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Genocide and the Right to Be Free Essay


Some people call this process genocide, and other people are inclined to discuss the issue as the cleansing within the nation. Despite the fact, all the people are born different and free, the governments of many states feel responsible to decide who is worthy of living here and now. Red-haired persons as well as black persons or Indians differ significantly from other people. This difference is the source of the controversy and fears experienced by the other people who belong to the majority within the country.

From this point, genocide is a violent method to guarantee definite security for the majority. Any divisions of the society into groups and genocide actions directed toward the minorities are associated with a certain degree of violence which can lead to unexpected consequences, and my task as a policeman is to follow the authorities’ directions and perform my job well, without references to the ethical questions.

Being a policeman, I am obliged to follow the orders of the authorities and definite guidelines provided by the leaders of the state. The focus on the order is the main duty of a policeman even if the order is based on organizing the raid to find the red-haired men as the representatives of the minority. Despite the controversial purposes for the raid, all the means are good to achieve the final goal and realize the effective cleansing within the nation.

Thus, the first stage of the raid is a successful organization. I should act according to the developed plan, and I cannot be distracted by some insignificant details. If the final goal is the red-haired man, it is impossible to concentrate on the other persons who can prevent me from realizing the basic plan. The house, in which I can find the red-haired man, should be surrounded by the group of the other policemen, and the raid should be realized actively.

If violence is necessary, aggressive techniques and methods will be used. There is no time to pay attention to, for instance, the man who smokes a crack pipe when the operation is under the threat of being prevented by the people who are against the procedure of cleansing (“M.I.A., Born Free”).

The next stage is the transportation of the detainees to the place where the act of cleansing should be realized. I cannot hear the detainees’ thoughts while we are on the bus, these young men are usually silent, but I can see their glances, and there is a real threat in their eyes. To prevent possible violence, I should act decisively and even aggressively. The desert is the best place for realizing the procedure of cleansing. The public should not be affected by the procedure, that is why the desert is chosen as the best territory to complete the operation. The public can suffer only when people try to prevent policemen from doing their work.

The red-haired detainees, as any other representatives of minorities do not see any harmful or provocative aspects in their activities or styles of living that is why they are inclined to oppose the actions of the policemen who are organized to control the detainees. To make these people act according to the order, I often have to use extreme methods. The death of one of these detainees can be discussed as an effective stimulus to make these people follow the order. I can choose to kill the youngest red-haired man first. The order of these persons’ deaths does not matter because all of them will die finally. The cleansing operation should be performed effectively that is why my task is to make these people run down the live minefield. I agree that this way to implement the cleansing procedure is one of the most effective methods.

A lot of people do not support the idea of genocide because of its immoral character, and these people state that everyone was born free despite the differences in race, appearance, and culture. I am inclined to believe that all people are different that is why they have different rights. It is the fate of the red-haired minority to be killed in the desert to provide me and the other policemen with the opportunity to prevent the possible revolutionary actions of this aggressive group. As a policeman, I am responsible for preventing the situation when these people decide to realize their slogan “Our day will come” (“M.I.A., Born Free”).

If genocide is still part of our society, it is the evidence to state that the authorities and governments support this situation and see some advantages in it. Being a policeman, I can only follow the order and wait for further directions to realize the next raid and find people who differ from the other persons in the color of their hair or their race.

The Statement

My work depends on the understanding of human nature in all its varieties and on the effective interpretation of personal thoughts, ideas, desires, and intentions. From this point, it is always important to concentrate on the individual’s personality. There cannot be two similar persons as well as there cannot be two similar approaches to discussing and resolving the problems of different persons.

My practice is based on a definite theoretical background, which is rather stable but it is my task as a professional to choose the unique approach to different persons to be able to assist in overcoming problematic situations. Moreover, the world in constant change, and I should follow modern trends if they are helpful for my work.

Each person is not only a part of the community, but he or she can be discussed as the whole world in oneself. That is why the individual approach to interpreting and analyzing the person’s beliefs, values, and desires is fundamental to my work. I should satisfy the person’s needs in away.

It is important to concentrate on every detail to receive the opportunity to see the whole picture. The aspects of the person’s surroundings are as important as the aspects of the person’s inner world to cope with the definite issue for resolving which my assistance is necessary. As a result, my work is in analyzing the whole picture and focusing on a lot of aspects to be able to pay attention to the smallest detail, which is often the main key to the individual’s inner world and the person’s hired thoughts and desires.

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