Medieval Wars Essay Examples and Topics

The Battle of Bosworth

Introduction The battle of Bosworth was a battle fought in the year 1485 during the month of august in England. According to Knight (206), the battle of Bosworth was fought at the market of Bosworth, a large flat plain field between the towns of Shenton, Sutton Dadlington, and Stoke. King Henry Tudor marched forward with […]

Outcomes of the Wars of the Roses

Introduction During the 15th century, England witnessed a series of protracted battles as two powerful families engaged each other in a struggle for the English throne. These battles have come to be famously known as the “wars of the roses” due to the differently colored rose symbols adopted by the two belligerent families.. England was […]

Why The Crusades Failed

Introduction The crusades refer to the chain of religious wars, fought in the Levant and Asia Minor between the years 1095 and 1291. During the wars, Western European nations engaged the locals, in response to propaganda related to religious expansion.1 The first crusade was ordered by Pope Urban II, who was acting as an agent […]

The Medieval Siege Warfare

Thesis statement A siege is the attack or a raid of a city or a fortress with aim of winning by wearing down the enemy, of their personnel, and cutting of the supply of weapons to them and denying their people foodstuffs. The medieval siege warfare was fought from the mid fifteenth century to the […]

Crusaders Liberate Nicaea from the Evil Seljuk Turks

Nicaea was a heavily fortified city located fifty miles from Constantinople, one of the cities targeted by Crusaders after Pope Urban II (1088-1099) gave one of the most influential speeches in the Middle Ages of what has befallen fellow Christians in the Holy Land under the aggression of Moslems (The Christian Crusades para. 1). Even […]