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Annotated Bibliography About Terrorism Thesis

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Updated: Jul 11th, 2022

Annotated Bibliography

Crocker, Chester A, Hampson, Fen Osler & Aall, Pamela R. (2007). Leashing the Dogs of War. New York: Institute of Peace Press.

The authors capture the fall of the Berlin Wall to the rise of global Terrorism in this book. This is an optimistic book. The central theme of this book is not that something can be accomplished but that many things can be completed and that the test of a skilled peacemaker is to conclude which mechanism will give the best result on which conflict and in which mixture. This book will undoubtedly help the future generation of peacemakers as they struggle to rein in the dogs of war and stiffen the matches on which they feed.

Devetak Richard, Burke Anthony, George Jim. (2007). An Introduction to International Relations. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

This book throws light on the new method of methodological approach, which is the feminist approach in international relations, a diverse and broad field of study. This field is richer with controversy, debate, challenging new methodological approaches, and cutting-edge research. Scholars on this subject are interdisciplinary, integrating international relations with cultural, gender, environmental studies, and post-colonial issues. These scholars have made a significant contribution to international relations

Hoffman Bruce. (2006). Inside Terrorism. Columbia: Columbia University Press.

In this book, the author describes how the character and nature of Terrorism were transforming due to new adversaries with varied motivations and rationales that had surfaced to confront the traditional wisdom on Terrorism and terrorists. The face of Terrorism is undergoing sea changes as Terrorism is now motivated by fundamental religious concepts and the engagement of suicide bombers in Iraq, Israel, and Moscow. This book analyses why suicidal Terrorism is on the increase and how it can be countered. Terrorism is now highly sophisticated as a terrorist currently employs internet technology to disseminate their policies and goals and attract support for their causes. The author also throws light on the possible use of biological, chemical, radiological, and nuclear weapons by terrorists.

The author has been doing research on Terrorism and terrorist activities for the last three decades, and his vast experience on the subject disseminates valuable insight and information on the subject.

Khanna, Parag. “Terrorism as war. (No End to War: Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century)(Book Review).” Policy Review. 2003.

This is a book review article written by Khanna on the book “Terrorism as a war” written by Walter Laqueur and published by Continuum Books.

It is to be observed that before 9/11, there was a separate concept of “war on terrorism.” There has been a “war on drugs, “cold war, and after the Pearl Harbor attack, there was a colossal national mobilization at most. Previously Terrorism has been regarded as the continuation of war by other tactics and has become a war itself.

This book offers insight into how great powers misuse the war on Terrorism. The author points out how the legitimization of the present military aggression and persecution against Uighurs by China and Chechens by Russia as “wars against Terrorism which has confused the political boundary between internal conflict and Terrorism.

The author recalls the quotes of Trotsky “You may not be fond of war. But war is fond of you and ascribes to the USA.

Lee Steven. (2007). Intervention, Terrorism, and Torture. New York: Springer.

The author of this book is Lee Steven. He is a professor of Philosophy at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Lee is a critical author on issues about political and moral philosophy. His favorite theme is ”Just War Theory”. This book is a collection of essays presented in a 2004 meeting held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

After the 9/11 attack, some accelerated and highlighted changes were happening, especially in the role of military violence. This book examines the moral impact of these transformations. Customarily, issues of the morality of armed forces and violence have been comprehended and evaluated in terms of Just War Theory. This book analyses the magnitude to which recent happenings in the role of military violence pose confronts to Just War Theory. It deeply evaluates how the part of military violence transformed and what are the moral impacts?

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