Terrorism Essay Examples and Topics

Terrorism: the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Introduction The media has been diligently feeding the world on knowledge about the ISIL terrorism group, among other terrorist groups, over the years. Several media outlets have provided relevant background information on the group and terrorism in general. In addition, various media outlets have ensured that stories about regions that have been attacked or affected […]

Bio-Terrorism Preparedness and Response

Bio-terrorism can be defined as intentional spread of biological components such as viruses, bacteria and toxins with the aim of affecting the health of humans and other living things. This paper addresses the history and effects of bio-terrorism. In this regard, the use of biological elements cannot be effective in combating the enemies of any […]

La Costra Nostra and Al-Qaeda: Similarities and Differences

Today, more than ever before, it is important for criminologists, law enforcement officers and other stakeholders to have adequate knowledge in differentiating between organized crime and terrorism, particularly in light of the fact that scholars now believe that the convergence of international terrorism and organized crime is increasingly becoming a reality (Shelley & Picarelli, 2005). […]

Al-Qaeda Politics: the Self Appointed Protectors of Muslims

Introduction Al-Qaeda is an infamous terrorist organization whose actions have shaped global politics in the last three decades. The terrorist group has relied on spreading an anti-Western Islamic ideology by calling on its followers to wage war against governments in Islamic lands and beyond. Al-Qaeda’s ideology focuses on establishing an Islamic caliphate in the Middle […]

The Virginia Tech Massacre

Introduction Numerous incidences of gun attacks in public places raise questions regarding the responsibility of individuals, institutions and law enforcement agencies in mitigating the impacts of gun violence. In 2007, a shooting rampage in Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Virginia Tech) caused the death of 32 people and inflicted injuries on many people after a […]

War in Afghanistan: Origin, Impact and Reactions

Introduction Afghanistan has experienced many armed conflicts in its historical developments. The terms ‘war in Afghanistan’ may refer to Afghanistan’s Islamic conquest between 637 and 709, the subjugation of Afghanistan during 330 BCE and 327 BCE by Alexander the great, Mongol empire downfall of Afghanistan in the13th century, or a myriad of Mughal Empire campaigns […]

Terrorism and the Global Economies

Introduction Terrorism involves the intentional use of violence against civilians. Terrorists are done for political purposes. In some cases, conflicts between religions cause terrorism. The global economy has been affected by terrorism in the past, and people fear terror attacks. Terrorism has affected the global economies because the emergence of globalization created the unity of […]

The Primary Causes of Terrorist Political Violence

Introduction The past decade has seen terrorism emerge as a serious threat to global security. The events of September 11, 2011 where terrorists devastated the city of New York especially highlighted the devastating effects of terrorism on social life. Since then, governments and scholars alike have tried to discover the underlying causes of terrorism by […]

Terrorism as a Serious Threat

Terrorism is without doubt the most addressed security threat of this century. The ensuing response to this threat by both the developed and developing countries raises many questions. Terrorism dates back to 66AD when the first terrorism-like incidences were first witnessed in Palestine. Therefore, terrorism is not in way a new phenomenon. However, there have […]

Guantanamo Bay & Jihad Issues

In the light of the growing interest over whether the United States Administration is faulting with the rights and freedom of several hundred unlawful combatants still detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, it is imperative to critically evaluate if the notion of “jihad” has been overhyped by policy makers, the media and other stakeholders interested in […]

The Rise of Extremist Groups, Disparity and Poverty

Introduction Terrorism is the most immediate and significant threat to international security and peace. By definition, terrorism refers to the use of extreme violence by non-state actors against civilians or society for political and ideological goals. Although terrorism is not a new phenomenon, it has become increasingly common in the last two decades where it […]

Terrorism in Mumbai

There are many definitions of terrorism as it has no particular limitations according to the actions and their doers. Still, commonly it occurs to be considered as an act managed to bring terror (Malisow and French 14). As a rule, it is observed in the political perspective. It is said that the terrorism of the […]

Terrorism and Poverty

Terrorism is one the foremost threat to global peace and stability in the 21st century. The sharp increase in transnational terrorist attacks is a source of concern for world leaders as evident in the 2014 G8 Summit. While there are conflicting arguments regarding the factors that influence terrorism, scholars agree on the need to evaluate […]

US Exceptionalism in Constructing and Conceptualizing a Terrorist

Introduction Since its foundation in the 1700s, the united states of amerce has thought itself as exceptional. In addition, other nations have perceived the US as largely different from them. According to Deudney and Meiser,1 America is different from other nations in the world in a number of ways. However, the most obvious is the […]

American Exceptionalism in Constructing and Conceptualizing a Terrorist

Introduction The term ‘American Exceptionalism’ refers to a belief that the United States of America occupies a special position in the human history and on the global stage due to a number of characteristics unique to the country.1 Since independence in 1776, the nature of its political institutions has shaped the nation and the position […]

Economic concerns in the aftermath of terrorism

Introduction Terrorism is one of the major challenges threatening the existence of societies in different parts of the world. Acts of terror have been in existence for centuries. Currently, governments are facing terrorism from domestic and transnational sources (Gaibulloev & Sandler, 2009). Various scholars have tried to define the term terrorism, thus leading to numerous […]

Terrorism in international relations

Introduction Terrorism is no longer a new term in the international system. However, it is apparently clear that terrorism remains to be one of the most challenging problems as far as maintenance of security and order in the international system is concerned. It is quite difficult to clearly attain a complete definition of terrorism because […]

Crisis Management Web Analytics

Introduction The September 11 attacks on the US capital of Washington DC and New York City by an Islamic terrorist group, combated with the 15th April ’13 Boston bombings raised eyebrows by external investors as to whether the USA is a safe investment destination. In the wake of the global economic crisis, many countries are […]

United States Domestic Terrorism

Introduction It is impossible to trace the genesis of United States terrorist extremism to a specific exact date, though one can narrow it to the period when the country was fighting for its freedom from the British rule. During this period, organized groups used extremist actions to express their perceptions on certain issues regarding colonial […]

The controversy behind the 9/11 tragedy

In relation to the September 11, 2011 attacks, people from all over the world are still in similar dilemma. The big question is whether to believe the explanation being offered by United States government. Most people still do not perceive how this tragedy could happen. The media, both print and electronic have been on this […]

View of Boston Bombing

The world got astonished by the attack during the Boston marathons last week. A huge number of people had turned up looking forward to a great day in the world of sports, fans had dressed in various colors and gamblers had already put bets on who was to win. No one was prepared for a […]

Salifist Takfiri Terrorism

Prior to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre on 11 September 2001, American law enforcement agencies regarded the issue of terrorism with little apprehension1. After the terrorist attacks of 2001 on the United States’ soil, networks of groups with extreme ideologies regarding Islam were uncovered across Europe and America. Although these groups had […]

Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Terrorist Threat

Introduction In 1945, the U.S. caused an extensive obliteration when it dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which also ended the Second World War. This incident made the whole world to come to terms with the threat that weapons of mass destruction (WMD) pose to the world security. Regrettably, […]

Terrorists’ Usage of Chemical or Biological Agents

Currently, the threat of terrorists’ organizations use of chemical or biological agents to cause havoc is raising public concern, not only in the United States, but also around the world, as well. Since the agents are normally dispersed in the air, they lead to mass casualties as they either affect the body contact surfaces or […]

Threats to Globalization

Globalization is a characteristic feature of the twentieth century. This is an inevitable result of an economic and technological progress of nations (Kirkegaard 2008). Admittedly, some nations benefit from the process but some lose (Kissinger 2008). Small nations fail to benefit from globalization as they do not have the necessary base. On the contrary, developed […]

Terrorism: Searching for a Definition

Today, more than ever before, nations around the world are expending huge financial and material resources to curtail acts of terrorism and to bring terrorists to account as was demonstrated by the recent killing of Osama bin Laden, the leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist network. Despite the constant fear of terrorism, however, there exists […]

Nuclear Weapons

In the twentieth century states were boasting about their nuclear power since nuclear weapons were the most sophisticated type of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). However, at present nuclear weapons are regarded as a primitive type of WMD and biological weapons come into play. Many countries are getting concerned about this potential threat. Admittedly, in […]

Terrorism as a Communication Strategy

Introduction Terrorism is currently a global problem. The United States and United Kingdom, among other nations, declared war on terror in 2001. This was immediately after the 2001 US bombing linked to al Qaeda. Most governments are on high alert when it comes to terrorism. However, are the governments focusing their efforts on the correct […]

Transnational Organized Crime Network: Definition and Aspects

At present organized crime networks are transforming into transnational networks operating in different countries. It goes without saying that globalization has contributed greatly into this process. The development of technology has brought new opportunities for criminal networks to achieve their goals without paying much attention to any boundaries. These transnational organized crime networks have much […]

Hypothetical Scenario of a Terrorist Attack

Terrorist attack while the US President is watching a basketball game US president Barack Obama is known to be an avid basketball fan. He likes to attend NCAA basketball games live and this may cause security concerns because basketball arenas can be packed with other people. This can be a security concern because this may […]

Lessons Learned From 9/11

The 9/11 terror attack that occurred in America remains memorable to many people in the world. Terrorism is termed an act of attack by a group of individuals to a particular society, with the main aim of threatening or rather causing a sense of fear to the target community. The forms of attacks always have […]

The London Bombings of 2005

Introduction The London bombings of 2005 occurred on Seventh July in the morning hours commonly referred to as the rush hour where four bombs were detonated killing more than fifty people and injuring more than seven hundred. The attacks targeted the British civilians particularly those using underground trains. Three out of the four explosions took […]

The Rise of the Macro-Nationalists

Anders Berring Breivik was the man accused of the terrorist attack that took place in Oslo. Through his document that he posted on the website on July 22 hours before the attacks took, we get to learn that he had a fair standard ideology of far right. The document which he named 2030- A European […]

Radical Rights Groups

How do current radical right groups such as sovereign citizens threaten the legitimate federal authority in the United States? In the United States, a radical right group is a term used to assign common depiction to each extreme side of the political spectrum (Johnson 46). Radical right groups comprise of a number of fanatic movements […]

How readily terrorists can acquire nuclear weapons

Nuclear terrorism is one type of Weapons of Mass Destruction terrorism and it is one of the gravest threats posed by terrorism today. It entails the terrorists’ acquisition and use or threat of use of nuclear weapons or materials in which a sustained fission reaction takes place. Thus, nuclear terrorism is limited to the use […]

Post September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks

The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the twin towers in the United States of America really grieved the Muslim community in America with the effects being felt up to date. Despite the fact that there were several Muslims in America who were victims of the attacks, Muslims in America are still being discriminated as […]

The Advancements of Airport Security since September 11, 2001

Abstract Poor security at the US airports was highly blamed following the twin attack of the September 11 2001 in the United States. Since then, the US government has invested heavily in security, particularly in the airports, in order to protect its citizens. There has been advancement in technology besides the extensive screening of passengers […]

People’s Psychological Atavism, as the Actual Cause of their Gender-Related Intolerance

When it comes down to discussing what prompts people to commit particularly despicable crimes, such as carrying out terrorist attacks, psychologists commonly approach the task that within the context of what they believe accounts for the particulars of these people’s mental inadequacy. Nevertheless, there is plenty of evidence as to the fact that, contrary to […]

Concept of Terrorism Phenomenon in Modern World

Terrorism has become one of the major concerns of people living in the modern world. Many people worldwide die because of this phenomenon. It is important to note that the number of people’s death in terroristic attacks is decreasing. Thus, according to the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) the number of deaths dropped 12% compared to […]

Handling of Bio-terrorist Threats

Introduction Bio-terrorism as the division of world-spreading huge intrusion of international terrorism becomes not just the innovation of stories written but real risk for human beings. Problems on the Sept 11 when the World Trade Center was bombed has increased community anxiety and concern about scientific providers. The need of security from bio-terrorism was verified […]

Leila Khaled: Freedom Fighter or Terrorist?

Introduction It is usually easy to regard any forceful and violent behaviour as an act of terrorism rather than a cause of justice, this is normally true when extreme actions are used to voice plights of a community. A case of a Palestinian woman named Leila Khaled is analysed. This essay elaborates her intentions with […]

Religious and Secular Terrorism: Analyzing Differences and Points of Intersection

Introduction Terrorism is a methodical use of terror, particularly, as a method of compulsion. No unanimously approved, lawfully binding, criminal laws of the explanation of terrorism exist at present. Terrorism is commonly defined according to the violent actions done with the intention of creating fear/terror. These are committed for religious reasons, political causes, deliberately or […]

Facts about September 11 Attacks

The events, which happened on September 11, 2001, shocked millions of people all over the world. Those terrible attacked turned out to be one of the darkest spots in the history of America. Lots of people lost their families and friends, the situation in America shocked every person. (Langley 22) There are many mysterious facts, […]

“Arabic Islamic Culture” and Terrorism: Inherent Concepts or Not?

Terrorism is considered to be a phenomenon that can easily affect lots of people and describe the true essence of terrorism that is inherent to our modern world. The 21st century is the time, when terrorism comes of its age: numerous bombs, which take lives of innocent people, and hijacks, which may also cause lots […]

The Definition of Terrorism

Terrorism may be defined differently, depending on how a person is affected. While one may be defined as a terrorist for injustices he causes in the affected country, those who share similar causes consider him as a freedom fighter (Jewish virtual library, 2010). The FBI characterizes terrorism as an unlawful use of force against people […]

Pentagon 9/11, Actions and Durations

Introduction Broadly, terrorism is defined as the use of violence on people or property for political reasons. It’s the act of causing terror or fear upon the citizens of a particular nation. It’s a political tactic used by terrorist when they believe that there is no other better way to accomplish their desire. Terrorists are […]

International Terrorism: the Operations of the Hezbollah

The American government was very quick to blame Iran for the dispute that occurred between Israel and Hezbollah. It has been argued by many anti-Americans that the United States government was just angered by the independence with which Iran runs its operations and that the United States is always waiting for a conflict in which […]

The psychological explanation of terrorism

Introduction Terrorism can be defined as an act of violence, terror, or aggression whose objective is to achieve coercion and fear in non-violent individuals. However, there is no generally accepted definition of terrorism because of its broad and extensive application in different circumstances and behaviors. Therefore, according to the constitutional meaning given in the Terrorism […]

The Kurdish Conflict in the Middle East

Terrorism is not a new word to many of us. This word has so many definitions but according to the government of the United States, it refers to threats of the people, manipulation of the state policy by force or fear, or trying to alter the government by either kidnapping or assassination. This act is […]

Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright: The Failure to Prevent 9/11

Introduction Lawrence Wright’s book The Looming Tower Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 is aimed at examining at the origins of Al-Qaeda, the development of this terrorist organization, and the main events that preceded the September 11 attacks. To a great extent, this text can show why intelligence agencies failed to avert this threat. This […]

Book “The Looming Tower” by L.Wright

Introduction Terrorism is a global phenomenon that has affected many countries over the past years. Terrorism dates back to the first century where in order to attain certain political ambitions, a Jewish group would maim and kill its enemies with the aim of ousting the Roman rulers from Judea. Up to date, the majority of […]

Terrorism: Can terrorism ever be justified?

Introduction The definition of the term terrorism is ambiguous. Terrorism means different things to different people. This situation makes it difficult for most researchers and scholars to handle the ethical question of terrorism in an appropriate manner. All in all, terrorism is a term which is broadly used to describe the use of violence or […]

Terrorism in Political Protest

Terrorism can be defined as a premeditated, politically motivated violence directed against noncombatant targets, by sub-national groups to achieve political, economic or religious ends. International terrorism can be considered as the one which involves citizens or a territory of more than one country (Cottle 34). In many instances, the aims of terrorists are similar to […]

Border Security of the United States

Definition The paper is about border security of the United States. The major concern is whether to have a secure border or to allow free movement of people, goods or services across the border of the United States. This border had been known as the longest undefended border in the world, but after the events […]

Cause and effect of terrorism

Introduction Terrorism is broadly known in the whole and has existed for several years. It can be perceived as a way of making nations or group conscious of some wants that they have to change something by making and destruction.Terrorism can be defined as the illegal usage or threatened application of force by a person […]

Border Security Pros and Cons

Introduction The issue of border protection in the United States has always been contentious. Some people feel that protection across the border should be reinforced while others think that there is no need to strengthen security as it only contributes to more problems. Consequences of not securing our borders have a more significant price than […]

Comparison of the Munich Massacre and the Beslan Crisis

Introduction In the present fast-changing world, leadership concepts are becoming extensively crucial in the government organizations at policy development and implementation stages. This means that a sense of urgency is being provoked to advance the performance of public institutions to accomplish the interests and demands of citizens and nation at large. It was also recognized […]

The History of the Agency

The history of ATF is rather short, however, it has managed to cope with a number of purposes it sets. The agency is effective since January 24, 2003 based on the Homeland Security bill. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) performs its functions under the supervision of the Department of Justice and […]

Moral convictions of terrorists

Moral convictions of terrorists refer to the beliefs that terrorist’s acts are pure and holy. According to terrorists, all actions taken against others are justified. Terrorists always believe that their actions are for the better of the society (Martin, 2009). As such, this paper will discuss the moral convictions that terrorists use in undertaking terrorist […]

Why Terrorism is a Contested Concept

Over the years, the concept of terrorism has remained a relatively controversial one. Different quarters have viewed terrorism from a different point of view. It is this difference in the point of views that have made the definition of the concept not only hard, but also contested. The views of the entire concept of terrorism […]

Towards Morally Justifying Political Violence

Perhaps one of the most enduring political violence of modern times is the Arab-Israeli conflict, which owns its genesis in the legality of the Israel state. Of course there exist many other forms of political violence that continues to be demonstrated today by individuals and nations, including the ever present threat of terrorism from Muslim […]

Is Terrorism Ever Justified?

There are two kinds of terrorists: the homegrown and the foreigner. In the land of the free and the brave there are terror groups who abuse their liberty from government control and manipulations. They abuse their individual has the right to express himself and to pursue areas of interest without the need to consult the […]

Saudi Arabia as a Threat to the National Security: Myths and Facts

Abstract Although it is rather sad fact to admit, the modern world is highly preoccupied with the threat of terrorism which has recently emerged in the modern society. Such is the situation that the numerous terrorist acts have caused people to panic over their endangered future. Since everyone can remember the tragic events of 2001 […]

The Problems of Terrorism in Modern World

Terrorism has no single definition. However, it can be termed as organized acts of terror, mainly unleashed through unlawful activities, and which is intended to create fear and intimidation to a particular individual, organisations or a state. Terrorism is carried out with various motives, including political, religious and ideological motives. The acts of terrorism may […]

September 11, 2001

Tuesday September 11, was a dark moment in New York after a terror attack on the World Trade Centre which left more than 3000 neighbors, friends, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, children and parents dead. The cleverly orchestrated attacks inflicted huge casualties on the American citizens. U. S. Officials later identified the attacker as a Pakistani-born, Khalid […]

Terrorists and the Left and Right: Definitions & Examples – Essay

Terrorism is one of the burning problems in the United States. After the events of September 11, 2001, many writers try to analyze, investigate, and classify the sources, reasons, and consequences of terrorism. “Defining terrorism is a difficult but not impossible task.” (Simonsen and Spindlove, 2006) Scientists offer lots of captivating ideas, which define terrorism […]