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Medieval Wars Essay Examples and Topics

The Thirty Years’ War

The unwillingness of Calvinists to adhere to terms of the Peace of Augsburg and the formation of military alliances by Lutheran and Catholic rulers contributed to the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War.

Religion and Diplomacy During the Crusades

1 Under the terms of the treaty, the three-decade-long war of the 17th Century Europe was summarized, leading to the recognition of the territorial sovereignty of the states that made up the Holy Roman Empire.

The Battle of Bosworth

The Battle of Bosworth rose to become one of the major Battles in the history of England, which marked the beginning of the reign of Henry VII after the downfall of the reign of Richard [...]

Outcomes of the Wars of the Roses

The wars ended with the ascendancy of Henry, of the House of Tudor, to the throne. This marked the start of the war of the roses as Richard Duke of York and his supporters sought [...]

Why The Crusades Failed

The withdrawal of the support of the allies of the Pope led to a reduction in the military capacity of the crusaders' forces.

The Medieval Siege Warfare

The medieval siege warfare was fought from the mid fifteenth century to the end of the eighteenth century. The category of the catapult applied the knowledge of gravity.A.member of this group was the Trebuchet.