated values and even habits. This therefore means that people’s worldviews do differ from one individual to the other.

One wonders what is the world and how did it originate. This question has proved quite challenging depending on one’s orientation. From what I feel, the world came to exist out of some supernatural power. This is despite the fact that there are other nations that try to explain the origin of the earth and the universe.

The world is a mass that is composed of masses of water soil and life. Scientists have come up with their suppositions on how the earth formed. According to them, it is believed that the world came into being about 4.5 billion years ago. It formed from a solidified dust and other gases when the sun was formed.

They believe that the earth was made of several ingredients including silicates and iron together with some other elements, some of which were radioactive. Since the earth was cold, some of the energy emanating from the reaction of the radioactive elements heats the earth, thereby making it warm.

The other constituents further react, creating depressions in the natural crust of the earth thereby causing natural basins of water, hills and volcanoes that led to the present terrain. There is also another scientific thought that further asserts that macro evolution played a very crucial role in the species on earth.

They believe that living things have evolved over time. This means that a horse some millions of years ago is not the same in features compared to the horse in existence now. It started with a small horse the size of a dog and changed in its stages of development into the horse that we know today.

But it is difficult to rely on this observation of changes. Some changes that can be observed do not change into totally different creatures altogether. For example I do not find it convincing claiming that reptiles could have possibly dropped their scaly skins and grew feathers to become birds.

There is another law of thermodynamics which simply stated that the development of the universe did proceed from a complete state of disorder to order and simple status to complex ones. But as is established, the second law of thermodynamics rules that there cannot be progression from disorder to order.

But still thermodynamics fall short of record of verification. For instance the law does not connect the missing links that do exist within the fossil record. If indeed macro –evolution took place over a period of billions of years on end, then the fossils of many creatures in their millions should provide evidence of some creatures evolving into other totally different creatures.

This therefore means that if birds actually evolve from reptiles then there should be fossils that reflect a creature that was half reptile and d half bird. The nature of our world is composed of materiality. This means nature has tangible things which are physical in nature. The nature has process. The process includes cycles and natural systems. Further, nature has got abstraction which is composed of ideas and expressions.

The materiality aspect of nature does make great sense to me. Nature is made of material physical things. For example, human beings do exist and so does water, trees, animals, rivers etc. This applies to what I see in the environment and this sends me to the point of how should we exist in nature.

This is crucial since it tells us that we are to co-exist with other things in this world. We should take ourselves to be independent. In this world we are co- inhabitants. One natural thing should not see itself as a substitution to the other. There is also a delicate balance that does exist and everything in nature has got its role and place in society.

The process part of nature cannot be ignored. Nature has got several processes taking place. These include nitrogen cycle, water cycle and many other biological cycles that do form the natural systems. These are in our environment in that should we tamper with any one of the cycles then nature suffers greatly and sometimes irreparably.

For example we do know that nature has got a wonderful way of cleaning itself for us. In fact there are many cycles that help the plants and animals to survive on earth. The cycles in essence do form micro worlds. Though the cycles do exist in the natural world, it is upon the inhabitants to provide this micro-world an opportunity to ‘live’.

Abstraction as an aspect of nature does reflect to us the existence of intangible issues such as ideas, expressions etc. Nature is not just physical; it is composed of harmonious philosophical issues that guide it. The human mind for example has perceptions, impressions and ideas. Remember these are not physical yet we cannot deny that they do exist. These do for instance bring sensations, unmeasured passions and other emotions.

Ideas on the other hand are images that get formed in the mind. These can be put into reality by implementing or setting out to concretize the image that is in the mind. For example I have had to view our backyard in a different way. This is an image that I have formed in my mind and can make it tangible if I so wish by going ahead and implementing the changes.

How our world is structured and how it functions. When we set out to investigate how our world is structured we are basically looking at the basic parts of the world is structured we are basically looking at the basic parts of the world and their attendant interrelationships. Further we look at the way those parts behave within a specific context or actual time dimension. According to me the world is structured in such a way that the past does greatly affect the present.

It is also structured in such a way that there is the unconscious reality on one side while on the other side there is invisible reality, objective reality and the visible reality. The construct of one’s perceived reality does greatly focus attention on many specific aspects of objective reality that eventually guides the way one perceives subjective reality. The world is thus viewed in what could be perceived through sciences, philosophy arts and even religion.

We human beings are not just observers to the world as some people claim. We are very important players in the universe and things here do not just happen around us. We are part of the creation. We are connected to this universe since our connectedness does give us fulfillment through things such as pursuit for pleasure, joy romance etc. on this earth.

Further we have the capacity to affect what is going through the world our actions. We come up with innovations and these innovations do have a way of helping or affecting the balance in the world. The things that join the universe like the particles of energy. We do share this and we get affected by things that happened in this universe before us and we get affected by those that will come after us.

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