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Terrorism Preparedness and Response Essay

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Terrorism is a disaster induced by individuals with sectarian interests in other people. Terrorist attacks result in massive explosions that lead to massive deaths, injuries, and destruction of properties. When such a disaster occurs, both national and international communities are concerned hence, the need to prepare for such disasters. If societies and governments prepare in advance for any emerging disaster, then they will safeguard their citizens effectively from terrorism catastrophes. A good example is the September 11 attack, which prompted every government to take effective measures in protecting their citizens from terroristic attacks.

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Emergency preparedness is a discreet step towards a free-disaster environment and security. Terrorist attackers aim at people and tall buildings; especially in shopping malls. In case such an attack is successful, there is surety of great damage. Survivors in most cases suffer from stress and psychological trauma hence, the need for quick rescue measures. When an attack has happened, especially in shopping centers, there are major precautions and procedures to follow. The first step to take after a terrorist attack is to check on injuries. There will be victims who will require first aid immediately while others will require advanced medication. One should be careful not to get near the site of the attack, as there can be further explosions, which can result in injury or death. The second step is to keep away from any damaged efficacies. Early witnesses should report the matter to the police immediately for security and investigation purposes. The third and most important step to take is to switch off the available electrical gadgets to prevent the spread of fire. In shopping malls, there can be gases making the situation more volatile, hence the need for precaution during the response (Tricia, 2007, Para. 2-4)

Security agents should help in restoring order immediately as rescue continues. This is because; if normalcy is not restored immediately, most victims will suffer more due to fears and shocks. On the other hand, Innocent individuals will be hurt due to negligence, as they do not understand safety measures on disaster preparedness. Effective securities to natural disasters like terrorism include guidance and counseling to victims to help them come into terms with the situation (Edward, Willoughby, 2002, para.18-20).

The media is instrumental in reporting disasters like terrorism, flood, and earthquakes. It is astonishing to note that, from research carried out; the media has been reluctant to report terroristic incidents appropriately and efficiently. Journalists should raise awareness to people instead of victimizing responsible authorities. Poor perceptions will lead to poor communication between different assemblages while subjecting more people to injuries. Journalists should report terrorism attacks with authenticity, and always advise people on safety precautions. The media should participate in the exchange of information on disaster risks. If the media is able to raise and enhance timely information regarding disasters, then disasters like terrorism will be abridged (Lowrey et.al. 2007, para.10-17).

The current United States terrorism policy was enacted following September 11 attack to help in protecting American citizens from terroristic attacks. Government agencies like the FBI and CIA are busy working in tandem to identify or destroy disaster attacks. United States policy on terrorism discusses four major goals to achieve, namely: having no deal with gang terrorists, applying sanctions to countries that subsidize terrorism, working with countries that enact counterterrorism policies, and lastly, arresting terrorists to bring justice (George, Damon, Jane, 2007, pp.343-347).

Nuclear radiological Incident Annex comprises modalities by which the national radioactive committee prevents radioactive materials from reaching the public. These modalities have so far contributed a great deal in ensuring federal agencies follow the National Response Plan in executing public safety. In addition, federal agencies are empowered to command and stop the use of radioactive materials all over the world as a measure of combating terrorism.


In conclusion, every individual should be prepared at all times to ensure that, individuals and governments handle disasters using available mechanisms. Of importance to prevent such catastrophes is cooperation from citizens, media, and the government, hence a disaster-free environment.

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